Who is Janice Parmelee? If you guys update yourself with our daily content on celebrities, then you might have the answer to that question. Even though you don’t and it’s your first time visiting us, no worries, let us break it down to you then, she is the wife of the renowned sportscaster, Trey Wingo. Recently, we shared all details available on him in one of our articles; however, people want to learn about his better-half. Thus, that’s what brought us here today. Keep on reading to garb all the information on Janice Parmelee, as we will provide every detail that is available on her.

Marriage Life of Janice Parmelee with her Husband, Trey Wingo

Before we begin, we like to say that the world knows a few about Janice Parmelee. Due to their choice to maintain a safe distance from the media world, they prefer to have a low-profile. Thus, despite her husband’s successful professional endeavors, there is less information on her and her family.

Janice Parmelee tied the wedding knot with the sportscaster, Tery Wingo.
Janice Parmelee with her family.
Photo Source: Players Bio

Beginning with Parmelee’s marital journey with her beau, we all know she is married to Trey Wingo. They are rejoicing a blissful life together.

Though many people in the mass know about their excellent relationship status, no one knows when they began to date. Further, no one on the internet has an idea of when they tied the knot.

Janice Parmelee and Trey Wingo Expanded their Family with Two Children

Most of the time, we can see Janice Parmelee’s husband, Trey, all focused on his professional life. However, the beautiful couple still managed to find time for each other to expand their family.

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The Parmelee-Wingo duo shares two children. They have a son named Chappy Wingo, and a Daughter named Chelsea.

Janice Parmelee husband Wingo holds a net worth of $4 million.
Janice Parmelee husband is a sportscaster.
Photo Source: Newsday

Both of their kids are grown up, and sources claim they have completed their graduation. Unfortunately, further details aren’t available.

Janice Parmelee’s Beau, Trey Wingo Holds a Net Worth of $40 Million

Those who made it to this line might already understand why we said the world knows a few about Janice Parmelee. There isn’t in-depth research done on her, which would provide a reliable fact. It also blocks us from sharing anything regarding her career history. Due to this, no one can pinpoint her exact financial status.

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Though Janice’s earnings are unknown, we do know her husband’s professional background. He has accumulated success as a host of several matches. With his decades of hardship, he managed to grab the tagline of a millionaire.

Janice Parmelee have a son named Chappy Wingo, and a Daughter named Chelsea.
Janice Parmelee husband is a millionaire.
Photo Source: Sporting News

Indeed, Janice’s lover has an impressive fortune. As a matter of fact, her beau holds a whopping net worth of $40 million, as of August 2020. So, as a better-half, she do enjoys her husband’s greens, and we can say for sure she rejoices a lavish lifestyle.

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