Let’s step into the world of the talented Carlo Imperato! Born on August 3, 1963, in The Bronx, New York City, the big name is an actor and musician who made a name for himself in the popular 1980s TV series Fame. You might remember him as Danny Amatullo, the character who stole our hearts.

But did you know that Carlo’s journey to fame started with a name change? Originally known as Anthony Richard Imperato, he decided to switch to Carlo when he was trying to get his SAG card for acting. It was a small but significant step in his career.

Carlo Imperato’s Net Worth And Lavish Lifestyle

The charming personality Imperato, who worked in the entertainment industry, had an astonishing net worth of $10 million as of 2019. He earned this money through his successful career. On the contrary, another actor Bokeem Woodbine has a net worth of $3 million.

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Carlo Imperato is a versatile actor worth $10 million.

Along with his significant net worth, the Hollywood star lived a luxurious life. According to marriedceleb.com, he spent more than $7 million on extravagant things such as a $500,000 vacation club membership, a $350,000 ring for his spouse, private jet travel, paying off his mortgage, and buying a second home.

It is important to note that the Crazy Love star enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle due to his significant net worth. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that his wealth was acquired through a securities fraud scheme, and he has been convicted of multiple crimes related to this scheme.

What is Carlo Imperato’s Current Relationship Status?

Let’s dive into the romantic life of Friends actor Imperato. Currently, Carlo is happily married to his wife, Angela Imperato, and together they have two children together. But before finding love with gorgeous Angela, Carlo experienced other relationships and even an engagement.

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Carlo Imperato is married to Angela Imperato.

Moreover, the sizzling Carlo and his partner Angela’s love story began when they tied the knot in 2000, surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of New York City. The following year, they shared the joyous news that they were expecting a baby. In 2001, they welcomed their beautiful daughter, Krisha, and in 2002, their lovely son, Vincent, completed their family. Now, the four of them enjoy a blissful life together in New York.

Carlo Imperato Was Married Before Angela Imperato

Before his lovely wife Angela, Imperato had two previous marriages. His first marriage was to Andrea Eck, and they exchanged vows at the charming “Meadowlark Botanical Gardens” venue in Vienna, Virginia. The former duo welcomed a son, Anthony Richard Imperato, into the world. Unfortunately, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their separation and divorce in 1995.

Moreover, the media star’s second marriage was to Kimberly Green, but after three years, they decided to part ways due to misunderstandings in 1998. Before these marriages, the TV personage was engaged to Nia Peeples, an actress he met while working on the set of Fame in 1982. Their engagement lasted for a while but ultimately came to an end in 1987.

Through it all, the 59-year-old star’s current marriage with Angela is a testament that celebrities can have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. They continue to inspire their fans with their strong bond and happy family life in New York.

Dancing into the Limelight: Carlo Imperato’s Rise to Fame

Get ready to be entertained because we’re diving into the world of Imperato, an awesome American actor who stole the spotlight with his role as Danny Amatullo in the super cool TV series Fame back in 1982. Likewise, the star’s journey to fame started when he was just fifteen years old. He got his start on Broadway, showing off his talent in the musical Working. Talk about starting big!

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Carlo Imperato has appeared in Friends. Source: IMDb

After his Broadway success, the stunning actor made his way to the small screen. He made his debut in the ABC-TV series Angie, although it didn’t last very long. But don’t worry, that didn’t stop him! Soon after, he got the role that would make him famous—Danny in Fame. He danced and acted his way into our hearts! also, get to know about Liv Cowherd.

Since his time in Fame, Carlo has had an amazing career in both television and film. You might have spotted him in some of your favorite shows like Friends, Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour, and The New Hollywood Squares. And guess what? He’s been in movies too, like Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, Crazylove, and Face to Face. Carlo knows how to shine on the big and small screens!

However, here’s the really exciting part. The media personality got together with his Fame castmates for a special concert to celebrate the show’s 35th anniversary. They rocked the stage, performing hit songs from the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series, all for a great cause. The concert was a benefit for The Actors Fund, an organization that helps people in the performing arts during tough times. What a way to give back!

To add more, Imperato is not just an amazing actor, but he’s also a talented musician. He’s released hit records and performed at sold-out concerts. He’s a true example of hard work and dedication, inspiring today’s actors all around the world. Carlo is a star on stage and screen, and his journey is far from over. Keep shining, Carlo!

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