Roisin Waters is a multi-talented individual who possesses skills in singing, playing the guitar, and even pastry arts. She has inherited her musical talents from her mother, the late Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor, and her father, the journalist John Waters.

How Old Roisin Waters Is In 2023?

Roisin Waters is a talented person. She can sing, play the guitar, and make yummy pastries. She’s also very close to her parents. Her mom was the famous Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor, and her dad was a journalist named John Waters. The gorgeous lady was born on March 6, 1996, in Dublin, Ireland making her 27 years old in 2023.

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Roisin Waters shares three half-siblings.

Similarly, the star kid has three half-siblings from her mom’s previous relationships. Jake Reynolds is the oldest, and he works as a chef in Dublin. Sadly, Shane Lunny, the second oldest, passed away when he was 17 in 2022. Yeshua Bonadio is the youngest, and he lives with his dad, Frank Bonadio, in Dublin. Roisin is very close to her parents, and they’ve been there for her all her life. See another star Baylie Cregut.

About Roisin Waters’s Parents’ Love Life

The 27-year-old Roisin’s parents, O’Connor and John, were never married. They had their daughter while they were dating. However, their relationship had a lot of problems. The former celebrity duo dated in 1995 but broke up in 1996, only a year later. Sadly, their relationship ended because they couldn’t get along.

During that year, Sinéad found out she was pregnant with Waters, but they were already separated. Despite her family not being happy about it, Sinéad decided to have the baby.

Both Sinéad and John Waters wanted to take care of Roisin after she was born. They had a big argument about it, and in the end, the judge said that John should have custody of their daughter.

Sinead O’Connor: Love and Marriages

The late musician Sinead, the renowned Irish singer-songwriter, had a colorful love life with multiple marriages and children from different partners.

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Roisin Waters’s mother with her ex-husband. Image Source: Irish Mirror.

Meanwhile, the Mandinka singer’s first marriage was to drummer John Reynolds in 1987, resulting in a son named Jake. Subsequently, she had three more children including her only daughter with John, a son named Shane with Donal Lunny, and a son named Yeshua with Frank. Her fourth and final marriage was to psychotherapist Barry Herridge in 2011, but unfortunately, it lasted only 16 days.

In 2015, O’Connor joyfully welcomed her first grandchild when her son Jake became a father. However, in 2016, she penned a heartfelt letter on Facebook directed at her ex-husband and their child.

Likewise, the Irish singer’s second husband, Nick Sommerland, who had ties to Queen Silvia of Sweden, married O’Connor in 2004 but separated just 11 months later.

In addition, the lady’s third husband, Steve Cooney, an Australian-Irish musician who played in her band, tied the knot with O’Connor in 2010, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2011. After her brief marriage to Barry Herridge, O’Connor remained single, stating in 2021 that she had no interest in pursuing new relationships.

Her Mother Is No More In This World

On Wednesday, July 26th, 2023, Drink Before The War singer Sinéad, the famous Irish singer, was found at her home in London, not breathing. Her family confirmed she had passed away, but they don’t know exactly why she died.

The police say there’s no reason to think anyone hurt her. Still, they will check her body to understand what happened, and that might take a few weeks. After that, a special investigator will decide if they need to look into it more to find out how she died.

Roisin Waters Singing With Her Mother

The sizzling Roisin is the daughter of the late singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor and journalist John Waters. She got her mom’s singing talent and her dad’s writing skills, making her quite talented herself. Roisin has even performed alongside her mom on several occasions.

In 2014, the mother-daughter duo sang together at the Electric Picnic festival and on an Icelandic TV show with John Grant. Then, in 2021, they performed a beautiful Irish folk song called “The Parting Glass” on YouTube. This video became super popular, with over 3 million views, and people from all around the world loved it.

In addition, this special performance was a tribute to Sinead, who sadly passed away in 2023 at 56 years old. Roisin and her mom’s rendition of “The Parting Glass” shows their strong bond and Roisin’s amazing talent.

Who Is Roisin Waters Dating?

The celebrity daughter Roisin is said to be happily married to Leo O’Shea, and they’ve been together for a while now. Even though we don’t know the exact date of their wedding, they seem to have a good relationship.

Some online sources suggest that Roisin and Leo might have moved to the United States for a better life, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Also, we’re not sure if they have any children together or not.

What Is Roisin Waters’s Net Worth?

There are no details regarding the celebrity daughter’s net worth as she has not disclosed her profession in the media. However, it is rumored that she is working as a pastry chef. Likewise, she must have been living a lavish lifestyle thanks to her mother.

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Roisin Waters lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Sinead O’Connor, the famous singer and songwriter, had a good amount of money when she passed away. She had around $500,000, thanks to her successful music career. She made lots of albums and songs and won many awards. She also did some acting in movies and TV shows and even voiced characters in video games.

Social Media Presence

Well, Waters seems to be a private person which is why she is not available on major social media platforms including Instgaram, Twitter, and Facebook. She keeps her life away from the media attention.

Fans are curious about the lady’s life but she is far away from social media engagement.

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