Jade Eshete is a famous American television actress who was born on January 9, 1985, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. As of 2022, her age is thirty-three years old (37 years old). She has been following the Christian religion behalf since her childhood.

She is known for the role played in Really Love Mecca Gerima in 2020 as Mecca Gerima which was distributed on Net flix. She has born in America where she has been holding American nationality. According to Astrology, her Zombic sign is Capricorn which means (The sea Goat).

Early Life

A television actor was raised with family support and care and she was living a luxurious life. Since her childhood, she is a very obedient student in her childhood. She used to spend her early life with her parents in her hometown but she has never talked about her early in any sites till now.

Officially, Jade has been very active in her profession since she started her career professional as an actress and writer. With her active participation in her professional, she has got many opportunities to work as an actress in many different movies. Jade has been giving her continuity in her career as a writer too where she has written a Materna also known as Writer.

Physical Appearance

Mecca Gerima has got unique looks and she has a charming face. Jade has a unique presence in front of the camera, she doesn’t look taller when she stands her height is 5 feet 4 inches( 162 cm). She is slim and her height and weight match her body structure. She has been maintaining her body shape and size by doing regular exercise where her weight is around 57 kg (Ibs 57).

An actress Jade Eshete photo who has been wearing a white dress.
A portrait photo of actress Jade Eshete. (source: Instagram

She looks physically feet and well where her inches waist size is 22inches and hip size is 33inches but her shoe size hasn’t been mentioned on any social sites. With her beautiful appearance, her fans and followers are increasing day by day on her social sites.

Qualification And Education

Apart from being a famous writer and actor, she has been able to gain top-class quality education. She has never faced a problem regarding her qualification level. At the time, she has been able to complete her primary schooling education in her near hometown but there is no detail about her schooling on any sites.

But far away, She has been able to gather her degree in her major subject in Structural engineering degree from The City College of New York. She has been involved in social activities where she volunteered with National Dance Institute with her helping hand in inner-city youth learning to dance in her near hometown.

Family Background

A famous American television actress who was raised by her family since her childhood. Jade Eshete was born with her mother Guyanese Eshete and her father Ethiopian Eshete, on January 9, 1985, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. But she is private about her personal life and was able to keep her distance from the public site which is why there is no information about her family professionals on any social sites.

She has disclosed information about her family background also she never talked about her family in front of a camera or on any social sites. Her parents have been able to support Jade’s dream and career which help Jade to move toward her career as an actress.

Professional Career

A famous television actress who has been very passionate about her career. She has faced many difficulties and obstacles in her career field but after all, she was able to achieve her success. She was able to get continuity in her professional acting career from 2012 onwards. She has got many opportunities in many movies and also wrote a screenplay for many movies.

Her acting credits are high maintenance in many institutions. Furthermore, she has also got the opportunity to act in movies including Brook love, Ache, and love with many actors. She has been able to maintain her image as a rising star on the acting journey in the upcoming days.

Movie Played by Jade Eshete

Jade is known as a famous writer and an American television actress who is known for the role played loved in 2020 as Mecca Gerima’s character. After she got famous, she got many opportunities to play in movies. The first movie played by Mecca is Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective agency from 2016 to 2017 as Farah Black.

 Jade Eshete with her co-actor Dirk Gently which was clicked on the middle of show.
Jade Eshete with her co-actor Dirk Gently. Source: Instagram

Also, she gives her continuity in her writing profession where she played a role in Materna as a screenwriter. Onward she is known as the best writer in film production. She has got an opportunity in many movies including Billion (Tv Series) as Lauren Turner from 2019 to 2022, All Alone in 2021, and Ramy as Fatima from 2019 to 2020. She has been giving her a continuous career as an actress and writer.

Dating background and Rumors

A famous actress Jade Eshete is very private about her personal life. She is been to maintain rumors free personality. she is all known for her good thing in her career and professional field. We get to hear many rumors about other personalities but a famous actress Jade has not been involved in any rumors till now.

Officially, she has not mentioned currently living on any social sites which is why she might be living single. Also, she has never spoken a sort of word on any social sites nor in front of the camera about her relationship which shows she might be single. Jade is active on her social site platforms but has disclosed all information about her past relationship.

Is Jade Eshete currently single or married?

Jade Eshete is known a famous American actress and writer in her career who is single now. With her busy schedule, Jade is active on different social media sites but never mentioned her relationship till now.

She has been posting some photos and videos with her co-actor on her public side but has not been involved in any relationship till now.

Life on social media

Jade Eshete has quite good engagement on social media platforms. With her busy schedule also, she managed her time and got engaged in social media platforms. As a television actress, she keeps posting photos and videos on her social sites. Even though she is private about her personal information but she keeps posting about her work on her social media sites.

With her good engagement in social media, her fans and followers are increasing day by day. She has created her profile head on different sides like on Instagram and Facebook. She has been holding 37.1k fans on her Instagram with her name jadeeshete. and 1.4k fans and followers on her Facebook account with her name Jade Eshete.

Net Worth

Jade who is a famous actor has been able to gather a good sum of money for her professional. She is living a luxurious life in America but she has not mentioned with whom she is living.

She was able to earn a net worth whereas an actor or other celebrity’s net worth is about $1 million but her net worth is around $4 million. Her source of income is her professional acting.

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