Popularity is pretty much a given factor when you’re involved with a celebrity figure. We’ve seen friends, family members, and relatives of celebrities get popularity due to their relationship; what better example would it be than the Kardashian family? But that’s not what we’re going to be talking about today; here we have Kaelyn Choi, the celebrity child of Korean American chef Roy Choi. Her father’s made quite a name for himself as the creator of gourmet Korean/Mexican taco truck Kogi. His popularity led fans to speculate about his young daughter Kaelyn which is just what we’ve brought you herin the read below. 

Who Is Kaelyn Choi? What About Her Parents?

Kaelyn Choi is the beloved daughter of her Korean/American father, Roy Choi, who gained prominence as one of the founders of the gourmet food truck movement. Growing up, the little girl had a perfect relationship with her grandparents Soo Myung Choi and Jai Nam Choi, her grandmother is North Korean, and her grandfather is South Korean.

Kaelyn Choi and her father Roy Choi
Kaelyn Choi and her father Roy Choi.
Photo Source: Eater LA

The Celebrity child’s mother’s name is Caroline Shin- Manguera. Her parents took their wedding vows back on April 23, 2011, and celebrated nearly a decade of togetherness. As of now, Kaelyn doesn’t share any siblings and is the sole heir to the family.

What Is The Net Worth of Kaelyn Choi’s Father Roy Choi?

Speaking about Kaelyn Choi’s family riches, it was all the result of her father Roy Choi’s hard work and dedication that got them so far. According to sources, Roy Choi enjoys a handsome net worth collection of $1 million as of 2021. He made a significant amount of his cash flow from his cooking endeavors in restaurants, trucks, and television shows.

Kaelyn Choi and her father are millionaire
Kaelyn Choi and her father in the premiere of The Lion King.
Photo Source: Zimbio

One of the shows that paid off really well to the chef was appearing in the Netflix television show The Chef Show alongside celebrity chef Jon Favreau. The show first premiered on June 7, 2019, and its second season premiered on September 24, 2020, which features the two chefs experimenting with their favorite recipes and techniques, baking and cooking.

Kaelyn Choi’s Father, Roy Choi Career Highlight

Even though Kaelyn Choi’s father is currently in a secure position in his career, he did have his share of downfalls in his life. He was down with crack, marijuana, and gambling addiction in his early years but now is entirely over it and focuses on his hobby of feeding people good food.

Roy Choi and his food truck Kogi
Roy Choi with his food truck Kogi.
Photo Source: Bona Fide

Before The Chef Show host found his passion, he graduated with a degree in Philosophy from California State University and tried out for a law degree, which he gave up halfway. After finding his real calling, he decided to study at the Culinary Institute of America finally. It was only a start to his career as then he finally began his journey into working with esteemed hotels like Hilton Hotels, Embassy Suites, and many more.

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Choi then came up with his signature food truck where he founded the company Kogi in 2008 with partner Mark Manguera and his wife, Caroline Shin-Manguera. Their food truck was an instant success which was also named one of the top ten “Best New Chefs” of 2010.

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