Misha Vaagen became popular in the masses after being noticed by Adam Burbank Lazzara, an American singer, songwriter, and musician. So, what kind of relationship do they share, and how is Vaagen connected to a celebrity; let’s learn everything the internet has on her in this article.

Misha Vaagen is Adam Lazzara’s Girlfriend Turned Wife

For those who wanted to know who Misha Vaagen is to Adam Lazzara, let us tell you she is his wife. Yes, they share a marital relationship. So, how, where, and when they began their love story?

The actual date when Vaagen and Lazzara first met is unknown. However, sources claim it all began back in 2008. The lovely duo first encountered when Vaagen used to work at a local bar.

For those who wanted to know who Misha Vaagen is to Adam Lazzara, let us tell you she is his wife.
Misha and Adam are parents to their three children.
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Meanwhile, Vaagen was a family friend of Lazzara’s ex-fiancée. It is said that after a month after breaking things with his wife-to-be, Lazzara began to date Vaagen. See another celebrity wife Teresa Earnhardt.

The lovely couple Vaagen and Lazzara tied the knot in June 2008. Since then, they have been together living a blissful life. Further, they also expanded their family welcoming three children into their lives.

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In addition, Vaagen first gave birth to her son, Keaton Ari Danger, in January 2009. After that, the couple welcomed their second child, a daughter, Asa Joseph Danger, in October 2013. Similarly, they became parents to their third baby, Sylvie Wildflower Joy, in March 2018.

Who Is Adam Lazzara?

Adam Burbank Lazzara is a famous American singer-songwriter and musician, widely recognized as the frontman of the rock band Taking Back Sunday. Originally from Sheffield, Alabama, Lazzara relocated to North Carolina to follow his music dreams and joined Taking Back Sunday in 1999.

Throughout his career with the band, he’s been a part of releasing seven albums and also dropped a solo single in 2013. Interstingly he used to work as a waiter before entering in the music world.

Adam Lazzara was Previously Engaged to Misha Vaagen’s Family Friend

The Taking Back Sunday lead singer, Adam Lazzara, was previously engaged to someone else. He was about to marry Chauntelle Dupree. Back then, she was the guitarist of Eisley, a rock band. Further, she was reported to be a family friend of Vaagen.

The Taking Back Sunday lead singer, Adam Lazzara, was previously engaged to someone else. before he married Misha Vaagen.
Misha with her sweetheart and their eldest son.
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The former duo crossed paths back in early 2006 while they were on tour. After knowing one another, they started their romantic relationship.

Vaagen’s husband started dating his ex and became engaged on February 14, 2007. And a year after that, in March 2008, they were to be married; however, things fell apart. Later on, it was announced by Dupree’s dad that his daughter and Lazzara had split and there would be no wedding. 

Is An Instagram Influencer

The stunning lady Vaagen is on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There, she shares content, updates about her projects, and interacts with her audience.

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Misha Vaagen with her hubby and kids.
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Similarly, the celebrity wife has amassed over 11.4 thousand followers on Instgaram page with the username @mishalazzara.

Misha Vaagen’s Husband, Adam Lazzara, is a Millionaire

If we talk about Misha Vaagen’s finances and career, there are a few things to discuss. All the media know is that she previously worked as a bartender. She did that before tying the knot with a celebrity.

After her marriage to Lazzara, currently, Misha makes money by selling podcasts and audiobooks. She loves to read books and also she sells the playlist of the books that she makes on various platforms like Spotify. In addition to this Misha is the co-host of Band Wives Podcast and The Writer’s Constellation series.

Misha Vaagen’s sweetheart, Lazzara, is speculated to hold an outstanding net worth of $2 million with successful career records.
Misha previously worked as a bartender.
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There is no official document to vouch for Vaagen’s earnings, her net worth can’t be estimated. However, the music world is updated with her spouse’s professional success. As the lead vocalist of the rock band Taking Back Sunday, her beau recorded seven albums until today.

Vaagen’s sweetheart, Lazzara, is speculated to hold an outstanding net worth of $3 million with a successful career. Mr. Lazzara bags an annual salary of $46,000 to $100,000 which is the basic salary of a singer-songwriter in the United States. He also earns through various concerts.

Furthermore, Adam also collects some amounts by selling clothes. He keeps updating about the new merch on his Instagram account. And as a supporting wife who looks after their three kids, she does enjoy every penny from that million-worth fortune.

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