Many people on Twitter are curious to learn over speculation that Aaron Taylor Johnson is getting a divorce from his wife Sam regardless of being zero evidence to suggest this is the reason.

Aaron Johnson and Sam taylor are together for over ten years.
Aaron Johnson allegedly divorce Sam Taylor Johnson,
Source: Twitter

People share memes of themselves getting overwhelmed about the prospect of dating Aaron Johnson, who’s also known as Robbie from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. However, this is definitely just a hoax because Aaron and his spouse Sam Taylor Johnson have sold their home. And, neither of the duos has responded to the rumors.

This speculation seems to have begun on Twitter, but it’s unclear which account spread the rumor. The rumors rose from the sale of their mansion, which was listed for approximately $7.5 million in March 2021.

Aaron Johnson officially tied a knot with Sam Taylor in June 2012.
Aaron Johnson attends the movie premiere with Sam Taylor.

People do not require a divorce to sell their residence, and they’re probably looking for a spacious house for themselves and their two children. Both Aaron and Sam are working together on a new movie Rothko, so there are fewer signs of them breaking up.

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Aaron Johnson met his wife Sam Taylor while auditioning for Nowhere Boy in 2008. Aaron played the assassinated member of The Beatles and was directed by Sam, whose last name was Taylor Wood. Even though the two already developed feelings for one another instantly, they didn’t act upon them unless the movie concluded.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Aaron said, “We were very professional through the entire film. No funny business at all.” In September 2008, Sam finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, art dealer Jay Jopling.

Before Sam and Aaron went on a date, the Young cast told the film director he intended to marry her. In October of 2009, the pair were engaged and went public with the news at the Nowhere Boy premiere.

Aaron Johnson married Sam Taylor Johnson in 2012.
Aaron Johnson. Sam Taylor Johnson. their two kids.
Source: Pinterest

In July 2010, Sam Taylor Johnson had her first child with husband Aaron Johnson, a baby girl Wylda Rae with Aaron Johnson. Later that year, Sam announced that Aaron is a big-time family man in another interview with Harper Bazaar. She added, “Aaron wished for kids before anything started between us. He was clear about wanting a family. We hardly go out now, it’s just us.”

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In January 2012, Sam Taylor Johnson and Aaron Johnson welcomed a daughter Romy Hero. In June 2012, the pair officially tied a knot. They opted for a church ceremony in Somerset, England. They held a reception at the Babington House. At the same time, the duo tried to keep their marriage mysterious. Rumors swirled about Elton John and Beyonce attended their wedding.

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