Miles O’Brien is one of the most talented, award-winning veterans, an independent journalist who specializes in science, technology, and aerospace. He’s a proud science correspondent for the PBS News Hour as well as a producer and director for the popular PBS science documentary series Nova.

Along with that, you might’ve also seen him reporting PBS documentary series Frontline as well as the National Science Foundation Science Nation series. So, today we get a deeper look at the journalist, from his net worth to his career and personal life.

Miles O’Brien Colossal Net Worth Collection

Miles O’Brien is one of those media personalities who’s made success not only professionally but also financially through his apt knowledge of science and technology. When it comes to finances, he’s the least bit worried thanks to the courtesy of his decade-long career in the media industry.

Miles O'Brien owns a staggering net worth collection of $5 million
Miles O’Brien enjoys a successful career in his decade-long career in journalism. Source: AAAS

As of 2022, the journalist enjoys a handsome net worth collection of $5 million, which is alike to Venisha Brown and Karsten Johansson. His two decades of work have enabled him to collect a staggering amount for himself. According to sources, he earns a staggering amount of $62,803 per year as his salary as a news reporter. Besides that, he also earns a good amount producing his own show as well.

Adding up, O’Brien earns a massive $1 million per year as his salary which might fluctuate a couple of thousands due to tax, compensations, and other things. Since he’s still going pretty strong in his career, the near future is surely bound to increase his net worth collection by manifolds.

A Glimpse At Miles O’Brien’s Career

Miles O’Brien commenced his career by first working for the WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. prior to making success working for CNN, and PBS. His time on CNN started in 1992 when he served as their science, space, aviation technology and environment correspondent. At that time, he anchored CNN shows like CNN American Morning, Science and Technology Week, Headline News, Primetime and many more.

 Miles O'Brien is known to work for the CNN, PBS receiving various awards
Miles O’Brien is the recipient of four Emmy awards throughout his career.
Source: PBS

The 61-year-old covered United States Space program on Hubble Space Telescope, landing on Mars, shuttle docking at Mir, space station launch from Kazakhstan, Space shuttle Columbia disaster and many more. He got major success working for CNN garnering Peabody and DuPont Awards while working for them, but he left the channel in December 2008.

After leaving CNN, O’Brien got motivated to make something of his own and started Miles O’Brien Productions, LLC based in Washington, D.C. Through this, he created stories for multiple outlets like PBS, National Science Foundation, Discovery Science, and more.

Miles O’Brien’s Personal Life, Who Is His Wife?

When it comes to personal life Miles O’Brien is quite the lucky fellow. He’s happily married to the love of his life, Sandy O’Brien for a long time. The couple met through their mutual friends, dated for a while, and immediately tied the knot in a private ceremony surrounded by their loved ones, family, and friends.

Miles O'Brien and his wife
Miles O’Brien and his wife Sandra Fossett.
Source: Who’s Dated Who

From such a married life together, the pair share two lovely children, a boy named Miles O’Brien and a daughter named Connery O’Brien. Together the family lives in Washington, D.C.

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