Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother has advised her to show some support for her dad’ after the Duchess of Sussex paid an impromptu visit to Uvalde but has yet to pay a visit to her father following his stroke. Thomas Markle Jr, her elder half-sibling, described her visit to the scene of the tragic Texas school massacre as “the most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen.

The Duchess of Sussex traveled hundreds of miles to Uvalde, Texas, to pay her respects to the 19 students and two instructors murdered in a school shooting last week. The 55-year-old described the trip as a “publicity stunt,” urging her to “stop the cruel PR campaign” and help her estranged father, Thomas Markle, who was just released from the hospital after suffering a stroke.

, Thomas Markle Jr, said he thought his trip to the scene of the fatal Texas school shooting was “the most insensitive thing I’ve ever seen.”
Meghan Markle’s Estranged Half-Brother Tells Her To ‘Show Some Support For Your Dad.’
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Dan Wootton was interviewed. On GB News tonight, Thomas Jr claimed his father was sad since he had planned to fly to the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee festivities, which the 77-year-old cannot accomplish due to his stroke recovery. Recently, Meghan Markle paid tribute to the school shooting victims in Texas.

Meghan, 40, was reportedly ‘trying to mend a four-year gap’ with her divorced father earlier this week, but she was concerned about the presence of her half-siblings Thomas Jr. and Samantha, whom she ‘believes have their own agendas.’ In an interview with Dan Wootton, her older brother Thomas Jr was harsh in her criticism, claiming she had not attempted to contact their father.

‘It feels like a PR trick,‘ he stated when questioned about Meghan’s trip to Uvalde by the host. She wants others to believe she’s trying to help.’ I’m not sure what her purpose is, but it’s completely incorrect. It’s the most insensitive thing I’ve ever witnessed.’ That small step she took as though she were on stage? She’s merely trying to improve her appearance.

Stop the cruel PR campaign,’ Thomas Jr stated when asked if he had a message for his half-sister. Step in and absolutely provide some assistance to my Dad if you want to plant some love and support for him.’ Thomas Jr. has been caring for his father nonstop since the retired lighting director had a stroke a week ago, leaving him speechless.

Meghan Markle's estranged half-brother has told her to 'show some support for your dad' after the Duchess made an unannounced visit to Uvalde, but has not visited her father following his stroke.
Meghan Markle is with her family.
Photo Source: WhatsNew2Day

My father is here, in the room with me,‘ Thomas Jr remarked on the show. He would want to express his excitement about attending the Jubilee celebrations. He was hoping to be there, and he offers his warmest wishes to the Queen.’ ‘She has not to attempt whatsoever to communicate,’ Wootton replied when asked whether allegations Meghan had reached out to her father were real. ‘His phone number is the same as it has always been.’ She’s had plenty of chances to reach out. She’s just about a three- or four-hour drive away. How many days has she been late? She must discover who she is as a person.’

Despite their estrangement, a source recently told The Mirror that the Duchess is ‘concerned’ about her father’s health. ‘She wants to know whether there is any way to contact her father discreetly without involving her other family members,’ they stated. ‘Meghan is unable to approach her half-siblings because she feels they have their own intentions,’ the source continued. Prince Harry and Megan Markle will join the Queen at St Paul’s Thanksgiving service.

After suffering two heart attacks only days before his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, Mr. Markle was forced to skip the event. He put it down to the stress he was under due to posing for paparazzi photos to promote his image. Since then, he has remained estranged from his daughter and has never seen his son-in-law Prince Harry or his grandkids Archie, three, and Lilibet, 11 months old.

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