Sarah Hoffmeister is a multitalented young British actress, model, and tv personality. she was born on the 15 of January 2002 in the Birmingham United Kingdom. She has a lot of movies and tv shows such as The secret: Dare to Dream, A Christmas mystery, Speechless, The middle,2 broke girls, and many more.

Her first debut film was “The Secret: Dare to dream” where she shared the screen with renowned personalities like Katie Homles as her daughter the film was based on the popular novel having the same name.

Net Worth

Sarah Hoffmeister is on the emerging stage of her career at a young age she is able to generate a good source of income for herself.

As she is at the beginning of her career and her total net worth is $1 million which is similar to famous American actress Allison McAtee. Sarah earned all this fortune by modeling and acting.


The Secret: Dare to Dream actress Sarah was raised by her parents Jeff Hoffmeister and Michelle Clairmont. At the moment actress resides in Florida, the USA with her parents.

sarah 3
Sarah Hoffmeister posing for the camera.Source:@Instagramsarahhoffmeister

She is very close to her parents and the lovable daughter of the Hoffmeister family. Sarah’s parents do not have any other child except Sarah.

Boyfriend: Now Dating Zach Wagner

Currently, the actress is happily dating Zach Wagner and spending a healthy relationship with him. They have been dating one another form 2021 and are still together. The loving duo loves to hang out and sit by the ocean to have a romantic date.

2 Broke girl actress Sarah Hoffmeister never got paired up with any of her co-stars and never got into any controversy regarding her past or present relationship.

Sarah Hoffmeister and his Boyfriend Zach Wagner.Source:@Instagramsarahhoffmeister

Currently, the actress is happily dating Zach Wagner and spending a healthy relationship with him. They have been dating one another form 2021 and are still together. The loving duo loves to hang out and sit by the ocean to have a romantic date.

We can say that both of them are so much into one another because they post a lot of adorable pictures of themselves on their social sites.


Sarah Hoffmeister began her career as a model and gets involved in show buzz business. She was always interested in acting and want to pursue her career as an actress.

While she was in elementary school, she joined drama and a play class. After that, she realized she love to be featured and see herself as a performer. Furthermore, She started to work in a community theater and as a background artist to sharpen and uplift her acting to become the finest actress.

After a year of struggle, her hard work and diligence paid off and she started to work on Commercials, Short films and finally got into real set films. Her movie The secret: Dare to Dream was a successful movie where her character name was “Missy Wells” who was a teen daughter of Miranda Wells( Katie Homles).

Volunteering: A Walk on Water

Sarah Hoffmeister works as a volunteer in an organization called A Walk on Water which is also known as (AWOW) where Sarah and a friend of her help to provide surf therapy to children having mental and physical disabilities.

She teaches children surfing and guides them to bring out the calmness in life. As she loves to spend time by the ocean, In the near future she will be encouraging people regarding environmental awareness to keep our surroundings clean.


The speechless movie actress Sarah loves to spend her time on the beach. Besides having a hectic schedule from acting and volunteering she manages to have time for her favorite thing, surfing.

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Sarah Hoffmeister getting ready to surf along with her girlfriend Source:@Instagramsarahhoffmeister

She was so much interested in surfing from her school times and was also a member of a High school surf team. The interest in surfing never fade away from actress life and we can still see her continuing her adventures activities surfing. Sarah posted an Instagram story where she was making her surfing board. Besides that, we can see her social media is almost filled with oceans, beaches, and surfing.

Best Performance – The Secret: Dare to Dream

The middle actress Sarah Hoffmeister had done several movies, some of which had a good IMDb rating, and box-office collection like The secret: Dare to Dream has made 3,215,636 worldwide, which was a good amount of collection. Likewise, Sarah’s featured Tv series 9-1-1 also has an IMDb rating of 7.85/10 and was hyped for the year. It was an American Tv series directed by Bradley Buecker in the association Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear.

The release date of the tv series was on January 3, 2018, and the top cast of these shows was Angela Bassett, Oliver Stark, Kenneth Choi, Ryan Guzman, Peter Krause, and many more. Sarah considers herself lucky to share a screen with a renowned actor and actress.

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Sarah Hoffmeister on the set of The Secret: Dare to Dream.Source:@Instagramsarahhoffmeister

She started her career by pursuing tv commercials ads and as a background artist. Later she got a lot of opportunities and never had to look back on her struggling days.

Early life

South 32 actress Sarah spent her early childhood in Manhattan Seashore, Right after outside of Los Angeles. She was raised and nurtured by her mom and dad.

While growing up Sarah was not interested in acting however when she got into a high school play and drama class. She started to realize that she wants to choose her profession as an actress because she got fascinated by acting and thought of continuing her acting journey.

She was a huge fan of Emma Stone and Margot Robbie because she loves their versatility. Sarah hopes to work with them one day.


A Christmas Mystery actress Sarah is a girl having an extrovert personality. She is involved in numerous hobbies, such as surfing, summing, panting, horse riding, and singing.

When she was in high school she used to sing and play guitar with her band member for a local church and for their youth group. Her habit and love for singing never vanished so she still loves to sing and plays guitar.

sarah 2
Sarah Hoffmeister showing off her paintings.Source:@Instagramsarahhoffmeister

She was so much into surfing and swimming that she frequently used to get up early in the morning and go surfing and swimming when she was in high school.

Similarly, the actress loves to paint and ride a horse. She shares every glimpse of her personal life through her social media so it’s very easy for her fans to know about her interest and hobbies.

Owns a Dog Named Goober

Secret past actress Sarah is obsessed with having a pet and had one. She shares that having a pet is a great pleasure in life. She counts her pet as a member of her family and loves to spend time with him.

The pet name of her dog is Goober, dog is her companion animal with whom she spends a great time and includes him on her vacation or any kind of trip. She also desperately wants to keep a cat as a pet but it’s not happening due to her personal reasons.

Similarly, Sarah has donated African wildlife foundation and ASPCA foundation and she loves to involve in the rescue of animals

Social media

Bad word actress Sarah is super active participation on her Instagram: Sarahhoffmeister where 6 thousand people follow her. She posts a lot of pictures of her loved ones besides that she also promotes her upcoming project and urges her fans to watch it.

Her fans on her Instagram account praise her versatile role in the movie. On top of that, she also has fan pages and accounts.

Physical Appearance

Even actress Sarah has a decent height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62)m. She has an average body weight of 50 kg or 110 Ibs. Likewise, she has a fitted slim body.

She has an enchanting face with gorgeous long blond hair with blue eyes. Similarly, her waist, hip, and dress size is 26 inch,32 inches, and 4(us) respectively.

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