Korie Koker, born on August 8th, 1965, is a spunky lady hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. She had a cool upbringing in Chicago and even rocked a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting. Korie’s journey in the entertainment world kicked off as a Camera Operator at a local TV station. Talk about being behind the scenes!

But that’s not all—the 57-year-old celeb’s passion for music led her to join a rock band as the lead vocalist. She belted out some killer tunes, but sadly, the band broke up after a short while. Despite that, Korie’s zest for life and diverse experiences have shaped her into the dynamic personality she is today.

Behind the Cameras: Korie and Danny’s Love Journey in Vegas

Koker is the awesome partner of TV personality Danny Koker, famous for his work on the exciting reality show “Counting Cars.” They’ve been in a loving relationship for more than ten years when the duo walked down the aisle in 2015 in a private wedding.

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Korie Koker is married to Danny Koker. Source: Instagram@korie4rock

When it comes to expressing their love, Korie and her partner Danny don’t hold back! The love birds shower each other with sweet messages on social media, letting the world know how much they mean to one another. They’re also partners in their restaurant, and the gorgeous lady takes charge as the Director of Entertainment. With her love for rock music and her keen eye for talent, she effortlessly rocks her job.

As for whether the celebrity couple has children, it’s a mystery. The couple hasn’t spilled the beans about their parenthood plans, so it’s unclear if they have little ones running around. see another celeb, Caroline Stanbury.

However, here’s what we do know: Pawn Stars alum Danny and his wife make an incredible team. They’ve been together for more than a decade, and their love is still going strong. They’re both successful in their respective businesses and their affection for each other is on full display. They’re inseparable and prove that they’re even better when they’re together.

Korie Koker Is A Social Media Influencer

The pretty woman Korie is quite a social media enthusiast! You can find her active on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Instagram, the media personality has an impressive following of over 2.7 thousand loyal fans with the username @korie4rock.

In the same way, over on Twitter, the star spouse gathered quite a following too, with over 4.2 thousand followers with the username @KorieKoker. She loves to keep her followers updated on her husband’s work and concerts, as well as share her own interests and hobbies.

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Korie Koker is media sensation. Source: Instagram@korie4rock

Nevertheless, Korie’s social media presence goes beyond personal updates. She’s a big advocate for important causes. The TV star uses her platforms to promote philanthropic efforts, especially those supporting veterans’ organizations and animal rescue. It’s heartwarming to see her making a difference and raising awareness for these important causes.

In addition to her charitable endeavors, the stunning lady has a personal story of strength and resilience. As a breast cancer survivor, she uses her social media platforms to advocate for cancer research and treatment. She’s a true inspiration, spreading awareness and sharing her journey to support others who may be going through similar experiences.

Let’s Have Some Closure At Korie Koker’s Astonishing Net Worth

In 2019, Koker’s net worth was estimated to be over $1 million, which is quite impressive! The gorgeous lady and her beau Danny, the proud owners of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. If you’re a fan of rock music, this place is a dream come true!

Moreover, the loving pair offer delicious food alongside the best tunes, creating the perfect junction for rock music lovers. But that’s not all they own! They also run Count’s Tattoo Company, a happening tattoo parlor, and Kustom Auto Repair Business, where they fix up cars.

Now, let’s talk about Koker. You might recognize him from the popular TV series called “The Counting Cars.” With all his hard work and business ventures, his net worth is estimated to be a whopping $13 million! Talk about success! In fact, he earns a cool $100,000 for each episode of “The Counting Cars.

How Is Korie Koker’s Professional Life?

The big-name Korie is a woman of many talents and accomplishments. She started her career in the television industry, working behind the scenes as a camera operator and production coordinator. She even had a taste of the spotlight as a singer in a rock band. But her journey didn’t end there.

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Korie Koker is multitaleneged lady. Source: Instagram@korie4rock

After meeting her husband, the famous TV personality Danny, the celebrity wife embarked on a new adventure as a successful businesswoman. Together, they opened Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, a vibrant venue that brings together great food and fantastic rock music.

Korie’s role involves curating the talent and bringing in amazing bands to perform at the bar. It’s a place where rock enthusiasts can gather, enjoy live music, and have a great time. Also, get to know about Season Hubley.

But the love mates’ entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. Koker and Saturday Fright at the Movies star are also proud owners of Count’s Tattoo Company, a popular tattoo parlor, and Kustom Auto Repair Business, specializing in customizing and repairing cars and motorcycles.

Embracing Beauty and Health: The Inspiring Journey of Korie Koker

Well, Korie is undeniably attractive with her striking features. She has gorgeous black hair and captivating dark brown eyes. While her exact height remains unknown, she is estimated to stand around 5 feet 7 inches tall (176 cm). With a slim figure and body measurements of 33-27-32, she truly knows how to rock her stunning physique. It’s estimated that she weighs around 57 kg (125 lbs).

But it’s not just her looks that make the sizzling lady stand out. She has an impeccable sense of style that turns heads. You’ll often find her donning fashionable and trendy outfits that beautifully complement her figure. And let’s not forget her love for jewelry! She enjoys adding statement pieces that bring an extra touch of glamour to her overall look.

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