Tyler Adkisson is an American journalist who works as a reporter and anchor for Newsy. He reports and anchors morning news of mid-Missouri NPR station. Prior to joining Newsy, he was working as an anchor and reporter for NPR affiliate station KBIA. If you are curious to learn more about Tyler’s professional life as well as his personal life in the section below!

How is Tyler Adkisson’s Personal Life Going on? What is His Relationship Status?

Like almost every journalist in the US, Tyler Adkisson also lives an extremely secretive lifestyle. At this time, our guess on his relationship status is as good as yours.

Tyler Adkisson is likely not married q
Tyler Adkisson relationship status is a mystery due to his secretive lifestyle. Source: Newsy

The little information on the Newsy reporter’s life is also due to the fact his less presence on social media. He has put his Instagram on private, and he only shares things exclusively about his works on his Twitter account. Therefore, for now, his relationship status is a mystery to us all.

Tyler Adkisson works as a digital content producer
Tyler Adkisson is a talented journalist working for Newsy in Chicago, Illinois.

Adkisson is usually busy preparing for his hectic works schedule, but in his free time, he likes to spend quality time with his family and friends. Hopefully, he is happy and content with his life.

Tyler Adkisson’s Net Worth And Career in Journalism

Tyler Adkisson has a net worth of $300,000 from his career as a journalist. As someone working in various media fields for many years, he surely earns a good salary.

The Missouri University graduate began his career by working as a news anchor for NPR affiliate station KBIA. He worked as a hub editor while gathering stories from freelancers, station reporters, and regional NPR stations in Columbia, Missouri.

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Right now, Tyler is working for Newsy as a science and technology reporter and digital content producer, where he joined in March 2013. His tasks at Newsy include researching, editing, writing, and anchoring his self-created contents focused on the intersection of Social Media and it’s real-life sociological effects.

Early Life And Education

Tyler Adkisson was born in Missouri, United States. As for his education, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. According to his Linkedin account, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

While doing his Master at Missouri, he started his journalism career working as a news anchor in KBIA in August 2014. Moreover, he also wrote news articles for KCUR 89.3, a flagship NPR station of Missouri Univeristy.

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