Jim Nantz is an American sports broadcaster who has worked as a telecaster for different leagues. He is well-known for his work in CBS sports in which he presented for NBA, NFL, and PGA Tour. His voice and the term “Hello Friends” is pretty popular among sports fans.

Jim, the son of Jim Nantz Sr., a prominent planner and his wife Doris Nantz, was born in Charlotte, US in 1975. Every year on May 17th, he has a birthday party. While growing up, he moved from place to place with his family. He was brought up with his sibling Nancy Hockaday in New Orleans, Louisiana and Colts Neck Township, New Jersey, and Marlboro Township, New Jersey.

While attending his university, Nantz got the opportunity in sports broadcasting with the CBS Radio Network, transmitting taped interviews to Win Elliot for the latter’s Sports Central USA weekend reports.

The Physical Appearance Of Nantz

Jim is in his mid-sixties, however, he looks a lot younger than his real age is. It looks like, this personality deeply cares about his physical appearance and maintains it. He has dark brown hair with a beautiful pair of brown eyes.

A similing picture of Jim Nantz 1
A smiling picture of Jim Nantz.
Source: Golf Digest

Physically speaking, Nantz towers with a height of 6 feet and 3 inches which is equivalent to 190 cm. Similarly, his weight is around 75 kgs or 165 lbs. He has not disclosed other information regarding his physique stat.

Served As Co-Captain Of Basketball And Golf Team In High School Days

During his time at Marlboro High School, Nantz served as the vice-captain of the basketball and golf teams. Also, the CBS sports personality was the best golf player on the high school team. He was an associate of the Bamm Hollow Country Club.

After moving to the University of Houston in Texas, Nantz played on the golf team of the Houston Cougars, sharing a room with future professional golfers Fred Couples and Blaine McCallister.

Relationship Status

Jim Nantz is presently married to Courtney Richards( born in the year 1979). He walked down the aisle with his long-time lover on the 9th of June, 2012 in a ceremony held at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California. Nantz encountered her at IMG, while she was working in Sports Marketing. Furthermore, she became vice-president of IMG before her marriage.

Jim Nantz and his wife Courtney Nantz 1
Jim Nantz and his wife Courtney Nantz.
Source: FanBuzz

Bush, Arnold Palmer, Robert Kraft, and Tom Brady were among the famous people in attendance during their wedding ceremony.

After a year of the divorce of Nantz and Ann-Lorraine, he proposed to Courtney in 2010 while they were on vacation in Maine with her friend who is former president George H.W. Bush.

Jim And Anne-Lorraine

The ex-couple Nantz and Anne tied their knots On April 16, in the year 1983. Their marriage ceremony was performed in a private location and only the family and relatives were invited. Their wedding location, on the other hand, is still unknown.

Jim Nantz and his ex wife Ann Lorraine.
Jim Nantz and his ex-wife Ann-Lorraine
Source: Featured Biography

The former love birds were happily married for 26 years. Their marriage ended in divorce, and it was found out during the time of proceeding that their relationship was on bad terms for a long period of time.

Cause For Divorce

Nantz and Ann-Lorraine officially divorced in 2009. During the time of their divorce proceeding, Nantz was accused of having an extramarital affair with a then 29 years old lady, which the sportscaster accepted.

However, it was found that their relationship was already running on bad terms before he got involved in an extramarital affair and the judge concluded it has nothing to do with the divorce.

Also, Nantz said that Ann had a bad habit of overspending money. The divorce did not end in the favor of Nantz as he had to pay a large sum as alimony.

$1 Million/Year Alimony Payment

After their divorce, Ann is taking care of her daughter. She had asked for $1 million for her child support with Jim, however, the court ruling said for alimony and child support, Nantz must pay Carlsen Nantz $916,000 every year.

The sum of $916,000 is divided as $1000 per week for his daughter Caroline and $72000 a month for his ex-wife Ann-Lorraine. Also, the agreement says, he has to pay his daughter’s college fees and expenses until she turns 23.

This Alimony is to last until, Ann-Lorraine remarriage and settles with another guy or until the death of Nantz. It created controversy and made headlines in the news and media.

Blessed With Three Children

From the two married life of Nantz, he is blessed with three children. He welcomed his daughter Caroline Nantz with his former partner Anne.

JIm Nantz with his wife and Children 1
Jim Nantz with his wife and Children
source: Global Golf Post

Similarly, he has two kids with his current wife, Courtney. The couple welcomed a daughter named Finely Cathleen Nantzborn in 2014. Two years later in 2016 son named Jameson Nantz was born to the love birds.

Nantz Has a Laminated picture of burnt toast in his wallet

Nantz’s love for food and the fact that he is a breakfast guy who loves toast burnt to a crisp is well-known. Nantz said, “I’m a breakfast guy: three eggs scrambled, with bacon and wheat toast, burnt,” to Golf Digest in 2016.

When Nantz needs to eat breakfast at the restaurant due to his busy schedule, he gets disappointed as they would not serve him the toast he prefers. He always fails to get the black and scary burnt toast so, the sportscaster decided to carry a picture of it so that he can visually show the server what he actually needs.

The picture was given to him and insisted to carry with him by his wife as she was tired of hearing Nantz’s complaint.

Nantz And Courtney’s Commitment to Nantz National Alzheimer Center

Nantz after losing his father who was also his idol to Alzheimer’s, a degenerative neurological disorder, has decided to research the cure for it and help many people as he can. For this, he has teamed up with his various health researcher and began the research with the opening of the Nantz National Alzheimer Center.

He has seen his idol’s traits which he loved and idolized slowly fading away because of this disease. So, Nantz and his wife, Courtney are actively committing to the research facility and research.

Since its initiation, the center has treated many Alzheimer’s patients and has become world-renowned research and referral center.


Jim Nantz began his career as an anchor and sports announcer or KHOU Houston. Following that, he worked at KSL-TV in Salt Lake City (1982-1985) where he called BYU football games along with Steve Young and Utah Jazz games along with Hot Rod Hundley on a weekend.

Jim Nantz previews Tiger Woods’ return to golf at the 2022 Masters

Jim got a job at CBS in 1985. In the past, he reported PGA Tour golf matches as a reporter and served as the studio host for CBS Sports’ coverage of college football and basketball games. Nantz used to broadcast Sunday Night Football games for CBS Radio Sports before moving to television.

He has served as the host of CBS’ coverage of the Master’s Tournament. From 1991 to 2008, he and Billy Packer operated together to call the NCAA Final Four men’s basketball championships. His analyst has been Clark Kellogg from 2008 to 2013.

Since 1999, he has been the NFL broadcaster for CBS’ top play-by-play crew. Besides that, he also got a lot of popularity for roasting NFL player Jamaal Charles who cost his team a win after he coughed up the ball. 

His recent work is the official Host of Ben’s Masters Pool – “A tradition unlike any other”.

Owns A Wine Brand

Jim owns his own wine brand “The calling” that he introduced in 2012. This brand includes various types o wine under its wings like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. For his wines, the grapes come from various vineyards as he has partnerships with various Vineyards.

Nantz also created a specific wine keeping the Alzheimer’s patient in mind for the research at the Nantz Alzheimer Center.

Nantz As An Author

Among many different professions, Jim is also an author who has written a book with the title Always By My Side: A Father’s Grace and a Sports Journey Unlike Any Other. His friend helped him to write it as a co-author.

Jim Nantzs book Always By My side
Jim Nantz’s book Always By My Side.
Source: Amazon

The book Always by my side is written to appreciate all the broadcaster’s life and their contribution. He has also included inspiring stories from the life of his Alzheimer-diagnosed father. Its hardcover is being sold for $13.98, paperback for $16 and kindle for $12.99. In addition, the book has a rating of 4.6.

Jim Nantz’s Signature Phrase

All of the sports fans are well familiar with Jim’s voice and the signature phrase that he coined “Hello friends”. The story behind the phrase is that he said to his Alzheimer’s diagnosis father that he would convey a special message to him during the match.

So, Nantz said “Hello friends” as his father had the Knack of making friends quickly. After that, Nantz’s friend phoned him to use that phrase again so, it became his signature phrase. The “Hello Friend” coined by him became so popular that it has a ringtone version, meme, and also was used in the popular Netflix series “How I Met Your Mother”.

Nantz’s Appearance In The Popular Tv Series How I Met Your Mother

Jim Nantz has made an appearance in the popular Tv series ” How I Met Your Mother“. He has appeared two times physically and once with his voice. He is the last of the character that is credited as a special guest.

HIMYM – Perfect Week (Barney’s Interview)

In Perfect Week he comes into Barney’s dream, where he is listening to Barney’s story of the perfect Week in an interview. In Last Forever-Part two, he again makes his appearance when Barney is talking about Perfect Month.

Similarly, In Rabbit or Duck Nantz makes a voice appearance alongside Phil Simms.

Net Worth

Jim Nantz has amassed a huge sum of fortune after all this hard work in his professional career. He is listed as the seveth rank of the World’s wealthiest sportscaster.

Jim is speculated to possess a whopping net worth of $15 Million. Throughout his career, he has served as a radio personality, and sports broadcaster which has helped him to earn a substantial income. He gets $3.2 Million from CBS and $4 Million from his association with Titles.

JIm Nantz house with mini golf course 1
Jim Nantz’s house with the mini golf course.
Source: Golf Course Management magazine

Among many properties acquired by this American personality, one of them is his house at Pebble Beach. He also earns from endorsements, books, and businesses. He has his eyes on becoming the first broadcaster to call 50 Masters tournaments for CBS.

With this all fortune, Nantz is living a lavish and comfortable life on his property with a mini golf course in the backyard in Pebble Beach with his family.


Jim has been the recipient of many accolades throughout his career life for the appreciation of his hard work. He has got Emmy awards two times for his outstanding sports personality. Similarly, he has been the recipient of NSMA National Sportscaster of the Year five times in 1998, 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009 respectively.

Other accolades he has received are the Curt Gowdy Award, Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award, GCSAA Old Tom Morris Award, and NSMA Hall of Fame inductee.

Social Media Presence

Jim is not a social media freak. He has not activated his accounts on many of the major social media platforms. However, he does seem to be active on Twitter.

This personality joined Twitter on the 28th of April. He goes by the username @BensMasterPool. He has only collected a total of 132 followers up until the time of writing.

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