Lou Pullicino is a celebrity kid. She’s the only child of the Canadian-Belgian singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and producer Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert; her mother is well-known by her stage name Lara Fabian. Because her mom earned quite fame, Lou is a topic of interest for many people out there. Thus, this article will be for those who are thriving to learn about Lou Pullicino. Keep on reading if you are one of them.

Who is Lou Pullicino’s Mother, Lara Fabian?

As mentioned earlier, Lou Pullicino is the only daughter of Lara Fabian, but who is Lara Fabian? Professionally, she’s a Canadian-Belgian singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and producer.

Lou’s mom is a big deal in the music industry. Back in 2017, it was recorded that she succeeded in selling over 20 million records worldwide. With that, she even managed to become one of the best-selling Belgian artists of all time.

As mentioned earlier, Lou Pullicino is the only daughter of Lara Fabian, but who is Lara Fabian; professionally, she’s a Canadian-Belgian singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and producer.
Lou Pullicino’s mother Lara Fabian.
Photo Source: Paris Match

Lara, 51, was born on January 9, 1970, in Etterbeek, Belgium. She was the only child of her parents Pierre Crokaert (Flemish) and Maria Luisa Serio (Sicilian).

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One of the interesting facts about Lara is that she can sing in seven languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Flemish, German, and Russian.

Lou Pullicino’s Mom, Lara Fabian’s Dating History

Lou Pullicino is still too young to have any romantic relationship; however, media people managed to capture her mother’s dating history.

Lara first dated French singer Patrick Fiori. The lovely duo began to date back in 1998; however, they ended their relationship after staying together for some years.

Lou Pullicino mom and dad began to date back in 2006; however, they soon separated.
Toddler Lou with her father and mother.
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After separating from Patrick, Lara started seeing Gerard Pullicino. They began to date in 2006, and according to sources, on November 20, 2007, they welcomed a daughter in their life who is none other than Lou. Professionally, Gerard is a French director, producer, and composer.

Although Lara and Gerard looked great together, they couldn’t sustain their relationship and broke up. After that, Lou’s mother stayed single for some time and gave them another chance to love and started dating Gabriel Di Giorgio.

Like Lara’s previous lover, Gabriel also comes from a musical background. Precisely speaking, he is a Sicilian musician and artist. The duo tied the knot back in 2013.

Lou Pullicino is Growing Up in a Luxury

Lou Pullicino is in her early teens; explicitly, she is just 13 years old and still too young to generate her income. However, because she’s a celebrity kid, she enjoys all the luxuries owned by her parents.

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Pullicino lives lavishly supported by her parents’ hard-earned money.
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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lou’s mom, Lara, holds a massive net worth of $16 million as of now. Indeed, she’s a millionaire. Furthermore, her dad, Gerard, is estimated to enjoy a six-figure net worth of $12 million, as Net Worth Post noted. Thus, she has nothing to fear when things comes to finances.

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