Reign Wilburn is the daughter of a renowned personality, Future, also known as Nayvadius DeMun Willburn, and a mother, Eliza Regin Seraphin. She was brought into this world on April 19, 2019.

Wilburn’s dad is an American rapper, whereas her mom is an Instagram model and a license holder for Notary. Reign is enjoying her early life with her parents and with her half-siblings.

Parents Net Worth

Reign Wilburn is very young and not earning. However, her father got a good sum of wealth of $40 million which he earned by doing music.

reign 2
Reign Wilurn carries the luxury brand Prada. Source: Instagram@reignwilburn.

Nonetheless, his mother is also an influencer and has a net worth of $1 million which is generated by endorsing and collaborating with different brands.

Daughter of Future (Nayvadius DeMun Willburn)

Reign Willburn’s father Future began his career on 2011 with recording contact with A1 recording and epic records and released numerous albums till 2022. His album is Pluto, Honest, Turn on the lights, Honest, Move that dope, and I won.

Reign Wilburn is enjoying Minnie Mouse. Source: Instagram@elizareign.

In his career, he got a lot of approaches from many renowned artists, and with some, he worked as well; for instance, In September 2011, he got the opportunity to work with American Rapper Rocko’s A1 recording, which is part of epic records.

Daughter of Eliza Reign Seraphin

Reign Wilburn’s mother, Eliza Reign Seraphin, is a professional model and influencer from America. She is super active on her social media, which is Instagram: elizareign. The model has more than 431k followers on her Instagram account, and she does not use any other social media platform except Instagram.

Eliza Reign Seraphin enjoying and swimming inside the pool with her daughter and her sister. Source: Instagram@reignwillburn

Eliza Reign shares a really good bond with her daughter, and we can see the mother-daughter duo enjoying different vacations and weekends together through Eliza’s Instagram. She is happy and proud to be a single mom and handle her child Reign all by herself.

On her Instagram account, she gets approached by brands. However, she has not mentioned any collaborations between any brands at the moment.

Blackmailed by Future

Eliza Reign Seraphin had to go through a lot of hard times during her pregnancy because it is believed that she used to get blackmailed by Future to abort the baby. Besides that, he also paid money for abortion.

Additionally, she herself used to get death threats from established rapper Future.


Reign does not go to regular school along with his half-siblings because she is too young for school.

At the moment, she has been homeschooled by her own mother, where she learned basic morals, behavior, and some fun activities.

Future didn’t accept Reign as her daughter

Reign’s parents shared a sexual relationship from 2016 to 2018, but the relationship between them was very private.

The relationship came out when Eliza Reign Seraphin got pregnant with Regin Wilburn. At the time of her pregnancy, Future did not want to accept the paternity. Besides that, he started to make false allegations and accusations toward Eliza by mentioning her mental health and sexual conduct.

Future’s charming smile is being captured.

This case grabs public attention when Future expresses his harsh feelings toward Eliza by mentioning on his public platform as well as in his music that she stole his last.

Future believes that Eliza intentionally impregnated him with Wilburn’s DNA and said that both of them were having unprotected sex in the casual meets, which was her intention to threaten him.

Additionally, he states that she spread fake rumors and shared intimate details about him on her social media platforms just to get money from him. However, when the case was taken by the court, most of the allegations regarding Eliza Reign Seraphin were proved wrong, and authorities declared Future as Reign’s father. Furthermore, Eliza asks to pay $5300 a month to raise their child.

Later he accepts it and wished Reign Wilbur a happy birthday.

Reign Wilburn Half-Siblings

Regin has nine step-siblings named Jaiden (Brother), Jakobi Wilburn (Brother), Future Zahir Wilburn, Hendrick Willburn, Legend ARY, Prince Willburn, Kash Wilburn, Londyn Wilburn, and Paris Willburn. Reign’s father is unmarried; however, he has ten kids.

Her dad got engaged to Ciara in 2013, and both of them called off their engagement in the same year they got engaged. The couple share a child Future Zahir Wilburn and co-parenting but the child lives with Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson

It is believed that Reign’s dad has children with more than six different women. Londyn Wilburn is the daughter of Future from his former long-term girlfriend India Jai.

Reign’s father dated several women throughout his career and has a kid from these women Ciara, India Jai Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, Joie Chavis, and Eliza Reign Seraphin.

Parents relationship

Reign’s parents did not share a good bonding with each other. The conflict and misunderstanding happened when her mother, Eliza, got pregnant.

Her father, Future, was not ready for Reign to bring into this world and wanted to abort the baby; for this reason, both of them have cold feelings for each other.

Reign’s Thrift Clothing line

Reign Wilburn’s new and gently worn clothes are loved by many of her followers, who urged them to sell them as second-hand clothes.

Many of them show interest in buying them because of that specific reason her mom Eliza open an Instagram account for Regin pre-used as well as for new clothes. The clothing store’s name is Reginkloset and they sell 100% authentic clothes.


Reign Wilburn is in the early phase of her life, where she is enjoying her childhood life by spending time with her mother’s side of the family and friends.

According to her age, Reign getting into a relationship is not appropriate because she is not mature enough to get along with these things. As of now, she is single and freely enjoying her childhood.


This young kid has not received any kind of special award, but her dad has won a few of them. Future has been able to get two BET HIP-HOP awards, the first of which he won for the best club song ”MOVE THAT DOPE” in 2014

Furthermore, he received the best Mixtapes honor for ”56 Nights”on 2015, and for ”DnF” He won Best HIP-HOP at the music video award, which he co-wrote with P Regin and Drake.

Social Media

Reign Wilburn has a massive fan following at a very young age and has a strong social media presence. It is obvious for this kid to have Instagram as she is the daughter of a famous Instagram star.

Reign Wilburn posing on a sweltering morning.Source: Instagram@reignwilburn

She is followed by 18.6K people on her Instagram:reignwilburn which is handled and run by her own mother. In her Insta feed, we can see her daily activities and goofy picture of a little kid.

Her mother posted a picture of her singing, and lots of people commented that she resembles her father, Future, and her Half-Sibling, Hendrik.


Reign Wilburn is very young and invested herself in many things like swimming, Singing, Horse riding, and playing outdoors.

On her Instagram account, her mother posted a video of her singing rhymes and a happy birthday song to wish her mother in an uncleared voice. She loves to sing and seems like she is going to follow in the footstep of her father in the coming days.

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