Beau Mirchoff is a Canadian actor who has been widely recognized for his performance in the TV series Good Trouble as Jamie Hunter. Likewise, he has also played in TV series like Ride overboard, Awkward, and I’m Dying Up Here.

Mirchoff was introduced to the world on the 13th of January, 1989, in Seattle, Washington. He moved to his family’s house located in British Columbia of, Canada, two days after his birth. He possesses dual citizenship, one from Canada and the other from America. From an early age, Mirchoff was an acting enthusiast and thus started taking acting classes at the age of 13.

Likewise, he completed his graduation from Mount Douglas secondary school.

Net Worth

Beau Mirchoff is in the possession of a great sum of wealth summing $2 Million approximately. He has acquired this staggering net worth from his acting career.

He has been working in the acting field since 2003 and has been involved in a lot of movies and series which has helped him to generate a good sum of wealth. Ride overboard, Awkward, I’m Dying Up Here, and Good trouble are some of his credits.

Likewise, he has also been a director and producer of Awkward and Camp sunshine respectively. With all this fortune, Mirchoff is living a blessed life.

Relationship Status

Beau Mirchoff is dating Jenny Meinen and the couple began their dating life in 2011. They have not hidden their relationship like most celebrities.

Beau Mirchoff and his girlfriend Jennie Mienen
Beau Mirchoff and his girlfriend Jenny Meinen
source: Instagram @beau_mirchof

The love birds have stayed in a relationship for decades now and have not made any headlines with their disputes. They are yet to take their relationship to next level.

Apparently, the couple does not want to rush for tying things and just wants to enjoy the moment. As a loving duo, Mirchoff and Mason enjoy each other’s company and go to beautiful destinations together whenever they got time.

They have shared their beautiful memories together on their respective social media platforms.

In addition to this, prior to dating Jeanie, Mrichoff was rumored to have been romantically linked with his co-actor Ashley Rickard, however, it was not clarified.

Family Background

Mirchoff family had located themselves in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His family consists of his parents and siblings. His father Bill Mirchoff was a Podriatist based in California and has treated many ankle and feet, related patients.

Simialrly, Mirchoff’s mother Kelley Mirchoff is a full-time homemaker from Washington state. His family was economically stable and he did not have to face struggle during his childhood and received a quality upbringing.


Beau was not the only child of Bill and Kelley but was raised alongside his siblings Luke and Reanna. Luke is an older brother of Beau and he is a Lacrosse player.

Besides this, no other information has been disclosed by the Good Trouble actor about his siblings.

Rumored To Be Gay

Many Mirchoff fans across the globe did not believe that was straight. The Apocalypse Now actor was rumored to be gay after his appearance in the show where he had an interest in a gay friend.

Likewise, In Teen Wolf, the show supported LGBTQ and displayed gay and lesbians which created confusion about sexuality of Mirchoff.

Girlfriend – Jenny Meinen

Beau Mirchoff’s girlfriend Jenny Meinen is a psychologist by profession and is a coach to empower women. On her Instagram, she shares some tips and tricks that would help to uplift and motivate people and do self-heal.

Beau Mirchoffs girlfriend Jenny Meinen
Beau Mirchoff’s girlfriend Jenny Meinen
source: Instagram @jennymeinen

Likewise, Meinen is also a horse rider and horse whisperer. She loves her horse and is seen riding it every time she has got the free time. Likewise, she also practices yoga and deeply cares about her physical appearance, fitness, and mental health.

Talking about Jenny’s personal information, she was born on the 20th of May. However, her birth year is not disclosed. She recently got her second master’s degree in 2022.

Took Acting Course At The Age of 13

As an acting enthusiast, Mirchoff decided to enhance his acting skills by taking some acting courses. By the age of thirteen, he was already attending classes in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Good trouble actor had to struggle for reaching to his acting institute. He had to spend two hours on a ferry boat to reach the mainland of British Columbia from Vancouver Island and after that, an additional hour bus tour was required to reach his destination.

After he relocated to Los Angelos in the February of 2009, Mirchoff did not have to go through all that trouble and started his acting classes at Michael Woolson Studio. Now, he teaches acting in the same institute.

Knows Horse Riding

On the 6th of September 2020, Beau bought himself a brown horse and learned to ride it. His love for his horse can be seen through his posts as he constantly spends time with his horse.

Beau Mirchoff riding horse
Beau Mirchoff riding horse
source: Instagram @beau_mirchoff

Both Mirchoff and his lover love to ride the horse. His horse participates in professional horse racing.

Interest In Riding Bull

Beau has expressed his interest in riding a bull. He has also said that many people did not know about this but he got interested in becoming a bull rider in the May of 2022.

The actor was seen in a bull riding outfit with safety pads ready for the ride. He said he enjoyed the moment and it was a lot of fun.

Mirchoff Will Be Starring In Ride Alongside Nancy Travis

The TV series Ride is ongoing shooting currently and is set to be released on 2023. This series revolves around the story of a multigenerational family struggling to keep their beloved ranch afloat.

The Hallmark channel is going to launch this Rhodeo series and has cast famed actors like Beau Mirchoff, Nancy Travis, Sara Garcia, Jake Foy, and Tyler Jacob Moore.

As a horse lover, Beau has landed a perfect series to showcase his talent both as an actor and as a horse rider.

Good Trouble Season 5 is Renewed

The network Freeform is preparing for season 5 of the well-liked show. During Freeform’s virtual Television Critics Association, it announced that the Fosters spinoff had been renewed for Season 5.

Since Maia Mitchell and Ostar Beau Mirchoff, the show’s original cast members, left, the show is presently airing the first half of its fourth season, which premiered in March. 

Mirchoff As An Actor

Beau Mirchoff is in the acting industry for a long time. As a kid, he was an acting practitioner which helped him to enhance his skill as a great actor.

He made his debut in the acting industry with the TV series Romeo which was released in 2003. Mirchoff played the role of Chase in the series. After three years he landed a movie Scary Movie 4 in which he appeared as Robbie.

Beau Mrichoff as Jamie Hunter

Following that Mirchoff was involved in many movies and tv series, but finally, he got some recognition in 2014 after his portrayal as Matty in the series Awkward. Finally, he landed the role of Jamie Hunter in the series Good Trouble which helped the actor to be in the Limelight.

Throughout his career, Mirchoff has a total of thirty-six credits as an actor.

Pet Lover

Mirchoff shows a great level of affection towards animals. He has posted his image with the horse, donkey, and his pet dog. He owns a light black Miniature Poodle. He has also suggested buying a coffee table book that would save African wild dogs.

Beau Mirchoff with his pet dog
Beau Mirchoff with his pet dog
source: Instagram @beau_mirchoff

He takes his dog every place he goes and they spend some quality time together. It can be seen on his Instagram account, how deeply he cares about his pet.

The Physical Appearance of Mirchoff

As an actor, Mirchoff is well-built and has an attractive personality. His charming personality will attract any girl. He has got auburn brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Likewise, the Good Trouble actor stands tall a height of 6 ft and 1 inch which is equivalent to 185.42 cm, and has a decent weight.

Social Media Presence

Mirchoff is a social butterfly who is seen as active on his social media platforms. He constantly posts, reply comments, and spends a good amount of time using this social media app.

His Instagram account is available as @beau_mirchoff which has 435k followers on it. Likewise, He also has a Twitter account where he has more than 249k followers under the username @Beau_Mirchoff.

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