Parker Schnabel became famous during the Gold Rush, making it big in his career while still young. His professional life shines, but his personal life is also interesting. Despite his dedication and focus, Parker hasn’t been short on having special people in his life. Let’s explore his romantic journey and marriage!

Is Parker Schnabel Married? Who Is His Wife?

As of 2023, Parker Schnabel isn’t married, and there’s no sign that he’s in a relationship either. Likewise, female fans often adore his looks and personality. It is good news for his followers especially females that he hasn’t yet walked down the aisle.

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Parker Schnabel is not married yet. Image Source: Instagram@goldrushparker

However, the charming personage has had multiple affairs and past relationships in the media. Let’s have closure on his romantic life.

Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle’s Relationship

The Gold Rush star Schnabel and his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle met in Australia in 2016 and quickly became a couple. Ashley, a vet nurse, joined the “Gold Rush” show in Season 7, and Parker mentioned in a 2017 Maxim interview how much she helped him settle into his work in Alaska.

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Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle were in a romantic affair. Image Source: Instagram@goldrushparker

Sadly, the former duo’s relationship didn’t last, and Youle left the show after Season 8. Parker admitted in an episode during Season 8 that they broke up because he didn’t prioritize the relationship. He acknowledged that she deserved better.

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In addition, the breakup might have been influenced by the pressures of being on TV, like the “Big Kiss Competition” that didn’t go well, trying to catch them being affectionate on camera. The TV star’s struggles, like dealing with his grandfather John Schnabel‘s passing, could have also played a part in their split.

Parker Schnabel’s Rumored Affairs

In 2020, people thought Parker was dating Sheena Cowell, but it turned out Sheena was already with someone else.

Now, there’s talk that the media sensation might be dating a girl named Brit Sheena Cowell, but neither of them has said anything to confirm it.

Reality Behind Parker Schnabel And Tyler Mahoney’s Dating Rumors

The 29-year-old Schnabel from “Gold Rush,” and Tyler Mahoney, the young gold miner from “Aussie Gold Hunters,” have been in the spotlight with rumors about them dating. Fans of these shows have been discussing this, but it’s unclear if there’s any truth to it.

Meanwhile, Tyler is from Kalgoorlie, Australia, and Parker has been on “Gold Rush” since he was 16. If you check Parker’s Instagram, you’ll see lots of pictures of him and Mahoney working hard to find gold in Australia. People thought they were dating, but it seems they’re close because they work together on the show.

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Even though social media is full of gossip about them, it seems both Parker and his rumored partner Tyler are totally focused on their work. Parker recently split from his girlfriend Ashley, and it looks like both he and Tyler are putting all their energy into the show and not thinking about romance right now.

Further, Tyler comes from a family known for gold mining in Australia. Her great-grandfather, Ned Turner, was super successful in finding gold. Tyler’s grandmother, Nola, kept the family business going. While Tyler’s becoming more popular with viewers, she likes to keep her personal life private and doesn’t talk much about it.

So, it seems like Schnabel and Mahoney are not dating. They’re just really tight friends because they work together on the show.

Who Is Parker Schnabel? Why Is He Famous?

The household name Schnabel became famous from the show Gold Rush Alaska. He’s a third-generation miner, following his dad and granddad. At just 16, he took charge of the family’s mining business and has done really well. His net worth is about $8 million, and he recently bought his land for gold mining.

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Parker Schnabel is a reality TV star. Image Source: Instagram@goldrushparker

Born on July 22nd, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, he’s a Cancer Zodiac sign. People know him for his smarts in business, hard work, and how careful he is with money, mostly putting it back into his work. In the last mining season before 2019, he mined $1 million worth of gold, making his total yearly gold value an impressive $8 million.

To add more, the media star has been on shows like Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail spin-off. By the time he was 24, he’d mined over $13 million worth of gold.

Parker Schnabel’s Charming Looks

Apart from his gold mining success, Parker gets noticed for his good looks and towering height. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, he’s way taller than most people on the show, and that makes him stand out. His strong jawline and rugged appearance have earned him lots of fans who dig his charm.

On the show, his gold mining victories are well known, but his good looks add something extra. His height and handsome features make him unique in the gold mining world, boosting his popularity even more.

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