Susan Wokoma is a British actress known for her role as Cynthia in the Tv series Chewing Gum which was released in 2015. Her exceptional acting skills always make her admirers praise her and also received BAFTA Breakthrough Brit by an international jury in 2017.

Born in London, Wokoma is a member of the black ethnic group and blessed her parents on the 31st of December, 1987. Her middle name is Indiana and was raised alongside her sibling Emi Wokoma. Her star sign is Capricorn.

Her primary education was received through Gloucester Primary School. Further academic details are not been disclosed by her.

The Physical Appearance Of Susan

Susan has a decent body accompanied by her beautiful curly hair and attractive natural black eyes.

Susan Wokoma with her gorgeous smile
Susan Wokoma with her gorgeous smile
Source: Instagram @susiewoosie12

Talking about her physique, Wokoma is 5 feet and 4 inches (163 cm) and maintains a weight of around 68 kg (150 lbs). She has not revealed her other physical stats.

Family Background

The Enola Holmes actress, Wokoma was born as a second daughter to a Nigerian couple. Although she has not disclosed her parent’s identity, it is known that her father worked in different places and had to work several jobs to provide for his family’s basic needs. Her father died in 2012.

Susan was in Calabar, Nigeria shooting half of her first-ever movie Yellow sun when she received the message of her father’s demise

On the other hand, her mother was a sweeper and worked hard to fulfill their family’s requirements. Her parents raised her and Emi in Peckham, London, England. Even though their financial condition was not good Wokoma’s parents never deprived her of quality education and needs.

Sister – Emi Wokoma

Emi Wokoma is a British actress like her younger sister Susan and is known for making an appearance in the movies such as Trexx and Flipside, and Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

Emi Wokoma sister of Susan Wokoma
Emi Wokoma, sister of Susan Wokoma.
Source: The BWH agency

She is associated with The BWH agency where she is an actress and a singer. Likewise, Emi is a fitness lover and has a godly physique. She is a five times winner of UKBFF Bodyfitness Champion and is working as an instructor and poaching coach at PT/GEX.

Joined Acting Classes At RADA

Wokoma had an interest in acting from a very young age and also had started her acting classes. She started her acting career at the age of fourteen.

For enhancing her acting skills she enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), England before she began her Hollywood journey.

Relationship Status

Susan Wokoma is a very private person when it comes to her personal life. She does not shed light on her love life and relationship.

She has not yet revealed her romantic links to the public and has not posted pictures with specific ones. Thus apparently Wokoma is single at the moment and is focusing on her career.

Has Been To Many Countries

British-born actress Wokoma is fond of traveling to beautiful destinations. She always searches for an opportunity to go to a new land where she can witness unique and different lifestyles.

Susan Wokoma in Capri Italy
Susan Wokoma in Capri, Italy
Source: Instagram @susiewoosie12

Wokoma has not limited her traveling destinations within the boundary. Among many places, she has visited some of them are Italy, the United States, Costa Rica, and so on.

Wokoma Taught Drama At Teenage By Maria Leaf

In one of the posts on Instagram, Wokoma stated that she was taught drama by Maria when she was a teenager on Sunday morning. She believes that all the confidence and hope she has in acting is due to Leaf’s guidance. Now they are close friends.

Maria made her debut in acting at the age of 50 on BBC 1 because her friends insisted on her for acting. Wokoma is proud and happy about her action.

Wokoma Slept In Hotel Room Due To Fear

The Enola Holmes actress, Wokoma was unable to sleep peacefully after her house address was publicized by an anonymous person in 2021. She was targeted for racism by the same user who had also threatened to beat up her sister.

The police did not interfere as publicizing one’s location was not an illegal act. However, her lawyer said that it is a breach of GDPR laws.

As per Wokoma, she had recently bought the house and all her close ones are there. She couldn’t sleep in her house and had to sleep in hotel rooms.

Enlisted In The List Of Forbes 30 Under 30

Wokoma has also listed herself in the section of 30 under 30 of Forbes in 2017. It is a set of lists that Forbes magazines issue annually which consists of people under 30 years old and have done something in the field of business and other domains.

Susan is pretty proud and happy to be on the list and has shared this on her Instagram post.

Wokoma’s Acting Career

Susan Wokoma’s acting career started when she appeared in the tv movie That Summer Day in 2006. Following that she has been involved in many projects. She made a notable performance on the series Chewing Gum released in 2015 and lasted for 2 years.

Year of the Rabbit Actor Susan Wokoma | On Acting

Similarly, Her role as Edith in Enola Holmes and Rachel in the Netflix horror comedy Crazyhead is widely appreciated by people around the globe. The actress is set to return to the second season of Enola Holmes.

Throughout her career, she has had 46 credits as an actress. Some of the projects in which she appeared as an actress are The House, Save the cinema, Night Bus, A response to your message, and year of the rabbit.

Susan In The Cheaters

The Enola Holmes actress, Wokoma created a headline when she associated herself with the sitcom Cheaters. In the show, she is seen cheating on her partner. In addition, the actress says although cheating is bad and in the process, people get hurt, there are much more things and reasons that make them cheat and this is greatly depicted by the writer of this sitcom

The story revolves around two couple that meets at the bar when their flight back home from Finland is canceled. They have a drunken intimacy and decide to forget everything after their departure. However, they find that they live across the street from each other.

In addition, their respective partners want all of them to be friends.

Wokoma As A Writer

Not only as an actress but Wokoma contributes to the entertainment field through her writing skill. Most of you might also know her as a writer for the second season of the popular Netflix series Sex Education.

Sex education season 2 writer Susan Wokoma 1
Sex education season 2 writer Susan Wokoma
Source: IMDb

To date she has four credits as a writer on her IMDb profile for The Reluctant landlord, Porters, Sex Education, and Sky Comedy Shorts: Susan Wokoma’s Love the Sinner.

Net Worth

Susan Wokoma is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $1.5 Million. She has been successful to accumulate this huge sum from all these years of dedication in her professional career.

Being a veteran actress and a writer, she makes an annual income in the range of $100k-$200k. Likewise, her bank account also benefitted from substantial income that is generated by commercials and endorsements.

Flora Designed Wokoma’s Bathroom

Wokoma loves to decorate her house with beautiful interiors and designs. She keeps renovating or redesigning her house as per her idea.

Likewise, she has recently designed her bathroom in the collaboration with Flora who is an amazing artist. Flora always comes to the mind Wokoma when it comes to designing.

Social Media presence

Wokoma is a social media freak and can be seen updating her status and posting very often. Being an actress, she has activated her account on the major social media platform.

Susan is known as the user @susiewoosie12 on Instagram where she has collected 53k followers and has 238 posts at the time of writing. She had decided to leave Twitter after suffering online abuse.

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