Brooke Gladstone is the epitome of woman empowerment, considering her massive success in the field of journalism in the United States. The 65-year-old is best known as a journalist, author, and media analyst. In fact, her followers identify her as the co-host and managing editor of the hit WNYC radio program, ‘On the Media.’ Besides that, Gladstone also rose to global prominence for her contributions in shows like ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘Weekend Edition.’ With her four-decade-long career, the veteran journalist not just amassed a colossal fortune but also rose to fame. So, today we take you close to the details about her net worth, career, and personal life.

Brooke Gladstone’s Enormous Net Worth Makes Her A Millionaire

Speaking about wealth and finances, Brooke Gladstone has nothing to worry about considering her forty-year long career a the top level of the media industry. As the managing editor of ‘On the Media,’ she garners quite a significant amount of wealth, which helps her to expand her bank balance. Specifically, the 65-year-old gathers a whopping net worth figure of $1 million as of July 2020.

Brooke Gladstone in a black t-shirt caught in the camera.
Brooke Gladstone is the managing editor of WNYC radio program On The Media. Source: YouTube

As per estimates from Zip Recruiter, Gladstone earns a massive salary of around $72,347 per year, which happens to be the average pay of a media analyst in the US. Similarly, from her job at the WNYC radio, the talented journalist earns around $47,666, the average salary of a WNYC Radio Host. Thus, with such substantial income and net worth, Brooke affords a lavishing lifestyle. However, money was never the motivation for her, which explains why she keeps on working at her mid-sixties with complete determination like it is her first day.

Brooke Gladstone’s Career In Brief

The only reason why Brooke Gladstone is a household name in the media world today is because of her well-accomplished career. While she works a stable job as the editor and co-host of ‘On the Media’ alongside Bob Garfield, the diva went through a lot of struggles in the past. In she early 1980s. She covered public broadcasting for the industry newspaper Current and reported for Cablevision and The Washington Weekly.

Brooke Gladstone in a green sweater poses for a picture.
Brooke Gladstone was the editor of Weekend Edition. Source: Poynter

Similarly, when she was 32 in 1987, Brooke Gladstone joined National Public Radio as the editor of Weekend Edition. She pushed the ranks immediately, becoming the senior editor of All Things Considered after some time. Later, the 65-year-old reported for NPR from Moscow about the story of the 1993 power struggle, while she was at Russia to study language and history. Her return to the United States saw her return to NPR again as their first media reporter.

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Gladstone signed with WNYC public radio and helped the network relaunch the show ‘on The Media.’ By 2010, the show’s viewership quadrupled and garnered several awards. On an individual level, she won the Peabody Award in 2004 and Overseas Press Club Award.

Brooke Gladstone’s Blissful Married Life

While Brooke Gladstone maybe vocal about her professional endeavors, she prefers to keep a low-profile of her love life. She is a married woman who tied the knot with fellow journalist and author Fred Kaplan in 1983. Introducing you to her husband, he is a columnist for Slate magazine and a writer of several books like Daydream Believers and The Insurgents: David Petraeus.

Brooke Gladstone poses a picture in left.
Brooke Gladstone is the wife of Fred Kaplan. Source; Current

Gladstone and her partner started a family together as she gave birth to twin daughters shortly after their marriage. While her daughters are adults now, she currently lives with her beau in a lavish house in Brooklyn. Surprisingly, Brooke is Jewish.

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