Dessi Parrish is widely popular as the co-creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity. She and her husband Bobby Parrish posts creative healthy recipes on a weekly basis. Fans are really eager to know about her professional life but what about Dessi’s personal life and lifestyle.

Let’s learn more about Dessi Parris in detail.

Dessi Parrish Is Married to Bobby Parris For One Decade

Dessi Parrish is happily married to a fellow culinary artist Bobby Parris since August 16, 2011. Most notably, He is best known for throwing magnificent dinner parties. She shares a two-bedroom condo in Chicago, Illinois with her husband Bobby Parris.

Dessi Parris, married to chef Bobby Parris.
Dessi Parris and her husband Bobby Parris married for nearly 8 years.
Source: Twitter

The Parris duo is blessed with a daughter named Rose Honey born on June 8, 2019. The pair announced they were expecting their first child together on May 27, 2019, on the occasion of the baby shower.

What Does Dessi Parrish Do For Living?

Dessi has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She makes a huge income from her career as a culinary artist and cookbook author. The Parris duo uploads creative healthy recipes weekly on YouTube through which they make millions.

Speaking of how the pair balances their professional life, Dessi does most of the production, filming, editing, and photography. Moreover, she styled and captures all recipes for the Keto Meal Prep book. Dessi’s “Flavcity” was founded as a passion project for both of them.

Dessi Parris is a mom to daughter Rose Honey.
Dessi Parris , husband Bobby and daughter Rose.
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At the time, the blonde beauty continued working in the corporate world as a Project Manager for while until they focused full time on FlavCity.

All in all, the FlavCity brand earned over a million followers around the globe across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and blog. Surprisingly enough, Dessi is good at painting, one can find her art on

Dessi Parrish Cookbook Author

Dessi Parrish is not just a good cook but a fine author as well. For instance, she has written two bestselling cookbooks including Ingredient Semi-homemade and Keto Meal City. In addition to that, each of the books is kindled at $12.99 and made available on amazon.

Dessi Parrish Short Bio

Dessi Parrish was born and raised in Bulgaria. She grew up in an environment where her expression and originality were not accepted. She was forced to be christened secretly as her religion and spirituality were frowned upon.

Dessi Parris, married to chef Bobby Parris.
Dessi Parris, husband Bobby Parris Works on FlavCity
Source: Twitter

Talking about her childhood dream, Dessi moved to the U.S. in 1999 to chase her career. Miss Parris says she is inspired mostly by Asian and Buddhist themes.

Parrish decided to make a move into the vibrant and unknown world of art and quench her thirst for creativity after six years of computer science and Mathematics degrees.

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