You don’t need to be a celebrity to be in the limelight, sometimes, you grab media attention for being a celebrity family member or their love interest. Once you are linked with the artist, your life doesn’t remain a private life; whatever you do and whoever you meet is watched by media cameras on every step. Further, you still remain in the public eyes even after the separation from your celebrity spouse or love interest.

Likewise, we are going to discuss one of the ex-celebrity spouses, Geraldine Khawly, in this article. Khawly is best recognized as the first wife of a legendary footballer, Rohan Marley. After separating from the footballer, she tied the knot with Jean Pierre Paul. Do you know how is her married life going after the separation from her first husband? To know more about her relationship with her new husband, keep reading the article.

Geraldine Khawly Is Currently In A Marital Relationship With Jean Pierre Paul

Geraldine Khawly is currently in a marital relationship with her husband, Jean Pierre Paul, an owner of Investment Group. The duo is living a blissful married life together. However, the exact details of their marriage are missing.

As per Paul’s Facebook account, the duo exchanged marriage vows in 2005. Also, one of his posts mentioned the marriage that had happened on 8 October 2016. Though their marriage details are unclear, the pair lives a beautiful life.

Geraldine Khawly and Jean Pierre Paul are happily married with their kids
Geraldine Khawly and Jean Pierre Paul are happily married
SOURCE: Instagram

The pair might have dated for some years before tying the knot. Maintaining a low-key profile, Khawly’s current husband hasn’t revealed anything about his past relationships. To date, the duo is enjoying each other’s company, and there is no information about any relationship complications. The love birds are often captured, enjoying dinner and outings together.

How Many Kids Do Geraldine Khawly And Jean Pierre Paul Have?

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Paul have welcomed a son named Stephan Lobey. Unfortunately, his birth details are missing; however, he seems to be in his early teens. The duo is often captured with their son on different occasions. Till now, they haven’t planned for another child as the details are away. Also, the information about Pierre Paul’s children from his past relationships is missing.

Gerald Khawly is a mother of three children
Gerald Khawly is a mother of three
SOURCE: Instagram

On the other hand, Khawly is a proud mother of two children, which she shares with her ex-husband, Rohan Marley. The former duo welcomed a beautiful daughter named Eden Marley, born in 1994. She is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Garden of Eden Foundation. Likewise, the duo has a son named Nico Marley, born in 1995. He is a former football linebacker. Further, Khawly’s kids share a healthy relationship with their step-father, Jean Paul, and with their half-brother, Stephan Lobey.

Geraldine Khawly’s Relationship With The Legendary Footballer, Rohan Marley

Geraldine Khawly was in a marital relationship with Rohan Marley(Stephen Marley‘s half-brother) from 1993 to 1996. The duo was college sweethearts. They dated for some years and married in 1993. The couple enjoyed their married life for just three years and separated their paths. The reason behind their separation is unknown. Further, the duo separated privately, and many media closets speculated they not to have been separated officially.

As both of them moved on with their partners, they were criticized for getting involved in other relationships without official divorce. In response, Rohan Marley produced a Haitian divorce decree and revealed they had already divorced in 1996.

Geraldine Khawly was previously in a marital relationship with Rohan Marley, a legendary footballer
Geraldine Khawly was previously in a marital relationship with Rohan Marley
SOURCE: Instagram

Besides Geraldine Khawly was in a romantic relationship with musician Lauryn Hill. The duo shared five children named Zion David, Selah Louise, Joshua Omaru, John Nesta and Sara. Later, Marley was engaged to Isabeli Fontana.

Similarly, he is in a marital relationship with Brazilian model Barbara Fialho currently. The duo exchanged marriage vows in 2019 and welcomed a daughter in the same year. To date, there is no news of separation, and the duo is going strong in their relationship. However, the father of eight kids never succeeded in his love life; let’s hope this time he makes it to a long-lasting relationship.

Social Life

Khawly prefers to live a secretive life away from the media cameras. She isn’t active on any social media platforms. Also, she has a very rare public appearance. Further, she might share a healthy relationship with her family members and friends. Moreover, her daughter, Eden Marley, often shares pictures in which we can see their blissful family life.

On the other hand, Jean Pierre Paul is active on his Facebook account, where he often shares a glimpse of his personal and professional life. Unlike his wife, he is a social person and prefers to enjoy media interference. He is often captured with his wife and kids on different platforms.

How Rich Is Geraldine Khawly And Her Husband, Jean Pierre Paul, In 2022?

As revealed earlier, the mother of three has maintained a low-key profile; hence her exact profession and net worth details are missing. As per some tabloids, Khawly is a real estate agent and works with her now-husband, Jean Pierre Paul.

If she is a real estate agent, then she might be earning around $130000 as an average annual salary. Further, she might have got a good amount from Rohan Marley as divorce alimony and child support money. Also, her son, Nico and daughter, Eden, are grown up and earning a decent amount from their respective profession.

Likewise, her current husband, Jean Pierre Paul, seems to be a millionaire. Being an owner of an Investment Group, he might add a hefty amount to his name. Further, the duo seems to have a high-profile life with their earnings.

In addition, Khawly’s ex-spouse, Rohan Marley, has around $20 Million, which he earned from his former football career. Also, he is a successful entrepreneur who has launched many branded products, including Marley Coffee.

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