Holly Monteleone is a well-recognized paramedic in America. She initially wanted to become a lawyer but she became a paramedic by fate. This personality came to the limelight when she appeared in the unscripted television drama ‘NightWatch‘.

She is exceptional and has been a role model and inspiration for people looking to pursue an EMT career. She is also active on Patreon.

Early Life

Holly Monteleone was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 24th of September. She has not revealed much information about her early days as well as her personal life. Although the paramedic has not disclosed her birth year, it is known that she is born under the Zodiac sign Libra.

She holds American citizenship as her national identity. Talking about her religious beliefs, she has disclosed no information regarding this. She belongs to the ethnic group of white people.

Academic Life

Holly is a well-versed person. She has acquired knowledge from formal education, informal training, and her life experiences. She is known to be a good student who secured good grades during her school life. She completed high school at 16 and then went to university to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Besides this, the paramedic has revealed no other information about her academic life. The course she pursued and the educational institution she went to are still a mystery.

Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Holly being a white ethnic person, has traits and features of white people. she has got a fair complexion and blonde hair. She has got attractive blue eyes. She is a healthy girl with a regular body build. She stands tall a height of 5 ft and 2 inches. However, that is less than the height of the average American woman.

Talking about the figures of her physical measurement, this personality has not revealed anything. This includes her dress size, weight, waist, etc. Maybe, she is not comfortable sharing those data. However, it is known that she has a tattoo on both her arms one is a heart shape, and inside there is a date of the meeting of her stepfather and mother. She has no piercings.

Relationship Status – Is Holly Monteleone Dating Someone?

Holly Monteleone is in a relationship with Derek Blanchard. The love birds have made their relationship public by posting photos on Instagram together. The couple has not shared anything about their first meeting. However, they were spotted together at the 2017 French Quarter Celebration in New Orleans.

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In addition to this, her sexual orientation is straight. Besides this, she is not known to have been in a romantic link with anyone.


Holly loves her family. She often shares her photo with her family in a snap and on her Instagram account. Her family includes herself, her mother, her stepfather, and her younger sister. Holly has not disclosed anything about her biological father.

Holly sherman graduation photo with her family 1
Holly Sherman’s graduation photo with her family
Source: Facebook

She has a tattoo with a heart shape and a date on which her mother and stepfather met. She also shared a photo of her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Her family also provided her with love, care, and support.


Holly has a sibling who is her younger sister. She grew up with her sister in their hometown. She seems to be very close to her; however, the paramedic has not disclosed any information about her. Her name is also not revealed. See another media personage Jessica Blyth Barrymore.

Her sister has blonde hair and looks similar to herself. She can be seen in a photo posted by Holly on her Facebook account.

Blessed With Children

Holly is blessed with children. She has two babies a son and a daughter. Her son Saint Sherman was born in 2018 and her daughter Salem Sherman was born just recently, in 2022. She adores her children so much and considers herself lucky to have them.

Holly Sherman with her two children Saint and Salem
Holly Sherman with her two children Saint and Salem Source: Instagram @nightwatch_holly

She is trying her best to give them a proper upbringing and shape their future. Holly has her Instagram filled with her children’s photos.

Career Highlights

We may believe we have everything figured out in life, but fate has something else in store for us. This was the case with Holly Monteleone, who had always wanted to be a lawyer, but her plans changed after she attended a two-week Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training course and witnessed her friend save the life of a 17-year-old girl, an experience that was both overwhelming and heartwarming.

Following that experience, Holly developed an interest in EMT and decided to become a paramedic in other to be able to save the lives of citizens rather than being a lawyer.

Holly Sherman in her professional uniform
Holly Sherman in her professional uniform
Source: Instagram @Nightwatch_Holly

Her Paramedic career started when she was 18 years old. She also has been featured as EMT on a Tv reality show. Her proficiency as a paramedic grew over time and she is now considered one of the best emergency service staff in New Orleans.

Holly Monteleone’s Net Worth

Holly Monteleone is estimated to have a net worth of approximately USD 100 thousand. This includes her income, properties, and assets. She has collected this huge sum of wealth through her dedication and hardships in her professional career.

Her primary source of income is her Paramedic career. Her dedication in this field has made her one of the best emergency service staff in New Orleans. Although she has not disclosed her income, it can be said that paramedics earn a good amount from this career.

Holly Monteleones son and boyfriend on their respective red cars
Holly Monteleone’s son and boyfriend on their respective red cars
Source: Instagram @Nightwatch_holly

It can be said that Holly is living a lavish and comfortable life with her family in New Orleans, United States.

Holly Monteleone’s Weight Loss Journey

The 38-year-old Monteleone’s story is amazing! She had struggled with her weight loss for a long time, but she found a way to change that. In July 2019, she weighed 240 pounds and decided she wanted to lose 100 pounds in a year. By June 2020, she made it happen! She reached her goal and weighed a healthy and confident 130 pounds.

It wasn’t easy for Holly. She had to make big changes. She said goodbye to processed and fast foods and cut down on sugary and refined foods. Holly also started exercising regularly. She did things like running, biking, and swimming. By slowly working harder over time, she got stronger and could

Social Media Presence

The media star Holly is quite active on social media. She has accounts on major social media platforms and is very popular with them. This reality tv star uses social media to reach out to her loved ones and dear ones and as well as give updates about herself.

Her Instagram account is @nightwatch_holly. She has collected a whopping amount of followers on this platform. She has more than 98.8k followers. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of the moments of her personal life and professional life.

Similarly, she tweets her opinions and thoughts and shares her work with the username @NightwatchHolly, where she has more than 30.5 thousand followers. Likewise, she has a Facebook account, too, but it seems she is no longer active in it.

Is Holly’s last name Sherman or Monteleone?

Holly has introduced herself as Monteleone. However, she uses Sherman as her surname on her social media and her paramedic name tag. This became a matter of discussion, and people wanted to know about it.

However, the reality TV personality has not revealed anything and has kept her mouth shut on this topic.


The Hollywood actress likes to keep herself away from all unnecessary attention which is why there is no rumor about her yet. She also keeps her personal opinions private and doesn’t share many details about her personal life.

She is also very humble by nature. Moreover, she is not involved in any trash-talking and only focuses on her work. She is a rumor-free personality.

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