Monet Poole is the mother of Jordan Poole, a talented American basketball player. Jordan currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He has gained recognition for his skills and contributions to the team. Monet is incredibly proud of her son’s achievements and supports him wholeheartedly in his basketball career.

Monet was born on March 19th, 1973, making her a Pisces according to the zodiac. She shares a strong bond with her spouse, Anthony L. Poole. Together, they have built a loving and supportive family. They have been there for each other through thick and thin, and their marriage is a testament to their commitment and love.

Married Life Of Monet Poole

Monet Poole’s married life with Anthony L. Poole is a private affair, with not much information available about their wedding or specific details about their relationship. But, it’s no secret that these two crossed paths at the college in Wisconsin.

Anthony L. Poole is wearing a blue Polo shirt in the picture.
Monet Poole’s husband, Anthony L. Poole (Source: TMJ4 News YouTube Channel)

However, what is known is that Monet’s husband, Anthony has a background as a former Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) coach. This suggests that he has a deep passion and knowledge of sports, which may have influenced and supported their son Jordan’s basketball journey.

Despite living a low-key lifestyle, Monet and Anthony are regularly seen showing up to support their son, Jordan at his basketball games and events. They also showed up in support of their son when he was drafted to play for the Golden State Warriors.

Net Worth Status Of Monet’s Son

Monet Poole’s son, Jordan Poole has amassed a net worth of $15 million, similar to Max Bratman’s father, Jordan Bratman, primarily through his basketball career. His income source primarily comes from playing for the Golden State Warriors, where he signed a lucrative contract. His current contract with the team spans four years, with a total value of $128 Million. This includes an impressive guarantee of $123 Million

In addition to his basketball earnings, Jordan boosts his income through brand endorsements. One of his notable partnerships is with Dockers, a popular clothing brand. By collaborating with them, he not only showcases his style but also enhances his financial portfolio. Through his basketball success and brand collaborations, he has built a solid financial foundation for himself.

Monet Has Helped Jordan In His Game

Monet, being a supportive mother, has played a significant role in helping Jordan refine his game and excel in free throws. Her involvement in his training is evident in the results he has achieved. Jordan’s exceptional free-throw shooting skills demonstrate the effectiveness of their training sessions and the emphasis they placed on focus and concentration.

Jordan Poole is taking out a hat from the box as Monet Poole looks on.
Monet Poole with his son, Jordan Poole (Source: TMJ4 News YouTube Channel)

Interestingly, Monet implemented a practice routine at home where if Jordan missed any free-throw attempts, he would have to do 10 or 15 push-ups as a consequence as mentioned in an article from NBC Sports.

This unique approach not only added an element of discipline but also instilled a sense of accountability in Jordan’s practice. The combination of Monet’s support and their training regimen contributed to his success, allowing him to excel under pressure and make crucial free throws when it mattered the most helping him to even win the best free-throw shooter award.

Has Three Kids Other Than Jordan

Monet is a proud mother not only to Jordan but also to her other three children: a son and two daughters named Alexandria Poole and Jaiden Poole. While the identity of her son’s name remains to be known, Alexandria has made her mark in the world of basketball. She played college basketball at Lewis University, showcasing her skills and passion for the game. Apart from her athletic pursuits, she pursued higher education and studied communication and media studies.

Jaiden recently achieved a significant milestone by graduating from Winona State University in 2022. With a degree in business administration and management, she has equipped herself with valuable knowledge and skills in the field of business. The completion of their degree signifies the hard work and dedication they put into their studies.

Monet has another son who is older than Jordan, but the specific identity and name of this son are not public. However, it is known that he pursued his studies at Marquette as mentioned in an article from Michigan Live. However, the details about his field of study and current endeavors are not available.

Jordan Poole’s Mother Is A Social Worker

Jordan Poole’s mother, Monet Poole, has a rewarding career as a social worker. She currently works as a Case Manager/Social Worker at the Eisenhower Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her role, she dedicates her time and efforts to helping individuals in need, providing support and guidance to improve their well-being.

Monet Poole is talking to the interviewer in the picture.
Monet Poole in an interview (Source: TMJ4 News YouTube Channel)

As a social worker, Monet plays a vital role in advocating for her clients and connecting them with necessary resources and services. Her compassion, empathy, and expertise enable her to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

Monet’s Education Background

Monet Poole’s educational background is notable, having studied at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee as part of the Class of 1996. Before that, she attended Washington High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated as part of the Class of 1991. These educational achievements highlight her commitment to her personal growth and the importance she places on acquiring knowledge and skills.

Monet’s educational background has likely played a role in shaping her values, perspectives, and ability to support her children’s educational journeys as well. The experiences and lessons learned during her time in high school and university have likely contributed to her well-rounded approach to life and her support for her children’s academic pursuits.

About Monet’s Famous Son, Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole is professional basketball player who was born on June 19, 1999, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended La Lumiere School in Indiana for his high school education, where he showcased his basketball skills and earned recognition as top prospect. Following his successful high school career, he committed to playing college basketball at University of Michigan.

During his two seasons with Wolverines, Jordan demonstrated his scoring ability and clutch performances, notably hitting game-winning shot in the NCAA Tournament. In 2019, he declared for NBA Draft and was selected as the 28th overall pick by Golden State Warriors. Since joining NBA, he has become known for his shooting prowess and offensive versatility. He continues to make strides in his professional career, gaining experience and contributing to the success of Golden State Warriors.

Monet And Her Husband Were Both High School Athletes

Monet and her husband, Anthony, have a shared history as high school athletes. While specific details about her athletic involvement during her time at Washington High School (the same school that Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher’s Dad, Ashton Kutcher studied at) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are not provided, it is known that she had a background in sports.

On the other hand, Anthony pursued football and played at the collegiate level for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Their passion for sports continued even after their high school and college years. Monet and her husband would play basketball together at a local Lutheran church gym, enjoying the friendly competition and staying active when they had relocated to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

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