Jana Donlin is famous mainly because she’s married to Derrick Levasseur. He’s a well-known American TV star and cop who became popular after winning the “Big Brother” reality show season 16 in 2014.

Is Jana Donlin Married?

Yes, Jana is married to Derrick Levasseur. They dated for a while before getting married on April 30, 2011, in a small wedding with only close friends and family. They haven’t shared much about how they met or other details about their relationship with the media.

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Since the love mates got married, Derrick and his wife Jana have been happily together, and there haven’t been any rumors about them getting divorced or having affairs. While Derrick might have dated other people before, he hasn’t talked about those relationships.

Mother Of Two

Derrick Levasseur is a happy dad to two daughters named Tenley Rose and Peyton. We don’t know their exact birth dates right now. The whole Levasseur family lives happily together in the United States.

Jana Donlin’s Early Life

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific information about Jana Donlin’s early life or education from the search results. So, we don’t know what she did before meeting Derrick or how they met. Similarly, there isn’t much information available about Derrick Levasseur’s upbringing or childhood, except that he was born in Providence, Rhode Island.

Derrick Levasseur was born on February 3, 1984, in Providence, Rhode Island. He went to college on a baseball scholarship and later got a Master’s Degree in Business Management. Before he started his TV career, he worked as a police officer in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He became famous after winning Season 16 of Big Brother in 2014.

Who Is Derrick Levasseur? Why Is He Famous?

Derrick Levasseur is a well-known personality, mainly recognized for his television appearances. He gained fame after winning Season 16 of the reality TV show “Big Brother.”

Born on February 3, 1984, in Providence, Rhode Island, Derrick initially worked as a police officer in Central Falls, Rhode Island, before venturing into the entertainment industry.

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His strategic gameplay and adept social skills on “Big Brother” captivated audiences and led him to victory. Derrick’s ability to form alliances and make calculated moves earned him widespread admiration and made him one of the most memorable contestants in the show’s history.

Following his success on “Big Brother,” Derrick continued to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry. He appeared on various television programs, participated in speaking engagements, and authored a book. Beyond his television career, Derrick remains active in law enforcement and has used his platform to advocate for causes related to criminal justice reform and police-community relations.

In essence, Derrick Levasseur rose to fame through his strategic gameplay on “Big Brother” and has since established himself as a respected figure in both the entertainment industry and law enforcement community.

Physical Appearances

She is currently 34 years old and was born under the sign of Aquarius. As a model, she’s tall, standing at 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm), and weighs 139 pounds (63 kg).

In the fashion world, it’s clear she has a slim, attractive body. Additionally, she has deep blue eyes, long brown hair, and a tanned complexion.

How Is Jana Donlin’s Professional Life?

Janna started working right after finishing high school. She didn’t become a model straight away; instead, she took up various temporary jobs. One of her favorite jobs was working as a receptionist at a senior home.

Later, she worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. But after about a year, her whole team got laid off because there were too many workers. Alongside her job, she also competed in National Physique Committee competitions for three years, starting in 2008. She won six times and got trophies, which made her quite famous and attracted a lot of attention. People admired her bikini body, and she got chances to promote small brands.

In 2011, she decided to switch from being a swimwear model to a fitness model. It was tough at first, but she got used to it with time.

After winning parts of each competition, she decided to make fitness her full-time career. In an interview, she shared her feelings, saying, “After that first show, I realized that fitness and nutrition were my absolute passions, so I decided to quit my job as a pharmaceutical rep and become a personal trainer and nutritional therapist!”

Net Worth Collection

There’s no doubt that people like Janna can quickly gather many fans and followers. They inspire others and hope for a better future. Janna, as we mentioned before, does a lot of things like modeling, being a fitness expert, and being a nutritionist.

Because of her work, she has a lot of fans and makes a good amount of money. Janna’s net worth is around $1.5 million as of February 2024. Derrick Levasseur, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million as of 2024. He earned this money mainly through his TV appearances, but we don’t know the exact amount.

As a popular TV personality, he also earns money from endorsing products and doing advertisements for different brands. Even though we don’t know his exact salary, some online sources say the average salary for a TV personality in the US is about $208,000 a year. Derrick might be earning something similar.

Derrick works hard, so it’s likely his net worth and salary will keep going up in the future. He lives a comfortable and happy life with his family in the United States.

Social Media Life

Jana has 698,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 followers on Twitter. Those are the social media sites she uses.

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