We all know of the saying that there’s always a lady behind the success of a man. Even in the acting industry, we have plenty of celebrity figures who credit their success to their family members. Just like that, today we have another gorgeous lady who found fame for herself to the courtesy of her talented American actor husband, William Zabka. Her beau is best known for starring in The Karate Kid as Johnny Lawrence. Here we’ll be talking about all sorts of details on Zabka’s wife, all from her net worth collection to her love life and many more. 

Stacie Zabka and William Zabka Staggering Net Worth Collection

The acting industry might be one of the most lucrative paying industries out there, given the amount of name, fame, and recognition one gets. The same goes out for celebrity couple Stacie Zabka and her husband, William Zabka. It seems that the lady love of the actor enjoys the shared net worth with her husband, seeing as there aren’t any records of her income on the internet. However, we do have a detailed knowledge of her better half’s bank balance.

Stacie Zabka and her husband William Zabka are millionaire
Stacie Zabka and her husband William Zabka.
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According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 55-year-old actor enjoys handsome net earnings of $3 million as of 2021. His movie Karate Kid went on to earn a whopping deal of $100 million over a budget of $8 million. He also earned a great deal of $100,000 per episode on the series Cobra Kai which amounted to $1 million per season.

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Besides his movie roles, William also makes a decent amount from his regular brand endorsement deals on his Instagram handle with over 1.2 million followers.

Stacie Zabka Husband Acting Career

Stacie Zabka’s husband, William, began his acting career in his late teens, where he gained media attention through his television series The Great American Hero. He later got his career changing role as Johnny Lawrencethe high school bully against Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid.

William Zabka's series Cobra Kai
William Zabka on Cobra Kai.
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The movie’s instant hit nudged Zabka’s career, and he found his way in movies like Just One of the Guys, Back to School, Karate Kid II, A Tigers Tale, Karate Kid III, The Power Within, and many more. During those times, he worked in independent movies while studying to become a filmmaker, and he produced a short film, Most. Currently, he’s gathering popularity through the Karate Kid revival show Cobra Kai.

Stacie Zabka and William Zabka Married Life, Children

Stacie and her better half, William Zabka’s love life, go way back to their early days when they first set their eyes on each other in the early 2000s. After dating for quite some time, testing the waters of their relationship, the couple officially wed each other in 2008. Their wedding ceremony took place in a private setting and was attended by only their loved ones, family, and friends.

Stacie Zabka and husband wedding pictures
Stacie Zabka and her husband William Zabka’s wedding pictures.
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The beautiful pair have been together for more than a decade, and together they share two equally lovely children. There aren’t any more details on the kids due to privacy issues. However, we’ll make sure to update you if there are any reads on them.

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