Paul Werdel is a journalist who is married to a beautiful woman from the same career path, Amna Nawaz. Yes, you read it right. She is the winner of Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist. Further, his wife is renowned for being one of the bravest reporters in the broadcast industry. The pair broke Muslim norms; how?

Well, from their interracial marriage, they are living a blissful life together and are parents to two beautiful daughters. Let’s learn more about Paul Werdel’s professional and personal life on this page.

Paul Werdel’s Net Worth as of 2024

Paul Werdel’s actual financial status is unknown to the world. He hasn’t shared anything regarding his earnings and income; thus, his actual fortune is estimated at $500 thousand, as per some sources.

Although there’s no sign of how much net worth Werdel holds, the media has estimated his wife Amna Nawaz to hold an impressive net worth of $2 million, as of 2024. Now, we all know Werdel also hails from the same professional background; thus, he should also have a similar number in his account. Therefore, we can judge that, like his wife, he generates quite a lot to live in luxury.

Professional History of The Former Product Director of The New York Times, Paul Werdel

Paul Werdel used to work as an assistant editor for digital platforms, senior editor of platforms, senior product manager for mobile, and product director for The Times‘ home page, as per his LinkedIn profile. He stayed active there from 2012 to 2018.

Before The New York Times, Werdel was with TPM Media LLC. He served the firm for almost two years as a Senior Associate Editor. Before that, he worked for Al Jazeera English for more than three years. During his tenure there, he honed his skills as a news editor.

Paul Werdel used to work as an assistant editor for digital platforms, senior editor of platforms, senior product manager for mobile, and product director for The Times‘ home page, as per his LinkedIn profile.
Werdel’s wife Amna Nawaz is a renowned journalist.
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Also, we’re not sure what the celebrity husband is up to these days for work. But because he had a successful career in journalism, he might still be doing something related to media. With all his experience and know-how, people might be looking for his expertise in the field.

Before all of that, Werdel was a producer and director of the broadcast BBC World News. He watered that post from 2004 to 2007. In 2000, he worked as a News Studio Manager for UMTV. Further, he also has a history in the teaching sector; he was an assistant lecturer at the University of Maryland back in 2003.

Paul Werdel’s Married Life With His Wife, Amna Nawaz

We already pointed out that Paul Werdel is a married man. He walked down the aisle with his lovely wife, Amna Nawaz back in 2007. Like him, his spouse also hails from the broadcasting world.

Meanwhile, Werdel’s better half Nawaz is good at what she does and has earned quite fame in the crowd. Currently, she is a correspondent at PBS NewsHour. According to Heavy, she has a producer’s work experience from her previous work history at NBC News and ABC News. Besides being a producer, she also served those broadcasts as a Foreign Correspondent and editor.

Paul Werdel spouse has a producer’s work experience from her previous work history at NBC News and ABC News.
Paul Werdel is the father of his two baby girls.
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The beautiful couple is parents to their cute daughters. Indeed, they expanded their family. We can frequently see the baby girls enjoying their time with their dad and mom, Werdel and Nawaz, respectively, on Amna’s Instagram page.

Who Is Amna Nawaz?

The stunning woman Amna is a journalist and co-anchor at PBS NewsHour, making history as the first Muslim, Pakistani-American, and first-generation American in this role. Her path to this position has been groundbreaking, often being the first in her career.

Originally from Virginia, born on September 18, 1979, to Pakistani parents, Nawaz initially aspired to be a lawyer. However, after working at ABC News, she shifted her focus to journalism. Starting at Nightline and later moving to NBC for documentaries marked the beginning of her career.

In January 2021, the pretty lady became one of the new co-anchors at PBS NewsHour. She spoke about how her background, including being a mother, shaped her career. As a woman of color and a Muslim, she never anticipated reaching such a prominent position but attributes her success to supportive mentors and those breaking barriers.

To add more, Nawaz stresses the importance of meaningful representation and accountability in journalism. She advocates for being not just a mentor but also providing opportunities to diversify newsrooms and considers the absence of diverse perspectives.

To whom is Paul Werdel married?

The former product director of The New York Times Paul Werdel tied his knot with the journalist Amna Nawaz.

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