Patrick Thomas Tarmey is a YouTube star better known by the name Patty Mayo. Further, he is a bounty hunter and a reality show star. His first show Southland Bounty Hunters premiered in 2017 as an improv faux-reality Bounty Hunter show. Due to his successful career, he garnered massive attention, and many want to learn about him.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey’s Net Worth

According to TV Guide TimePatrick Thomas Tarmey holds an estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of now. He generates his greens as a bounty hunter and YouTuber.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey holds an estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of now.
Patrick aka Patty Mayo’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million.
Photo Source: Instagram

As noted by Bio Gossipy, as a YouTube star, Patrick earns around $57,200 per year. He joined YouTube back in November 2013. Currently, Patrick got over 9.08 million subscribers. Besides delivering exciting content for all of his viewers, he also provides them with merch, which for sure boosts his income.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey Career as a Bounty Hunter

As mentioned earlier, Patrick Thomas Tarmey earned his fame as a bounty hunter. Specifically, he shared his professional life with the crowd by filming it and turning it into a reality show.

Patrick became the star of the reality show Southland Bounty Hunters premiered in 2017 as an improv faux of Bounty Hunter. Along with his various partners (Bounty Hunter DATShaundra, and Big E), he captured criminals on the run.

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The show gained massive popularity for its realism and high action. With some successful episodes, the show came to an end in December 2019. And after that, Patrick decided to return to real bounty hunting.

Patty Mayo Admits He’s A FAKE COP On NEWS!!!

Southland Bounty Hunters II premiered on December 25, 2019, and like its first sequel, the show features Patrick, aka Patty Mayo, hunting actual fugitives on bond all across the United States.

In mid-2020, Patrick and the team returned to improv hunts due to high demand from viewers to bring back the tasers, tear gas, and ass-kicking. Patty Mayo took a break from the bounty hunting show in early 2020 and returned in late July while simultaneously releasing episodes of “Becoming the Seamen”, a reality show documenting his life.

Is Patty Mayo Real Sheriff or Bounty Hunter?

The answer is no, Patty Mayo is not a real sheriff or a bounty hunter. He puts all of his acts together and pretends to be sheriff for his YouTube production.

Mayo has admitted that all of the acts in his YouTube videos are scripted. But nonetheless, Patty has got good acting skills with knowledge of details as he uses weapons and arsenals which seem original. Furthermore, he has radio contacts with his partner and even has a bounty hunter badge labeled Bail Enforcement Agent.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey Girlfriend and Daughter

Patrick Thomas Tarmey was in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Kayla Pillar. We can notice her in his vlogs and social media posts.

Currently, Patrick is dating a woman named Raven Walton. He is not married yet. Going through his new girlfriend’s social account, it became clear that she’s an Arkansas native whose most significant contribution to television came on Big Brother 19. Furthermore, she also works as a professional dancer.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey is dating a woman named Raven Walton.
Thomas Tarmey with his girl Raven.
Photo Source: Instagram

Talking about marriage, there’s no information about Patrick walking down the aisle with Raven. Thus, the pair is still watering their relationship as a girlfriend and boyfriend; however, it won’t be surprising if they tied the knot anytime soon as they seem pretty close to each other.

Reality show star Patrick shares a daughter from his previous relationship, as Wiki Celebs noted. Furthermore, Patty and his current girlfriend Raven have added a new member to their family. It is a dog named Kobus and has an Instagram account with the username @k9kobus.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey Wiki/Bio

Patrick Thomas Tarmey, aka Patty Mayo, was born in 1987. He celebrates his birthday on July 6 every year.

Patrick Thomas Tarmey with his daughter.
Patrick and his daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

Speaking of Patrick’s parents and siblings, he once shared a screen with them. Actually, in one of his vlogs, he recorded his sister and mother. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and holds American nationality. 

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