May Theodora Benben is the daughter of two famous actors, Brian Benben and Madeleine Stowe. Her father, Brian, became well-known for his portrayal of Martin Tupper in the television show called “Dream On.” On the other hand, her mother, Madeleine, gained recognition for her remarkable performances in movies such as “12 Monkeys,” “The General’s Daughter,” and “The Last of the Mohicans.”

May, born in 1996, leads a private life away from the public eye. As the only child of her parents, she enjoys a unique upbringing with their undivided attention and support. Growing up as an only child, she has likely developed a strong bond with her parents and enjoyed a close-knit family dynamic.

Net Worth Of May Theodora’s Parents

May Theodora Benben’s father, Brian Benben’s net worth has been estimated to be around $13 million, similar to Alayna Finau’s husband, Tony Finau. He primarily earns his income through his acting career. He has been active in the entertainment industry for many years and has appeared in various television shows, movies, and theater productions.

Brian Benben is wearing the blue suit and tie in the picture.
Brian Benben at the Ben Ben Show (Source: Fred Stoller YouTube Channel)

Brian’s notable role as Martin Tupper in the TV show “Dream On” helped establish his career. Acting in television shows, films, and theater productions typically provides actors like him with income through salaries, residuals, and royalties. Additionally, actors may also earn income through endorsements, appearances, and other related ventures.

Madeleine Stowe has also accumulated a net worth of approximately $13 million. Her primary source of income has been her successful acting career. After retiring from doing movies in 2003, she shifted her focus entirely toward television roles. One of her notable TV roles was in the show “Revenge,” for which her salary for each episode was an impressive $75,000.

Relationship Status Of Benben’s Daughter

May Theodora Benben, at present, is single and does not have any known records of previous relationships. She maintains a strong commitment to keeping her love life private, which adds to the mystery surrounding her personal affairs.

Unlike many individuals in the public eye, May’s absence from social media platforms makes it challenging to gather information about her romantic life. It appears that she prioritizes her personal growth and is focused on building her life, perhaps concentrating on her ambitions and passions. By keeping her matters under wraps, she preserves a sense of privacy and autonomy.

May Parent’s Love Story

The love story of Madeleine Stowe and Brian Benben is a remarkable one. They tied the knot on August 8, 1986, after meeting on the set of NBC’s crime drama miniseries, “The Gangster Chronicles”, in 1981 as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail. Since then, they have embarked on a journey of love and companionship. Despite their fame, the couple leads a quiet and private married life, away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Brian Benben and Madeleine Stowe are being clicked by the paparazzi.
Brian Benben and Madeleine Stowe at the airport (Source: X17onlinevideo YouTube Channel)

At one point, Brian and Madeleine even owned a ranch in Texas, where they enjoyed a peaceful retreat. However, they eventually returned to Los Angeles, perhaps seeking a balance between their professional commitments and personal life. Their enduring relationship serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that love and dedication can thrive even amidst the fast-paced and often demanding nature of the entertainment industry.

How Film Affected Madeleine’s Motherhood?

Madeleine’s decision to work on a film when her daughter May was just three months old had a significant impact on her experience of motherhood. Despite having her daughter on set with her, the actress now reflects on it as a regrettable mistake.

Madeleine believes that it was a crucial period in which she should have dedicated her time to being fully present for her daughter. The demands of the film industry might have taken away from the precious moments she could have shared with May during those early stages of motherhood.

As time went on, Madeleine’s priorities shifted, and her drive and ambition started to fade away. Her focus became primarily centered on her daughter, May. The experience served as a valuable lesson for her, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between her professional aspirations and being fully present for the moments that matter most in her role as a mother.

About May’s Mother Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress who was born on August 18, 1958, in Los Angeles, California. Her acting career began in the late 1970s when she appeared in small roles in films such as “The Nativity” (1978) and “Stakeout” (1987). However, it was her role as Cora Munro in historical drama film “The Last of the Mohicans” (1992) that brought her widespread acclaim.

Madeleine Stowe is wearing a green dress in the picture.
Madeleine Stowe in an interview with Queen Latifah (Source: Queen Latifah YouTube Channel)

Following her success in “The Last of the Mohicans,” Madeleine went on to star in numerous notable films. Some of her notable film credits include “Blink” (1994), “12 Monkeys” (1995), “The General’s Daughter” (1999), and “We Were Soldiers” (2002).

In addition to her film career, Madeleine has also made television appearances. She starred in ABC drama series “Revenge” (2011-2015), where she portrayed character Victoria Grayson. Her performance in the series earned her Golden Globe nomination (an award that Estere Ciccone’s adoptive Mother, Madonna has won in the past) and further solidified her presence in the television industry.

May Helped To Remove Her Mother’s Introvertness

May Theodora Benben played a significant role in helping her mother, Madeleine, overcome her introverted nature. During her high school days, she was a shy girl who found it challenging to communicate with her female peers. She never quite grasped the art of being a “girls’ girl” and struggled to fit in as mentioned in an article from the South Coast Today. However, everything changed after her daughter was born.

Madeleine revealed that initially, she wasn’t sure how to engage with May in a way that would capture her interest. She felt constrained and self-censored. However, as time went on, the actress realized that she could let go of her inhibitions and simply be herself around her daughter. The arrival of the child opened up a new chapter in her life, allowing her to embrace authenticity and shed the pressure to conform.

Mini Bio On Brian Benben

Brian Benben is an American actor born on June 18, 1956, in Winchester, Virginia, United States. He is best known for his role as Martin Tupper in the HBO television comedy series “Dream On,” which aired from 1990 to 1996. He moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting and began his professional acting career on stage, performing in various Off-Broadway productions.

In 1983, Benben made his screen debut in the film “Gangster Wars.” He went on to appear in movies such as “Clean and Sober” (1988), and “Radioland Murders” (1994). However, it was his role as Martin Tupper in “Dream On” that brought him widespread recognition and critical acclaim.

After “Dream On” ended, Benben continued to work in television. He appeared in shows like “Private Practice,” where he played Dr. Sheldon Wallace, and “Scandal,” where he had recurring role as Gov. Samuel Reston. He also had guest appearances on popular series such as “Desperate Housewives,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “The Leftovers.”

Does May Have A Sister?

Contrary to popular rumors and misleading reports on the internet, May Theodora Benben does not have a sister. Despite widespread speculation that Madeleine has two daughters, the truth is that she has only one child, which is May. This misconception has been perpetuated by inaccurate information and false claims circulating online.

Reliable sources, such as US Weekly, have clarified that Madeleine is the mother of a single child and does not have two children as falsely reported. It is crucial to rely on credible sources and accurate information to avoid the spread of misinformation and misunderstandings about May’s family background.

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