Adam Bieber, a sheriff from Wisconsin, uploaded a series of mugshots in 2019 that quickly went viral. Misty Loman, a meth addict, was arrested for drug use, depicted in the photographs. The sheriff provided the photos to prevent others from consuming meth.

Misty has vanished from public view. Many people were captivated by her narrative, and they now want to know what happened to Misty Loman. When Adam shared the photos, he omitted to note that Misty’s strange look was caused by more than just drug usage. Please find out more about her in the sections below.

Misty Loman’s Married Life, Who Is Her Husband?

Misty Dawn Loman was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green. She is, however, married to her husband, Gary Glass Jr. It is unknown if the two are still together. Her two kids, Corey Loman and Jacob Loman appear to be quite close to their mother.

Misty Loman was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green.
Misty Loman is married to Gary Glass Jr.
Source: Pinterest

The artist’s struggle with heroin addiction began when she lost three of her children. One of her children passed away shortly after birth. One died in the womb when she was pregnant with twins, and the other died shortly after birth. None of the youngsters died as a result of a drug overdose. She turned to medicines to help her cope with the agony. Similarly, Ivan Reitman also died in 2022.

Misty Loman’s Mugshots

When the sheriff publicized Misty Loman‘s mugshots, many of the people who saw them assumed that her look was due to her drug usage. Misty does have a drug addiction that she has been battling for years. She does, however, have bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma. Misty Loman’s look is primarily due to scleroderma. Scleroderma causes skin tightening and hardening. While there is no cure, several therapies can be utilized to alleviate symptoms and enhance the quality of life.

Loman also had bone cancer, and the chemotherapy contributed to her significant hair loss. Misty claimed that the drugs found on her were for nausea, which is one of the side effects of chemotherapy, when she was arrested for drug possession in July 2019.

The mugshot artist had been clean from drugs for 14 months and is still recovering. Mindy is hopeful and has acquired peace of mind, although she still suffers from the illnesses. She is no longer afraid of death. She restored her ties with her family and friends after being clean for over a year and is delighted to have them back in her life.

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