While some people are famous for their work, some become famous for being affiliated with them. Wanda Hutchins is listed in the same category as she is the ex-wife of footballer Michael Strahan. The former player from the New York Giants achieved it all in his professional life with a Super Bowl Championship and multiple Pro Bowls. Surprisingly, his personal life has seen him with a fair share of women. Let’s see how things go between him and Wanda Hutchins.

Wanda Hutchins: Married and Divorced Michael Strahan

The celebrity ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, is known for her marriage with the football star. Getting into it, then she fell in love with Michael Strahan way back in the early 1990s and dated quite a few times. Eventually, they decided to get married and exchanged their vows in a lavish wedding ceremony in 1991.

Wanda Hutchins and her ex-husband Michael Strahan with their kids pose for  a picture.
Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan parted ways with a divorce in 1996. Source: Zimbio

As they tied the knot in the holy matrimony, Hutchins and Strahan looked to start a family together. Consequently, they became parents to two children, a daughter Tanita Strahan, and a son Michael Anthony Strahan.

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Just when everything looked perfect for the couple, a storm struck their relationship with several conflicts. Thus, Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins decided to part ways with a divorce in 1996. Following the divorce, the first wife went on to live a private life, far from the media hype. On the other hand, Strahan went on to marry Jean Muggli in 1999, only for another controversial divorce in July 2006. Furthermore, the footballer got engaged to Nicole Mitchell, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, only to break up in 2014.

Wanda Hutchins: Net Worth Details

As an ex-wife of a star player like Michael Strahan, who happens to be extremely rich, Wanda Hutchins has a huge possibility to amass a colossal net worth. Unfortunately, her net worth details aren’t disclosed yet, mainly because she went completely underground following the divorce. However, there is a high chance she received a significant amount of paychecks after parting ways with Strahan as spousal support.

Wanda Hutchins in a black top and pant poses with her daughter.
Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Wanda Hutchins poses with her daughter. Source: Citisafe Singapore

So, as per the estimates, the ex-wife of Michael Strahan owns a staggering net worth of $2 million. On the other hand, her former beau and the retired footballer owns a colossal sum of $65 million in terms of net worth.

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Following the divorce, the footballer did work on giving his ex-wife and children a proper household. Thus, Strahan moved them to the United States and bought them a house in Houston. He purchased the house for $163,000 in the same neighborhood, where his parents lived as well.

Wanda Hutchins: Early Life

It is no surprise that Wanda Hutchins was a normal human being before getting married to the footballer. It was following her marriage with Michael Strahan that everybody came to know about her and made her some sort of celebrity as well. However, as they parted ways in 1996, things were back to normal as Hutchins went low-key yet again.

Wanda Hutchins in a black top poses for a picture.
Wanda Hutchins owns an estimated net worth of $2 million. Source: Pinterest

Hutchins always preferred to keep the details of her early life and childhood under the radar. Similarly, she doesn’t reveal much about her life post-divorce and whether she is seeing anyone else or not. In fact, she prioritized raising her children to become better persons in the future as Strahan was mostly out playing football.

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