Francine Valli was the youngest daughter of veteran singer, Frankie Valli, the lead singer of ‘The Four Seasons.’ The 86-year-old witnessed the historic World War II, but he was deeply saddened when he lost his daughter Francine from an unfortunate event. The late-daughter used to be a talented singer as a daughter of such a legendary musician. Let us learn more about Francine and how she died at such a young age.

Francine Valli’s Parents Separated With A Divorce

Being born to a megastar like Frankie Valli meant a life full of riches and all sorts of amenities for her. However, she didn’t enjoy the best childhood as her parents got divorced. In fact, her parents tied the knot in 1954 and conceived two children.

Francine Valli and her sister with father Frankie Valli.
Francine Valli is the youngest daughter of Frankie Valli and his first wife. Source: Pinterest

Just when everything was working out quite well, a storm stuck in Francine’s life. The storm was in the form of several conflicts and fights between her father, Frankie Valli, and mother, Mary Valli. Eventually, the two parted ways with a divorce agreement in 1971. While the 86-year-old singer went on to marry MaryAnn Hannagan and Randy Clohessy, Francine’s mom went on to live a private life, far from the media reach.

Francine Valli Used Sing

Like father, like daughter, Frankie Valli’s youngest offspring from his first marriage was just like himself. Notably, the fact that she had a soothing voice led the diva to walk in her father’s footsteps to become a singer. It was quite a shame that her journey ended before it could even kick-off.

Francine Valli poses for a picture.
Francine Valli died in 1980 due to drug overdose. Source: Pinterest

Although Francine’s professional career couldn’t begin as she died very young, she recorded a few songs while she was alive. You could listen to some of her songs like ‘I Try,’ ‘Street Life,’ and ‘Midnight At The Oasis.’

Francine Valli’s Shocking Death at the Age of 20

Things changed forever in the Valli family, especially for father Frankie Valli in 1980, as Francine Valli left the world. The singer had just lost his step-daughter, Celia, from falling off a fire escape, six months ago. So, the death of his beloved daughter couldn’t come at the right time as it spread deep sadness in the family.

Francine Valli poses with her dad Frankie Valli.
Francine Valli used to sing before she died. Source: Affairpost

Valli’s family members found Francine dead on her house in New Jersey, on August 16, 1980. While there were rumors everywhere on the speculation for the cause of death in the media. Many believed she died of pneumonia or committed suicide. Surprisingly, the actual reason was different as Frankie’s daughter lost her life due to a drug overdose. In fact, she died from complications after taking Quaaludes and alcohol together.

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Valli’s parents should feel responsible for losing their daughter at such a young age because they were aware that Francine used to take drugs. They did try their best by sending her to a rehabilitation center, but that wasn’t enough. It’s a shame that the world lost such a talented singer at a young age.

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