Alicia Hannah-Kim is a talented Australian actress famous for Minx Wendy/Wendy Mah. She is a very talented and well-known actress in Australia. The talented actress’s Kim looks make her appear like a bold Asian woman. Alone Together Vivian and Crash Shin are her other famous work of her.

Hannah-Kim was born on July 28, 1987, in Sydney, Australia, and is also known as the wife of famous French Actor Sebastian Roché. Her birth sign is Leo and follows the Christianity religion.

Hannah-Kim’s Early Life

Hannah-Kim completed her primary education at a local school in Australia. She belonged to every incentive family that encouraged her in her career. Her father was of Korean descent but there is not much information about her mother.

This is Alicia Hannah-Kim's photo. She is wearing white cloth. She is smiling.
Alicia Hannah is photo putting her hand on her forehead. (source: Instagram @Aliciahannah)

The talented Australian actress also learned karate in her school but the full information is yet to be updated. She was raised in Australia but spent Korean life with her parents.

Hannah-Kim’s Husband Sebastian Roché

Sebastian Roché is a famous French actor; who is famous for his portrayal of Kurt Mendel in Odyssey 5. Roché has earned a very big name in the French film industry. Roché even shares his life story of how he became an actor.

This is Alicia Hannah-Kim with her husband's photo. They are smiling.
Hannah spending her holiday with her husband Sebastian(source:@sebastianroche)

Roché was born on August 4, 1964, in Paris, France and has a perfect body with a height of 1.8m. He was born to Gail Steward and Phillipe Roché and he belongs to the typical french family.

Roché’s childhood was spent living in a sailboat that his parents owned; when he was living in a sailboat he was traveling the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Before Hannah, he was married to Vera Farmiga who is an American actress.


Roché completed his school from Lycée International de St Germain en Laye in Paris, France. He was involved in different extra-curriculums during school life. He used to participate in different debate and drama competitions programs etc.

After completing primary education for further studies and research he joined The Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique and got a degree in the field of acting. Roche also joined the private French Drama school Cours Florent in Pairs, France.

Parents Background

Roché was born to Gail Steward and Phillipe Roché where his mother is from Scotland and his father is of French descent. There is not much other information about his parent’s life and career; the information about Roché’s parents is yet to be updated.

Career Background

Roché is a multilingual actor who can speak French, English, Spanish, Italian, etc fluently. He started his career in the Television Movie The Murder In The Rue Morgue as Henri in 1986.

The Adventure Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn, General Hospital, Beowulf, etc are the most successful works of Roché. He played the role of Pedri in Adventure Of Tintin in 2011, Jerry Jack in General Hospital, and Wulfgar in Beowulf.

Roché puts his full effort into acting to give memorable acts. He has worked in many foreign films. In 1992 he was seen in the Hollywood movie The Last Of Mohicans which was his first-ever international film. He then worked in different English films like The Peacemaker, Fifteen Minutes, etc.

Net Worth

Sebastian Roché’s net worth is around $1.7 million through his movies. Roché loves to live a luxurious life so he spends money for his comfort.

Roché’s other expenses are from his outfits and he has a collection of expensive cars. He lives in a luxurious mansion in Paris with his wife Alicia. The talented actor also loves to visit expensive restaurants in different locations in the world.

Social Media

Roché is a famous personality having many followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. His Instagram is @sebastianroche having more than 369k followers. Where Roché posted different photos and videos regarding his daily lifestyle.

Roché handles more than 468.6k followers on his Twitter page name sebroche. Many posts are similar to his Instagram posts. He also promotes his wife Hannah-Kim’s movies, television, etc.

Hannah’s Husband Roché’s Ex-Wife

Hannah-Kim’s husband was married to Vera Farmiga before she was married to him. Vera Farmiga is a famous American actress. She is best known as  Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring and The Conjuring2.

This is Alicia Hannah-Kim's photo. She has dark brown hair. She is smiling.
Sebastian Roche’s ex-wife Vera Farmiga (Source: Instagram @verafarmiga)

After Roché, she married Renn Hawkey and she has two children with him; they are Gytta Lubov Hawkey and Fynn Hawkey. She doesn’t have a single child from Roché.

Farmiga married Roché in 1997 and divorced in 2003. Her net worth is $10 million which is 5 times the worth of Roché. She is having a happy life with her current husband and family.

Hannah-Kims Career

Kim Da-Eun of Cobra Kai Hannah-Kim started her career as Sherry in the Tv series White Collar Blue in 2003. She was appointed to a very small role for the first time and has worked in many television series.

From recent, Da-Eun has been working for Cobra Kai as Kim Da-Eun which is earning big popularity on Netflix. She loves her career but she hasn’t mentioned her struggle story yet. She will probably give more hits in the upcoming future.

Hannah-Kims Net Worth

The popular Australian actress Hannah-kims net worth is $4 Million which she earns from different shows and films. She is highly conscious about her outfits; she is seen in different expensive outfits at different award functions.

Hannah-kims spends a luxurious life with her husband and she also loves to visit different places. She travels in very expensive cars and flights. She has registered property in Korea, Australia, France, and United States.

Hannah-Kims social Media

Hannah-Kims popularity is very low as compared to Roché’s. Kim is an active user of Instagram and Twitter. She has more than 21.2k followers on Instagram(@thealiciahannah) and she has around 5k followers on Twitter (@AliciaHannah).

Hannah-Kim’s posts are related to her personal life and activities. She encourages people to involve in healthy habits with her posts.

This is Alicia Hannah-Kim Photo. She is wearing black cloth. She is smiling.
Alicia Hannah-Kim [email protected] Alicia Hannah-Kim

Hannah-Kim also posts her leisure activities, about her sets. Hannah-Kim has a few photos with her husband and her friends. She tries to show that she knows Korea well and she even shares posts about Korean food and friends.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Alicia Hannah-Kim

When was Alicia Hannah-Kim born?

Alicia Hannah-Kim was born on July 28 1987 in Sydney, Australia.

What is the zodiac sign of Alicia Hannah-Kim?

Alicia Hannah-Kim’s Zodiac sign is Leo.

Who is Alicia Hannah-Kim married to?

Alicia Hannah-Kim is married to French actor Sebastian Roché.

Does Alicia Hannah-Kim have a child?

No as of 2022 she still doesn’t have a single child.

What is the age gap between Alicia Hannah-Kim and Sebastian Roché?

Sebastian Roché was born in 1964 while Alicia Hannah-Kim was born in 1987 so their age gap is 23years.

When did Alicia Hannah Marry?

Alicia Hannah-Kim married Sebastian Roché in 2014.

Who are Alicia Hannah’s Parents?

Alicia Hannah wants to keep her parent’s information private so the information about her parents is yet to be updated.

What is the height of Alicia Hannah-Kim?

Alicia Hannah-Kim’s Height is 1.64m.

What is the Net Worth of Alicia Hannah-Kim

Alicia Hannah-Kim is a talented and popular actress. Her net worth is $4 million.

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