Delle Bolton, a late actress, was known for being the wife of the late screenwriter David Colloff. Her remarkable performances left a lasting impact on audiences and fellow actors alike. While she may no longer be with us, her contributions to acting will continue to be celebrated and remembered.

Bolton, whose full name was Gloria Delle Bolton, was born on November 13, 1947, in the vibrant city of New York, USA. As a Capricorn, she was born under the determined and practical zodiac sign. Let’s learn a bit more about her.

Was Married To David Colloff

Delle Bolton and David Colloff shared a deep and enduring bond as husband and wife. Their journey together began during their time at California University, where they first crossed paths. The exact details of their wedding remain undisclosed, but what is known is that their love and commitment to each other lasted until Delle’s passing.

Delle Bolton and David Colloff are sitting on the park bench.
Delle Bolton with her husband, David Colloff (Source: Anya Colloff Instagram @anyacolloff)

Sadly, Colloff has also passed away, leaving behind a legacy of their shared love and memories. Their marriage was a testament to the strength of their connection, and they supported and cherished each other throughout their lives.

Net Worth Of Bolton

At the time of her passing, Delle Bolton was estimated to have a net worth of $2 million, similar to Paul Adelstein. Her primary income source was her work as an actress, although she did not have an extensive body of work. She is best known for her roles in the movie “Jeremiah Johnson” and an episode of the television series “Monk.”

Unfortunately, the specific details of the financial compensation Bolton received for her work are not disclosed. Nonetheless, her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry left a lasting impact on those who had the opportunity to witness her performances. Besides she also worked as a teacher after leaving the show business.

Who Was David Colloff?

Colloff led a diverse and accomplished career, not only as a screenwriter but also in various other roles. He dedicated his time and skills to education, serving as a teacher for the USC Community School and later taking on the responsibilities of a Teacher-Program Director and Department Chair at Crossroads School For Arts & Sciences.

David Colloff is standing with his hands out stretched as few performers are standing behind him.
David Colloff during his theatre days (Source: Anya Colloff Instagram @anyacolloff)

Additionally, Colloff contributed to important causes as the Executive Director for the Willpower Foundation and The Willpower Project, where he worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Furthermore, his expertise extended to being an Educational Therapist, helping individuals overcome learning challenges and fostering their educational development.

Bolton And Her Husband, Colloff Both Died Of Cancer

Bolton and her husband, Colloff, faced a heartbreaking battle with cancer, which ultimately led to their passing. Delle, who had been courageously fighting a rare form of blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome for almost eight years, tragically lost her life. She passed away around June 2022 as per the tribute post of her daughter, Anya on her Instagram.

The strength and resilience Bolton displayed throughout her illness were truly inspiring. Sadly, she passed away around three months after her beloved husband. In her final moments, she found solace and comfort at her daughter Emily’s home, surrounded by the love and support of her family.

Colloff sadly succumbed to cancer as well. On March 11, 2022, at the age of 77, he passed away, leaving behind a profound impact on the lives of those who knew him. His battle with cancer was undoubtedly a challenging journey, and his strength and resilience were truly remarkable.

Had Two Daughters With Colloff

Bolton and Colloff were blessed with two daughters who brought joy and love into their lives. Their names are Anya Delle Colloff and Emily Bolton Colloff. Anya, born in September 1971, has followed in her parent’s footsteps and pursued a career in the entertainment industry as a casting director. Her expertise and a keen eye for talent have contributed to the success of numerous projects.

Emily Colloff is stiing on the lap of Delle Bolton as Anya and David Colloff are sitting next to her.
Delle Bolton with her daughters, Anya and Emily Colloff (Source: Anya Colloff Instagram @anyacolloff)

On the other hand, Emily, born in October 1979, explored her passion for acting in the past, showcasing her talent on stage and screen. However, she has now transitioned into the field of arts education. As an Arts Education Researcher and Theatre Educator (according to her Instagram page bio), she utilizes her knowledge and experience to promote the importance of arts education and its impact on individuals and communities.

Worked As A Teacher As Well

In addition to her accomplishments as an actress, Bolton also had a remarkable career as a teacher. She dedicated her time and passion to educating young minds, specifically doing the same job as Lucie Wren Lopez-Goldfried’s mother, i.e., a kindergarten teacher. Although specific details about her teaching career are not widely disclosed, her daughter Anya has fondly described her mother’s classroom as a legendary and magical place.

Bolton’s teaching methods were far ahead of her time, as Anya acknowledges the innovative and progressive approach she brought to her students’ education. Her ability to create an inspiring and enchanting learning environment speaks volumes about her commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering their growth.

Bolton’s Short Show Business Career

Delle Bolton’s acting career included notable roles in both television and film. One of her memorable appearances was in the popular TV series “Monk” in 2008 as mentioned on her IMDb page. She portrayed the character of Mrs. Townsend in one episode, leaving a lasting impression on the show’s viewers.

Additionally, Bolton had a significant role in the 1972 film “Jeremiah Johnson.” She played the character Swan, and it is worth noting that she was the last of 200 Native American women to audition for the role. Her talent and dedication to her craft shone through in her performances, capturing the essence of the characters she portrayed. Her contributions to the world of acting were short but it continues to be appreciated and celebrated by fans of both television and film.

Before embarking on her acting career, Bolton began her journey in the world of modeling as mentioned in an article from Stars and Stardust. She had the opportunity to showcase her unique beauty and grace as she posed for various companies. Although the specifics of the companies she modeled for are not widely known, her time as a model laid the foundation for her transition into the realm of acting.

Delle Bolton Was A Family Person

Delle Bolton was undeniably a devoted family person, placing her loved ones above all else. According to her daughter Anya, she was the backbone and the guiding light of their entire family. She loved her family fiercely and unconditionally. For her, family was the most precious and vital aspect of her life. Even during her last days, when faced with her challenges, she found the strength and determination to care for every member of her family.

Bolton’s unwavering love and selflessness resonated deeply within their hearts, leaving an enduring legacy of warmth and compassion. Her ability to prioritize her family’s well-being, even in the face of adversity, is a testament to the incredible bond they shared and the values she instilled in them. The love and care she gave to her family will forever be cherished and remembered as an integral part of her remarkable life.

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