Who Is Katherine Bertsch?

Katherine Bertsch is a well-known celebrity mother. She is the mother of Emily Compagno an American attorney, media personality, and former NFL cheerleader. Bertsch has a military background. Her grandpa, William Harry Bertsch, served in World War I and was awarded a Silver Star. There is no background about her family, childhood, or schooling accessible.

Katherine Bertsch's grandpa, William Harry Bertsch, served in World War I and was awarded a silver star.
Katherine Bertsch is a well-known celebrity mother.
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The artist was diagnosed with cancer while Emily was young. Katherine prefers to stay out of the limelight, so there is no more information about her health. But we hope that she has recovered from her cancer and is living a healthy lifestyle with her husband and children. She is of German ancestry, while her husband is of Italian ancestry.

Katherine Bertsch’s Relationship Detail

Katherine Bertsch is married to John Compagno, a commander in the United States Navy. John was the son of immigrants who grew up to serve in the United States Navy. The couple has three kids, Natalie, Julietta, and Emily.

Where Emily is the youngest of three daughters. Emily was born at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital on November 9, 1979, where her husband John was the Blood Bank Director. Her three daughters are all working in their various fields.

Katherine Bertsch has visited over 100 countries so far.
Katherine Bertsch’s husband, John Compagno, and daughter, Emily Compagno. Source: Pinterest

In addition, Bertsch’s eldest daughter is a travel writer and event coordinator who also has a travel book business. She has visited over 100 countries so far. Julietta, her second child, is a child psychologist and the co-founder of Sproutable, a private co-parent counseling and positive Discipline online program. Her daughters are all happily married.

Katherine Bertsch’s Husbands’ Business

Katherine Bertsch’s spouse owns and operates the winery Ardiri Winery & Vineyards. Since his boyhood, he has had a strong interest in winemaking. Fish, food, and wine were always a part of my family growing up as the son of a fisherman. As part of his service in the United States Navy, he was required to reside in Napa Valley, where his passion flourished.

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While residing in Napa, he enrolled in an evening viticulture and enology program at Napa Valley College. He worked as a pathologist throughout the day. Bertsch then found the property to start the business with the aid of the realtor. In the Carneros, he acquired a neglected but well-planted Pinot noir property. Their vineyards in the Willamette and Napa Valley produce the wines. On May 24, 2021, the company will have been in operation for 11 years.

Emily Compagno Is Happily Married

The sizzling Compagno is an American TV personality and attorney known for her role at Fox News Channel. She and Peter Reilly, whom she met during their time at the University of Washington, got married on September 14, 2017, and continue to share their lives together.

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Emily and Peter are happily married and haven’t confirmed any divorce plans. While they don’t have children of their own, Emily embraces her role as a stepmother to Peter’s two kids from a previous relationship.

Katherine Bertsch’s Daughters’ Staggering Net Worth Collection

Katherine Bertsch’s daughter, Emily Compagno, has a hefty net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023. Her legal salaries, professional cheering wages, and news hosting pay accounted for most of her earnings. On the other hand, Compagno has investments, real estate, and a variety of other assets that add to her net worth.

Moreover, Emily passed the California bar test after graduating from college. As a result, she became an attorney. She was the Raiderrette’s chief cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders all the time! Emily was extremely successful in her industry, having won more than 80% of her court cases. She worked as an attorney in Cape Town, South Africa, and Brazil.

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The television host took a position as a Fox News television news anchor in 2018. This was a significant change from her prior work, but she handled it easily, given her confidence. As Emily Compagno’s reputation grew, she received more requests to host television shows. She is the official cohost of “Outnumbered” as of January 2021. In addition, she occasionally cohosts “The Five.”

To add more, the media sensation has produced The Big Saturday Show and Outnumbered. She will surely work hard to maintain her position in the respective field.

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