Jessica Schimmel is one of the personalities who is known to the public by their relationship with celebrities. She is the daughter of famous standup comedian Robert Schimmel. This article gathers most of her information regarding her personal life, marital status, career, and net worth.

Jessica Schimmel’s Blissful Married life with Joe Rogan

Jessica Schimmel first met her partner Joe Rogan in 2006. The pair fell in love with each other, and after dating for more than two years, Jessica and Joe announced their engagement in 2008. Within the year, Jessica welcomed her baby daughter with her husband, Joe.

Jessica Schimmel first met her partner Joe Rogan in 2006.
Schimmel with her beau and their two daughters.
Photo Source: Panda Gossip

After being parents, the couple became more serious about their relationship, which they took it to the next level with a marriage in 2009. We can say that her baby daughter encouraged them to take the big step that they delayed.

In 2010, the Rogans welcomed their second daughter and were enjoying their happy married life along with two daughters as Jessica posted a picture of the family back in 2015.

As per Bio Wikis, Jessica gave birth to her daughter Kayla from her previous relationship. However, her husband Joe Rogan and daughter Kayla shares a healthy relationship.

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In a nutshell, Jessica and her husband, Joe, enjoy their parenting life with their three beautiful daughters peacefully and happily.

Jessica’s Net Worth Collection

Though Jessica is popular as an assistant producer, she depends upon her husband Joe’s earnings for her expenses. Talking about her husband’s net worth as of 2020 it is estimated to be $25 million.

Jessica Schimmel husband’s net worth as of 2020 it is estimated to be $25 million.
Jessica lives a lavish lifestyle with her family.
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Joe is one of the popular standup comedians as well and has added some of the greens to his fortunes from various endorsements and sponsorships. Jessica is living a lavish life with her family owning several assets.

Jessica’s Career Records

Jessica is recognized as a former American cocktail waitress. So, we can say that Jessica started her career by working in a local bar as a cocktail waitress.

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After working as a waitress for some years, she boosts her job as an assistant producer in the showbiz industry. Her works as an associate producer can be seen in the popular TV series “The Simpsons” in 2002 for more than ten episodes. Along with the series, Jessica has also shown her ability in the Tv Documentary “Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.”

Jessica Schimmel had some experience in the acting field as well.
Jessica Schimmel used to work as a cocktail waitress.
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Jessica had some experience in the acting field as well. Though she had shown us her acting skills in “Howard Stern” from 1999 to 2008, and her dad, Jessica herself, does not like her acting and says she is more capable of producing them rather than acting by herself in the films.

Jessica Schimmel’s Bio/Wiki

Jessica was born on June 28, 1978, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Her father’s name is Robert Schimmel, and her mother’s name is Vicki Schimmel. Talking about her family history, Jessica’s parents Robert and Vicki got divorced as her father was involved in a relationship with her former best friend, Melissa Schimmel. After the divorce, Robert and Melissa got married, which led Melissa to be her step-mother from being her former best friend.

Schimmel grew up with her six siblings named brothers Derek and Jacob, half-brother Sam and Max Schimmel, and her sister Aaliyah. She finished high school from a local high school and attended the University of Arizona with a Psychology degree.

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