Jeff Hephner is a well-known American persona who is in the limelight for his performance in the NBC franchise Chicago as the character Jeff Clarke. Besides this, he has also worked on successful projects like Interstellar, Hallmark Hall of fame, etc.

Jeff, is the son of Tom Hephner and his wife, Patti Hephner. The couple was blessed with him on the 22nd of June, 1995. Apparently, he is the only child of the couple.

The Physical Appearance Of Jeff

Jeff is a personality who always looks well-groomed and sharp and is well-known for maintaining his appearance. He has got a short length of light brown hair and a beautiful pair of brown eyes, which is accompanied by his handsome face, which is of fair complexion.

Jeff Hephner looking sharp as always 1
Jeff Hephner looking sharp as always
Source: Pinterest

He has a height of 6 feet one inch, which is equivalent to 185.4 cm, and maintains a weight of 80 kg i.e. 176.36 lbs.

Hephner Fishing With His Father

As a kid, Hepher spent some quality time with his father, traveling to many places and doing all sorts of activities. One of them was fishing where they collected a lot of fish.

Jeff Hephner and his father Tom Hephner
Jeff Hephner and his father Tom Hephner.
Source: Instagram @hephnerjeff_ish

They have taken the picture as a token which he has posted on his Instagram wall. Jeff sure enjoyed his time growing up with his father.

Educational Background

Jeff is well-educated and has completed his high school at Sand Creek High school. Though his educational institution’s identity from where he received his primary education is unclear, it is speculated to be from a local school in his hometown.

After the completion of high school, Jeff furthermore, attended classes at Calvin College, located in Grand Rapids of Michigan, and later he transferred to Ferris state university for graduation.

Jeff Was An Athlete Back In His Academic Days

During his time in high school and college, Jeff used to be on a sports team. He enjoyed being active and thus joined the basketball team as well as the football team.

Jeff Hephner as a sand creek player
Jeff Hephner as a sand creek player
Source; Instagram @hephnerjeff_ish

When he was in high school for the season 1993-1994, Jeff was in the all-states-team for classes C-D. Similarly, after he completed high school and joined college, the athlete played for the college team.

Relationship Status

Jeff Hephner is in a marital relationship with Heather Slyvia Adams since they tied knots in 2002 in a wedding vow. Only their close friends, families, and relatives were invited and the couple has not revealed the location of the ceremony to date.

Jeff Hephner and his wife Heather Hephner
Jeff Hephner and his wife Heather Hephner
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The love birds have not talked about their dating life on social media and their admirer are unaware of their encounters and other information about their personal life. However, it is known that they have dated 2 years prior to their marriage. Furthermore, their past relationship and romantic links are also behind the curtains.

Currently, Jeff and his wife are living happily with their family without having any disputes and conflicts.

Hephner’s Wife Works As Pilates Instructor

Talking about Hephner’s wife Slyvia, she is not a famous celebrity like her husband and most people get confused between her and Heather Adams who is a Chief Administrator.

Slyvia is a Pilate instructor at Breathe Yoga, a studio located in Chelsea. Per Hephner’s wife, she found out about Pilates after having her third child and now she enjoys doing it.

She also says that it has helped her to calm not only her body but also her mind. It is a connection between mind and body and has felt the effect in her daily life.

Blessed With Three Children

From a long relationship of nearly two decades, Jeff and Slyvia have been blessed with three children. Although he has a busy schedule Jeff manages to spend time with his children.

Jeff Hephner spending quality time with his wife and children 1
Jeff Hephner spending quality time with his wife and children
Source: Liverampup

The family spends quality time and travels to many destinations together. The couple has not revealed much information about their children. However, it is known that among his children two are daughters and one son.

Supporter Of Detroit Lions

Jeff enjoys sports from an early age, he used to be on a sports team during his early days. His love and support for sports remain to date. The actor seems to be a supporter of the Detroit Lions as per his Instagram post.

He has written a post in the support of Lions which says, “Have a good evening everyone, except of course all #Packers fans and staff. Gooooooo @Lions“. Jeff would often go to the stadium to support his favorite sports team.


Jeff Hephner started his acting career in 2002 and has been active in the Entertainment industry till now. Since his debut movie Tigerland, he has played in many movies and series.

The most notable character Jeff played was Jeff Clarke in Chicago in which the character turned to med from a firefighter. Similalry, he played peppermint in 2018 and starred in NCIS as a criminal investigator.

Jeff Hephner as doctor in interstellar

In this particular show, the actor is portrayed as leading a team of crime investigators who solves extreme crime cases.

Other than this, he has acted in many notable movies and including Interstellar, Chicago Med, The Jury, Law and order: Criminal Intent and many more. Also, he appeared in Power Book II: Ghost as per his Instagram post.

Throughout his career life, Hephner has 50 credits as an actor, five credits as a self and one credit as thanks.

Hepher’s Breakthrough Series Chicago Med

Jeff played the role of Jeff Clarke in the NBC Chicago Franchise. Prior to being in Chicago med, he was on its sister show Chicago fire. The first on-screen view of Jeff on the Chicago med was at the ending episode of season one which had the title “Timing”.

Jef Hephner as Jeff Clarke
Jeff Hepner as Jeff Clarke in Chicago med
Source: Facebook NBC

In the series, Jeff is a former firefighter and US marine who had left his job because of his back damage. He joins the med school and upon completion of his apprenticeship in Gaffney, he works at the emergency department in Mauii, Hawaii.

Jeff appeared in the second season of the show and has received huge popularity as well as appreciation from many people.

Played The Role Of Doctor In The Famous Science-Fiction Movie Interstellar

Jeff has been associated with the worldwide popular science-fiction movie Interstellar. The movie is about a team of people or space explorers who goes to the wormhole for the sake of humanity’s survival.

In the movie, he is seen in a role of a doctor, where he treats the lead man in the movie, Joseph Cooper. In the final scene, the doctor is introducing Cooper to their new home planet.

Has A Pet

Jeff owns a dog that is brown in color with whom he adores to his heart’s content. He is one of the personalities that enjoy being in the company of his pets.

Jeff Hephner with his pet dog Rusty
Jeff Hephner with his pet dog Rusty on her first Tiger’s match.
Source: Instagram @hephnerjeff_ish

Hephner is seen taking his pet Rusty on his Tiger’s game. In addition to this, he has also said Rusty likes Shohei Ohtani.

Net Worth

The Chicago Med actor Jeff Hephner is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $2 Million. He has accumulated this huge sum through his consistent hardship and dedication to his professional career.

He is a veteran actor and has experience in the acting career. The actor has also been part of successful projects like Chicago Med, Interstellar, and Law and Order which has helped in the increment of the amount in his bank account.

Social Media Presence

Jeff is a social butterfly who has his account activated on the various social media platform. He is an active user of Instagram and Twitter. The actor keeps updating himself and his professional works.

Hephner has a total of 16.4k followers at the time of writing this article and his posts are seen on his follower’s feed under the username @hephnerjeff_ish. Similarly, he goes by the username @HEPHNERJEFF which has followers of 37.3k.

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