If you are into surfing, then there are a few names that you can’t miss to follow. One of them being the talented and beautiful Hawaiian surfer Alessa Quizon. She’s made a professional career as a surfer bagging the position as one of the top female surfers in the top 15 World Surf League Tour. So, today we get some insights on the surfer.

Alessa Quizon’s Net Worth Collection  

Alessa Quizon has been actively pursuing her professional career as a surfer for more than a decade. In all these years, she’s managed to grab worldwide public attention and gained success not only in terms of her work but also financially.

Alessa Quizon net worth is $200,000
Alessa Quizon enjoys a steady net worth of $200,000.
Photo Source: Billabong

Specifically speaking of the lady surfer’s net worth collection, she hasn’t shared any data in the media. However, according to Sapling, sponsorship and competition prizes contribute to a significant part of their net worth. It is reported that they earn a staggering annual salary of $250,000 and $400,000.

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From the above-given figure, we can estimate that the talented girl’s total earning sums up to a speculated number of $200,000.

 Alessa Quizon Early Life

Alessa Quizon was born on January 02, 1994, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Born in a surfers family, she was introduced to the beach’s beauty very early in her life. Her father ignited her passion by her and her sister on the Westside of Oahu to a beach named Makaha.

Alessa Quizon is a surfer
Alessa Quizon began surfing from the age of 7.
Photo Source: Stab Magazine

Starting at the age of seven, the Hawaiian born had all the support from her family to make a future on it. In fact, due to the trouble of making time for school and surfing all at once, she ended up forfeiting her graduation later on. Due to her on-going competitions, she took the GED instead.

Alessa Quizon Competitions and Achievements

Alessa Quizon became one of the athletes who took her childhood hobby into her professional life. She participated in her first competition in the Rell Sunn Memorial Contest at the age of 10. Two years later, Billabong became her first sponsor in swimwear and surfboards.

Alessa Quizon competitions
Alessa Quizon also played four years at Indiana University.
Photo Source: Stab Magazine

Following that, the 5 ft-3-inch talented lady became one of the top female surfers globally, ranking in the top 15 of the World Surf League Tour. She also became a member of the U.S Under 17 Residency Program and appeared in the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

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