Ronni Hawk is a celebrated acting professional who is recognized for playing the role of Rachel Diaz in the TV series Stuck in the middle, which was telecasted from 2016 to 2018. Besides this, she has played many roles in several movies and series.

In addition to this, Hawk is also a dancer and producer. As per her Instagram bio, the US-based actress loves taking naps and eating fried chicken.

Earlier Life

Hawk blessed her parents through her arrival on September 9, 1999. She was raised alongside her siblings in Boca Raton, Florida, which is situated in the United States. According to modern astrologers, her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her full name is Veronica faith Hawk.

Ronni Hawk as a Child
Ronni Hawk as a child.
Source: Instagram @ronnihawk

She was interested in dancing as a child which is the reason she began her dancing journey at the age of five. Hawk began doing commercials at the age of 12, and soon she started posing for a photoshoot. It was around this time her mentor suggested Hawk not just limit herself to modeling and pursue an acting career.

Taking the advice Ronni moved to Los Angeles alongside her family in search of an acting opportunity, and this is the place where she landed her debut movie. She attended classes in some colleges in Paris.

The Physical Appearance Of Hawk

Fomer model Hawk has a beauty of a goddess, which can melt any man’s heart. She has curly light brown hair alongside piercing brown eyes.

She has got a lean body of 5 ft 5 inches in height (168 cm) and a weight of 55kg. Apparently, Hawk takes care of her physical appearance and body. She has no visible tattoos or piercings.

Family Background

Ronni Hawk is born as one of the children of Bambi Hawk and Ronald Hawk. As a parent, they gave her a good upbringing and a quality life. They relocated to Los Angeles from Florida alongside their daughter so that she could have a good profession possibility.

Ronni Hawk with her family 1
Ronni Hawk with her family
source: Twitter @ronnihawk

As per Bambi’s LinkedIn profile, she is an office manager. Likewise, Ronald is a Dentist who turns patients with worn and failing dentitions into smile superstars. They have traveled to many destinations and experienced fun together as a family, as seen by the picture that was posted by Ronni on father’s day.


The Stuck in the middle actress, Hawk is not the only child of her parents. She has four siblings among which two are sisters and two brothers. Her sisters are named Katy and Ashlyn. Likewise, her brothers is Ben and Jared.

Ronni Hawk with her brothers Jared Hawk and Aaron
Ronni Hawk with her brothers Jared Hawk and Aaron
Source: Instagram @ronnihawk

Hawk seems to be close with her brothers than her sisters. The actress is spotted frequently posting pictures with her brothers and spending quality time with them. She has not revealed information about her siblings yet.

Relationship Status

Currently, Ronni Hawk appears to be single and is focusing on her career rather than being in a relationship. She has not talked about her love life publicly and has not been spotted with someone who could be considered her boyfriend. Her best friend is Ragesh Noronha.

Ronni Hawk and her former boyfriend Miles Fallon 1
Ronni Hawk and her former boyfriend Miles Fallon
source: Glamour fame

However, she dated Miles Fallon who is a snowboarder. The former couple has not revealed their dating life. In addition to this, their relationship ended with controversial headlines.

Arrested For Domestic Violence

The Legacies actress, Hawk is arrested for the charge of committing household violence. According to LAPD, she was caught pulling a knife over her former boyfriend Fallon. The ex-couple was involved in an argument and it heated up resulting in Hawk pulling a knife.

Fallon ran from the house and police said he had bruises and cuts on his body. The incident took place on July 31st of 2020 and Hawk was arrested at 8:30 Pm. She was taken to Valley Jail in California and registered at 11:36 am but was bailed out at the cost of $100k.

Owns Two Pets

Hawk is crazy for animals and loves to pet them. She has posted a lot of pictures of animals like lions, tigers, dogs, etc. She owns two dogs now Calypso and Theo which she adores a lot. The Legacies actress is seen spending quality time with them.

Ronni Hawks pet dog Theo
Ronni Hawk’s pet dog Theo
Source: Instagram @ronnihawk

Likewise, She had a dog named channel that passed away recently in 2021. It spent 18 years with her and was there since she was a toddler. Ronni expressed her grief through her social media platform.

Received Grand Champ Title

Ronni is a multi-talented lady who has indulged herself in different domains and has acquired different sets of skills. One of those talents she carries is horse riding.

Ronni Hawk won the grand champ title
Ronni Hawk won the grand champ title
Source: Instagram @ronnihawk

Hawk has received a grand champ title in horse riding recently in the month of June. She has expressed her happiness to her close ones and admirers through her Instagram. The horse she rides is Klondike.

Hawk Prefers To Live Adventurous And Active Life

The S.W.A.T actress Hawk prefers to keep her body healthy so she prefers to live an active and adventurous life. This helps her to stabilize both her body and her mind.

Rather than sitting idle, she indulges herself in fun activities like horse riding, Scuba diving, and Hiking as well as traveling to many beautiful destinations and learning about new lifestyles.

Recently Hawk has posted a picture of her visiting several places in Italy with her brothers. Looking at her Instagram feed one could say she travels a lot.

Supports LGBTQ

Hawk supports LGBTQ and believes that everyone is equal and therefore should be treated equally. The right to freedom and the right to choose is something she strongly respects. She has shared the flag of different colors on the occasion of Pride month.


Ronni Hawk relocated to Los Angels for pursuing her acting career and debuted with a short Found. Following that, She has also appeared in supporting roles in films including The Dancer and the boy and Unspoken.

Ronni Hawk Talks “Stuck in the Middle” | Thirst Gala 2016

Similar to this, she gained prominence in 2016 when she portrayed Rachel Diaz in the American single-camera television series Stuck in the Middle. Since then she has been a part of a number of tv series and movies.

To date, Hawk has 15 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. Legacies, Benson in the dark, on my block, oblivious are some of her credits.

Was Ronni Hawk Fired From On My Block?

Ronni Hawk, who played the role of Olivia in season one of the show ‘On My Block’ did not make her appearance in the later season and was not mentioned. This led the viewer of the show to believe that she was removed.

However, it is not the case and as per the Screen Rant, the character was likely to be short-termed. Olivia’s character was only to serve the storyline of Rudy’s survivor’s guilt and trauma.

Criticized For Supporting Trump

While Hawk herself played the role of a daughter of an immigrant who suffered a lot after her parent’s deportation, she supported the US former president Trump and his acts.

Only a month after her debut in ‘On my Block’ the actress was controversial because of her tweets about her political opinion. Lots of people were unhappy about it. The actress later deleted the tweet.

Hawk Produced Girl With A Gun

Hawk has also introduced herself as an executive producer by contributing to Girl with a gun. Not only as an actress, but she also wants to explore many domains in the entertainment field.

The director and writer of this production are Kevin M.White and the actors include Ronni herself alongside Jeremy London, and Bill Martin.

Net Worth

Although not officially said by the actress, Ronni Hawk is speculated to have a net worth of approximately $400 thousand which she amassed enduring struggles throughout the journey of her professional career.

The Stuck in middle actress Hawk has been active in the entertainment field for a long period of time now. She has not revealed her income but it can be presumed that she is getting a good sum of money.

Ronni has been a part of many hit projects like Legacies, and Girl with a Gun and also has endorsed big brands like Kentucky fried chicken, Bank of America, Target Kohls and so on.

No doubt she is living a lavish lifestyle and it can be seen on her Instagram feed.

Social Media Presence

Ronni is an active user of social media and is a social butterfly. The actress is seen heavily indulged in different platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her Instagram account has the username @ronnihawk which has more than 700k followers. Likewise, her Twitter id @ronnihawk has 49k followers. People can also see her short videos on Tiktok where she is active with the username @ronnifhawk and has 40k followers.

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