Being a journalist is extremely challenging and demanding, yet Canadian journalist Farah Nasser is someone who makes the job look like a cakewalk. The sole aim of journalism is service, and the Canadian diva completely dedicates himself to the belief and constantly works to give accurate information to the mass audience. She is the epitome of an empowered woman who made her name as the co-anchor of Global Toronto’s 5:30 pm and 6 pm newscast alongside Alan Carter. So, today we bring you close to the personal life, net worth, and career details of Farah Nasser.

Farah Nasser’s Colossal Net Worth

When you are an accomplished journalist like Farah Nasser, there is nothing to worry about in terms of finances and income. Specifically, she gathers a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of July 2020. With such a massive six-figure bank balance, the news anchor enjoys a lavishing lifestyle.

Farah Nasser in a white shirt poses for a picture.
Farah Nasser is the co-anchor of Global Toronto’s newscast. Source: Playback

Interestingly, money was never the motivating factor for Farah Nasser, as she continues to work as the co-anchor of Global Toronto’s newscast. Similarly, with the age factor in her favor, the Canadian’s net worth is bound to grow in the near future. According to estimates, Nasser makes around $38,647 per year, which happens to be the average salary of a news anchor in the United States.

Farah Nasser’s Career As A Journalist

All Farah Nasser earned in terms of money and fame is all the credit of her immense hardwork and nothing else. Talking about her career, she made a significant breakthrough when the reputed Shaw Media hired her as the co-anchor of Global Toronto’s 5:30 pm and 6 pm newscast with fellow reporter Alan Carter. In fact, her previous job at CablePulse 24 in Toronto helped her to strengthen her resume.

Farah Nasser in a black dress poses for a picture.
Farah Nasser amasses a net worth of $500,000. Source: Ismailmail

Getting more into details, Farah Nasser previously anchored Citytv Toronto’s CityNews weekend editions at 6 pm and 11 pm along with Roger Peterson. Surprisingly, she got laid off on January 19, 2010, as the CITY-TV announced cuts to several news programs and staff. That was one of the lowest points of her life as she was the part of a company-wide layoff, which affected 6% of CITY’s staff and many on-air presenters. Despite such struggles, she continues to inspire all the women out there as she kept on burning the midnight oil and got to the top to where she stands today.

Farah Nasser’s Early Life In Brief

Speaking of Farah Nasser’s background, she was born and raised in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. However, she moved to Toronto to achieve her professional endeavors and kickstart her journalism career. In fact, she joined A-Channel News in Barrie to embark upon her professional journey.

Farah Nasser in a black t-shirt poses with a friend.
Farah Nasser moved to Toronto to work as a journalist. Source: Twitter

In 2001, Nasser was just 20 when she landed a summer job with CNN in New Delhi, India. In fact, she was a second-year radio and television student at Ryerson Polytechnic University back then. After that, she moved to London and studied European Media Studies at the University of West Minister. As per a photo caption, she wrote to all the CNN bureau and chose to work in New Delhi on May 14, 2001.

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