Tulip Victoria Khaury is the daughter of the late Tiny Tim, a renowned ukulele player and singer, and his wife, Victoria Budinger, also known as Miss Vicky. At 52 years old, Tulip is recognized for her connection to Tiny Tim, but she has also lived a life of her own.

Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Wiki/ Bio

Tulip Victoria Khaury, born on May 10, 1971, in New York City, is the daughter of the late Tiny Tim, an American singer, ukulele player, and music archivist, and Victoria Mae Budinger, who is also known as Miss Vick.

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Tulip Victoria Khaury is the only daughter of Tiny Tim.

Moreover, the celebrity kid Tulip Khaury, now 52 years old, is of Caucasian ethnicity, with a mix of Lebanese and Jewish Belarusian heritage. However, there are no details regarding her education and early life in the media.

How Is Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Married Life?

The star daughter Khaury likes to keep her life private. However, her mom, Lombardi, once revealed that she is married in an interview. Also, get to know about Peggy Trentini‘s love l;ife.

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Tulip Victoria Khaury is a mother of four children.

Meanwhile, the media personality was previously married to Mr. Willie Stewart, and they have four kids – three daughters (Cherise, Jade, and Zharia) and a son named Trey. She had her first child when she was 16, and it’s not clear if the love mates were married at the time. They had a happy family life for some years but eventually got divorced.

Now, the pretty woman is married to Edward Alfredo, but there isn’t much public information about their relationship. The now-couple lives a blissful marital life with no rumors of conflict or separation.

About Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Parents’ Controversial Marriage

Well, Tulip is the daughter of the late Tiny Tim, a famous musician known for his unique singing style. Her parents, Tiny Tim and Vicki Budinger, had a remarkable wedding that was broadcast on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, watched by 45 million viewers.

Likewise, the musician Tiny, who was 37, and Vicki, who was just 17, had a significant age difference when they got married, which stirred controversy and criticism. However, the former love birds decided to proceed with the wedding, which was televised nationally.

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Tulip Victoria Khaury’s parents on their wedding day.

Despite the celebrity duo’s memorable wedding, their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced on October 24, 1977. Following their divorce, Tiny married two more times with Jan Alweiss and Susan Marie Gardner, while the star wife Budinger also remarried multiple times.

Who Was Tiny Tim?

Tiny Tim, whose real name was Herbert Butros Khaury, was a unique American singer and ukulele player. He became famous in the late 1960s with his catchy song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” He was born in Manhattan, New York City, in 1932 to parents from different places – his mom was a Polish-Jewish garment worker, and his dad worked with textiles and was from Beirut.

Moreover, the big name’s big break came when he appeared on a TV show called “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” in 1968. His performance of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” became a big hit and made him famous. He had more hits like “Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight” and even a Grammy-nominated album of children’s songs called “For All My Little Friends.” See another media star, Brad Garrett.

What made Tim really stand out was his high-pitched voice and his unique appearance, with long curly hair. In the 1960s, he was quite different from what people were used to, but his old-style songs made people like him. He was also quite a showman and even got married on TV in 1969.

Further, the renowned name’s career ended when he passed away on November 30, 1996, at 64 years old due to a heart attack, but people still remember him. In 2013, they found one of his songs that had never been released and put it on an old-style music player called an Edison wax cylinder.

In 2016, the household name fan released an album of his unreleased music called “Tiny Tim’s America.” They also found his diaries in an Arkansas basement and turned them into a book called “Eternal Troubadour: The Improbable Life of Tiny Tim” in 2016.

Where Is Tulip Victoria Khaury Now?

The gorgeous Victoria Khaury lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and has a job at Avalon Holding Corporation. She works to remember and honor her dad’s work. There’s a cool documentary about her dad called “Tiny Tim – King for a Day” that she helped with. It came out in 2020 and people liked it.

Even though her dad was famous, the lovely woman liked to keep a low profile. She is not active on major social media platforms including Instgaram, Facebook, and Twitter. The star kid prefers to keep her private life away from the media attention.

What Does Tulip Victoria Khaury Do For Living?

The 52-year-old Khaury’s career isn’t widely recognized, but as per available information, she is employed as a member services associate at Avalon Holding Corporation. Avalon is a company that offers waste management services to large-scale clients, including government, municipal, industrial, and commercial customers.

Moreover, ten celebrity daughter’s mother, known as Miss Vicki, worked tirelessly, juggling three jobs to provide for her daughter after her parents’ divorce. She worked as a go-go dancer at Minnie’s Lounge and even posed nude in an eight-page feature in Oui magazine. In time, Tim, Tulip’s father, stepped in to assist both Tulip and her mother, attempting to make amends with his family and rebuild his relationship with his daughter and ex-wife.

What Is Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Net Worth?

The stunning lady Tulip is well-known because she’s the child of a famous parent and enjoys a comfortable life. While we don’t know much about her net worth her father Tim, had about $250,000 when he passed away in 1996.

After her dad’s passing, the gorgeous Victoria inherited approximately $30 million. This money came from the properties he owned and the money he earned from his songs. Her dad was a famous musician who appeared a lot on TV and in the media. That’s why Tulip became a known face as well.

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