Who is Logan Visentin? Well, he’s a young kid who came to the spotlight because of his celebrity parent. His father, David Visentin, is well-known in the crowd as a Canadian actor, realtor, television host, and real estate agent. Because of his dad, Logan earned the attention of many at an early age.

Logan Visentin’s Dad, David Visentin is an Actor

Logan Visentin rose to fame because of his connection with the Canadian star named David Visentin. He’s the only child of David; thus, he attracted many eyes at a young age. Professionally, Logan’s dad is a prominent actor, TV host, and realtor.

Logan Visentin's dad, David Visentin with his co-host Hilary Farr.
Logan’s father, David alongside his co-host Farr from the show, Love It or List It. Photo Source: Pinterest

Logan pops, David started his career in 1997 working as an agent for Country Living Realty in Rosemont, Ontario, while working alongside his dad Nick Visentin. His father worked in the housing market while discovering new potential homes for numerous clients for over 16 years.

After honing his realtor skills, David took a chance working on-screen projects. He auditioned for co-hosting duties for Love It or List It. Eventually, he got signed by Big Coat Productions as one of the hosts, with Hilary Farr as his competitor for that show.

David, alongside his co-host Farr earned massive success from Love It or List It. The show is broadcast on HGTV and W Networks.

Logan Visentin Mother is Also a Real Estate Agent

There’s no doubt many know about Logan Visentin’s father, David’s career success; however, what about his mother. To our surprise, his mom is also into the property business.

Logan Visentin, 9, mother, Krista and his father David Visentin.
Logan’s mom, Krista Visentin and his dad, David.
Photo Source: Bio Gossipy

Indeed, Logan’s mother, Krista Visentin, is a real estate agent. Although she is into the same business as her husband, she only got media attention after she tied the knot with David.

Talking about Logan’s parents’ marriage. The lovely duo walked down the aisle back in 2006, and since then, they are together. After years of watering their relationship, they welcome Logan on March 30, 2011, in Canada.

Logan Visentin’s Net Worth in 2022

If we talk about Logan Visentin’s earnings, he is just nine years old just like other celebrities’ kids, Lola Burr and Violet Moon Howey. thus, he’s still far to generate his own fortune. However, he’s growing up in luxury. All thanks to his successful parents.

Logan Visentin's old man enjoys an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2020.
Logan hails from a rich family.
Photo Source: Celeb Tattler

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Logan’s dad David Visentin enjoys an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2022. He earns a salary of around $23 thousand per episode for appearing on a television show and makes about $300 thousand per season.

Besides Logan’s dad, his mom, Krista, also generates greens for the family. His mother, as a real estate agent, is believed to make $87 thousand annually. Keeping all of this in mind, it’s legit to say Logan is living a lavish lifestyle.

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