Music is the universal language of love. Some of us are interested in folk while others are interested in hip-hop, rap, jazz, etc. In the world of music lovers, Jade Castrinos is one of the famous female singers. Jade Castrinos came into the limelight as the former member of the renowned folk music band “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.” Today in this article, we will talk about Jade’s Bio, net worth, career, relationship status, and many more.

Jade Castrinos Net Worth as of 2020

It’s no secret that Jade Castrinos, as the former member of the band “Edward and the Magnetic Zero,” has earned enough money for her to live in luxury. Precisely speaking, the famous singer Jades’ estimated net worth is $0.5 million as per Bio Gossipy. It is not surprising that Jades is a millionaire as an average singer is known to earn around $21,5198 to $207,085, and she has been hustling for years now.

It’s no secret that Jade Castrinos, as the former member of the band “Edward and the Magnetic Zero,” has earned enough money for her to live in luxury.
Jade Castrinos is a successful artist in the music industry.
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Jade’s income compared with her other fellow celebrities might not be as good as theirs, but one should know that Castrinos is not in the mainstream of the music industry. Castrinos was the co-founder of the band but parted her ways to focus on her solo music career.

Popular Band member Jade Castrinos Career

Jade was interested in the world of music from a young age. With her father behind her back, Castrinos began her musical journey at eleven as a songwriter and singer.

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As she continued her musical career, Jade joined her hands with the leader Alex Ebert in 2005 as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Though Jade was already involved with her band members, the band started its official journey in 2007.

Jade Castrinos was interested in the world of music from a young age.
Jade singing alongside her former bandmate Alex.
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Though the band was gaining its popularity in various music charts, Jade parted her ways with the band in 2014 during her summer tour with a dream to pursue her solo career in the industry.

Castrinos Relationship Status

Jade is currently single and is enjoying a peaceful life with her family. Indeed, she is; however, it isn’t sure. Why? Well, she prefers to keep things related to her love-life undercover.

Jade is currently single, who is enjoying a peaceful life with her parents.
Jade Castrinos is single as of 2020.
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Castrinos is more serious about her music career than being in a controversy with her life partner or lover. Thus, there is nothing to talk about in her romantic relationship. Nevertheless, Jade is enjoying her life with or without a life partner; however, if any news linked with her lover comes in front, we will update you guys, so stay tuned to the page.

Castrinos Early Life before Being a Band Member

Jade Castrinos was born in Los Angeles, California, to her parents. Her dad and mom raised her in Las Flores Canyon, Malibu, where she completed her high school. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her family; thus, there are no details available about her siblings.

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According to various online platforms, Jade’s parents also have a musical background, and the greatest motivation for her career in this field was her parents.

The diva keeps her private life close to herself only from which we can say that Jade is a simple, down-to-earth woman with due respect towards her family pursuing her career.

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