If you are a TikTok user, then you must be familiar with the gorgeous model, Olivia Ponton. The diva has a massive fan following in the online platform to become a household figure. Recently, the diva was associated with the rumor that she was dating fellow TikTok star, Kio Cyr. For someone who is not even eighteen yet, it is quite inspiring how she is globally famous and earns her living. So, without wasting much time, let us get to know more about the American diva.

Olivia Ponton’s Dating and Married Life

TikTok actress Olivia Ponton is too young to get married. However, that doesn’t rule out the case for falling in love. The 17-year-old supermodel is currently dating fellow model in the charming Kio Cyr. While their online behavior and videos together made fans speculate on their relationship for a long time, the diva always seems to deny the rumors. In fact, the pair denied being in a relationship during a Q&A video in March 2020.

Olivia Ponton in a white dress hugging her boyfriend Kio Cyr.
Olivia Ponton is a TikTok and Instagram model. Source: Instagram

In fact, earlier on, Ponton and Cyr revealed how they were ‘just friends.’ Despite being in denial, fans could sense something fishy, as they used to lean in and about to kiss. They opted to keep their relationship a secret for a long time but revealed it in April 2020. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, they are staying in quarantine in their homes. Ponton posted a TikTok video with a caption,’I Miss My Angel’ for her celebrity boyfriend.

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The online models are living the best versions of themselves. Interestingly, they post a lot of pictures and videos together, which clearly indicates how much they love each other. Despite all that, they don’t plan to get married anytime soon as they have a career to build first.

Olivia Ponton’s Net Worth

You would be surprised to know how 17-year-old Olivia Ponton manages all her finances by herself. The primary source of her significant income is none other than her presence on Instagram and TikTok; since she has a massive fan-following in both the platforms, many brands, and companies prefer her to represent and promote them.

Olivia Ponton in a white dress poses for a picture,
Olivia Ponton and Kio Cyr confirmed their relationship in April, 2020. Source: Instagram

To be specific, Olivia Ponton amasses a staggering six-figure net worth of $200,000. Considering her age and potential, the day isn’t far when she touches the one million mark. Her boyfriend, Cyr, on the other hand, possesses $245,000 of net worth.

Olivia Ponton’s Early Life and Career

Born on May 30, 2002, in the city of Florida, Olivia Ponton was born in a wealthy family. Interestingly, she always had a passion for fashion and modeling, so she pursued it quite early as a teenager.

Olivia Ponton with her blonde hair poses for a picture.
Olivia Ponton owns a net worth of $200,000. Source: Instagram

Initially, she worked as a model for Wilhelmina USA, walking in several ramps and shows. Regarding her academics, she attended Naples High School for her education. Amidst all that, she started making her presence felt on Instagram and TikTok. The diva has over 500,000 followers on her account as of now. Furthermore, she loves traveling and visited different European cities in June 2019.

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