Bobby Parrish is married to his wife Dessi Parrish, an emerging artist with oil on canvas as her preferred medium. Dessi Parrish is famous as the co-founder of the popular Youtube channel FlavCity. The couple posts creative, healthy recipes every week.

Bobby acts in front of the camera and talks about food recipes. Dessi does most of the production, filming, editing, and photography for their channel. She captured all recipes for the Keto Meal Prep book. The couple helps each other in work. Now, let’s talk about their relationship.

Bobby Parrish and Dessi Parrish Married Life

Dessi Parrish is romantically wedded to the founder and creator of FlavCity Bobby Parris. The couple made things official by tying a knot back in 1986. Bobby is mainly known as Youtuber who uploads a video about food recipes. Bobby’s Wife shares a two-bedroom condo in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband.

Dess's family celebrating Christmas and clicking photo in front of Christmas tree.
Dessi and his husband Bobby with her baby girl Rosy.
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After a long time of marriage, the couple is blessed with a daughter named Rose Honey. Rose was born at eight years gap that is on June 8, 2019. The pair announced they were expecting their first child together on May 27, 2019, on the occasion of the baby shower. The baby girl is two years old as of 2021.

Like most celebrities, Dessi Parrish tries to keep her personal and love life private. She hadn’t shared her past relationship. Currently, she is living a happy life with her husband and baby girl.

Who is Dessi Parrish?

Dessi Parrish was born and raised in Bulgaria. She holds a Bulgarian Nationality, but she is forced to be christened secretly as her religion and spirituality were frowned upon. The details about her parents and background have been excused from the media for privacy concerns as of now.

Dessi Parrish is a passionate home cook who went to the best culinary school around: his mom’s kitchen. He wanted to be on the Food Network badly, and, when they rejected his application for the next Food Network star, he decided to start a YouTube channel.
Dessi Parrish is eating mango in a farm.
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Bulgarian girl Dessi is a well-educated woman who studied Computer Science and Math degrees for six years. After that, she decided to plunge into the vibrant and unknown world of art and quench her thirst for creativity.

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After she graduated from high school, she came to the US in 1999 to make her dream came true. Miss Parris says she is inspired mostly by Asian and Buddhist Themes. She is living in Chicago for 14 years.

Dessi is a good author as well as a fine cook. For example, she had written two best-selling cookbooks, including the ingredient Semi-homemade and Keto Meal City. Dessi’s every book is set at $12.99 and made available on amazon.

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