Michael Miccoli popularly known for his character Noah Flynn in the Netflix hit series The Kissing Booth is a talented American actor who has also been enlisted in the list of the World’s most famous celebrities.

Miccoli’s parents were blessed with his arrival on 15th March 2010 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.

According to Best Toppers, he received his primary education at home and is also revealed that he is enrolled in some acting courses.

The Physical Appearance of Michael

The Kissing Booth actor, Miccoli is 5 feet 9 inches tall in height and weighs around 60kg (59 pounds). Similarly, the actor has a body measurement of 28-24-29 inches.

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Michael Miccoli is a charming person.
source: Instagram @michaelmiccoli

The size of the shoe that fits him is nine. Being born to a Caucasian ethnic group, this young star has blonde hair and an attractive pair of rare blue color eyes. He resembles his mother in his appearance. No doubt, he is going to be a woman magnet in the future.

Family Background

The 13-year-old Miccoli has not officially disclosed his family details. However, it is known that his family includes his mother Irina Miccoli, and father Justin Miccoli. His mother tagged him in the post in 2018 wishing happy news to their supporter.

Michael Miccoli with his Family
Michael Miccoli with his Family.
Source: Instagram @irinamicoli

Irina is a fashion model, actress, and artist according to her Instagram post. She is associated with Most Wanted Models, 3d Model Agency, and De Sweden Model Agency. As a model, she has a great sense of fashion sense.

Talking about his father, Justin is also associated with the 3D model agency and furthermore with Micaffe. He prefers to keep his body healthy and for that, he practices as well a volunteers Yoga, Taichi Zhineng Qi Gong at Isha Center.

Favorites Of Michael Miccoli

Euphoria actor Miccoli has revealed some of his favorite things in media. He loves to travel to Paris as this is his favorite travel destination. Similarly, he loves to eat Italian delicacies. The actor seems to have a real attachment to Europe.

In his spare time, Miccoli prefers to watch movies and his favorite actors and actresses are Hugh Jackman and Mila Kunis respectively. Besides this, other interests and hobbies of the actor who portrayed Noah Flynn include dancing, singing, playing football, etc.

Michael Miccoli And Jacob Elordi

Miccoli and Elordi share a good relationship. They have acted in movies together like The Kissing Booth, The Kissing Booth 3, and Euphoria. They encountered the first time on the set of The Kissing Booth. While Elordi played the character of Noah Flynn, Miccoli acted as their younger self of Noah.

Michael Miccoli and Jacob Elordi 1
Michael Miccoli and Jacob Elordi.
Source: best toppers

After the release of their first movie together in 2018, many of their supporters assumed that they had connections or were related to each other. Their facial structure was also similar. However, it was later clarified that they are not related and are colleagues.

Most people are confused about whether they are the same person or different. On searching upon internet the result always contains a mix of these two celebrities creating confusion among many fans.

Has Name Enlisted On The World’s Most Famous Celebrities List

Michael Miccoli has made his debut in the entertainment field with a bang. After his first appearance in the Netflix hit series, The Kissing Booth in 2018 as Young Noah Flynn, he immediately got famed and popular. His acting skills were appreciated and got a large fan following.

Due to all of this, Miccoli was successful in placing his name on the list of the World’s most famous celebrities. At this young age, he achieved this feat by himself. This will open new doors for him in his career path.

Is Associated With Different Brands And Model Agency

Like his mother and father, Michael Miccoli is also associated with a 3D model agency. He has posed for many photoshoots for this modeling agency. This agency is based in Capetown South Africa and was founded in 2002. Among the many faces featured by the agency, Miccoli’s face is one of them.

Michael Miccoli with Local Kickz cap.JPG
Michael Miccoli wearing a Local Kickz cap
Source: Instagram @michaelmiccoli

Similarly, he endorses brands including local Kickz which is a clothing brand. Miccoli is seen wearing their products.

Is Miccoli Dating Joey Courtney?

Michael Miccoli is not dating Joey Courtney and it is just one of the rumors about him. He is very young to be in a relationship and is currently focusing on his career and studies. In contrast, Roisin Waters is a married woman.

Meanwhile, Miccoli shared that his celebrity crush is Joey Courtney. Furthermore, the model confessed that if they were the same age, they might have considered dating Courtney.

Michael Miccoli’s Debut Movie Kissing Booth

The media star Michael made his debut entry into the film industry by appearing in The Kissing Booth. The young actor played the character of Noah Flynn in this movie. Despite having no experience in professional acting prior to playing in this movie, his act was appreciated by a lot of people and he received fame.

The Kissing Booth 1
The Kissing Booth
Source: IMDb

The Kissing Booth is directed by Vince Marcello getting inspired by the 2012 Novel written by Beth Reekles. The Netflix movie was a hit and audiences loved it, which caused the director to make its sequel The Kissing Booth 2 and 3. Miccoli also made his appearance in its third sequel.

Other popular cast that have worked on this movie alongside Miccoli are Jacob Elordy, Joey King, and Joel Courtney. See another media personality, Jonathan Berkery.

The Kissing Booth is an American teen movie series that revolves around a teenage girl Elle who has a crush on his best friend’s brother Noah who is the hottest and most popular guy in high school. Their friendship gets messed up after Elle’s first kiss with Noah.

Loves To Travel

Miccoli is one of those personalities whose hobbies include traveling and participating in different fun experiences. Having young blood he tries many adventurous things, including jet skiing, deep sea diving, etc.

The actor has traveled to many destinations with his friends and families. He has posted pictures of different places all over his Instagram feed.

Net Worth

Michael Miccoli is on the list of the most popular celebrities who is credited for the Netflix hit series The Kissing Booth. Although, the actor has not officially disclosed his net worth and assets. Miccoli is estimated to have a net worth of $60,000.

Miccoli’s primary source of income is his acting career. Besides this, he is also involved in endorsing the brands and posing for different model agencies from where he earns substantial income that benefits his bank account.

Social Media Presence

Miccoli is a social butterfly and is available on Instagram with the username @michaelmiccoli. He keeps updating information about himself to his close ones and supporters.

Until the time of writing this, Miccoli had 15 posts and has collected more than 19.3 thousand followers. Although he only posts content on his Insta wall occasionally, he keeps posting content on his Insta story.

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