Searching for a perfect example for the quote, “Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife'” then you are on the right page. How? Well, we are about to share everything the internet has on a lady who is a perfect fit for that quote. Indeed, we are. We will be talking about the woman who is the reason behind the successful professional and personal life of PBS’s journalist William Brangham. If you guys read our article, you know to whom he is married. She’s none other than his long time girlfriend turn wife Tory Brangham. With her, William succeeded in maintaining a balance between his private life and career. Further, the duo also shares three beautiful children. Let’s delve more about Tory in this article.

Tory Brangham’s Low-Profile Status Covers Many Things Linked with Her Love-Life

Before we go any further, let us explain to you guys that Tory Brangham loves her privacy; therefore, not much about her is available. Further, to make things worse, her Instagram account isn’t accessible until and unless she approves, as that account is set private.

Tory Brangham tied the knot with a journalist, William Brangham.
Tory Brangham alongside her spouse William Brangham.
Photo Source: Instagram of William Brangham

Regardless of all, Tory’s married life with her long-time lover William Brangham is somewhat open to the world. We know she’s part of her husband’s spotlight only because her marital part of her life is clear to the public; however, it’s not perfectly clear, though!

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All internet has on her married life is that before walking down the aisle with her spouse, William, she dated him for many years. Yes, they took the time to know each other. After knowing one another pretty well, they began their married life.

Tory and William Brangham are Parents to Their Three Kids

Despite Tory and William Brangham’s low-profile love story, it’s no secret that they are parents to their three kids. You read it right. They expanded their family with three children.

Despite Tory and William Brangham’s low-profile regarding their love story, it’s no secret that they are parents to their three kids.
Brangham’s couple are blessed with three beautiful children.
Photo Source: Wiki Net Worth

The beautiful couple gave birth to two cute sons and an adorable daughter. Indeed, they are raising two baby boys, and a baby girl and are doing pretty good. Currently, the Brangham family resides in the Washington, D.C. area.

Brangham’s Children Love Soccer

As noted by Information Cradle, Tory’s children are Soccer enthusiasts.

All of them love to play football. However, in one of William’s articles featured by Tory, which focuses on concussion risk in soccer, it made them concerned. Their concerns received fuel when their personal doctor Dr. Richard Flyer suggested their eldest son Jack quit soccer.

Regardless of Tory and William’s concern, their kids still kick the ball in the field. Indeed, they still play and enjoy playing soccer.

Tory Brangham’s Beau William Has a Six-Figure Net Worth

As Tory Brangham chose to keep her career path private and away from the media, there isn’t anything to talk about. Thus, this means her professional life hides behind the curtain, and so does her financial status.

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Nevertheless, we all know by now, Tory tied the knot with a journalist. Her beau William currently works as a correspondent for the PBS NewsHour. And if we talk about his net worth, he holds an estimated net worth of $500,000, as of 2020.

Tory Brangham lover William holds an estimated net worth of $500,000, as of 2020.
Tory soulmate William has a six-figure net worth.
Photo Source: PBS

Yes, Tory’s husband William has a six-figure net worth, which they share and use to raise their children towards a bright future.

To whom is Tory Brangham Married?

Tory Brangham tied the knot with the PBS NewsHour correspondent William Brangham.

Where does Tory Brangham resides?

The mother of three Tory Brangham resides in Washington, D.C. area with her husband and kids.

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