Maryana Timofeevna Spivak is a Russian actress most known for her role in the 2017 film Loveless. She studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School and is the granddaughter of actress Zhanna Prokhorenko and the daughter of Timofey Spivak. The crew spent four months casting the character Zhenya for director Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Loveless. However, Spivak was an early contender who was finally successful.

Anton Kuznetsov is a well-known actor in both theater and film. He has a dozen roles on his resume in his native “Satyricon,” and he has prominent roles in Sergei Ursulyak‘s “Life and Fate” and “Quiet Don” films. However, after the release of the military drama “Panfilov’s 28,” in which he played battalion commander Fyodor Reshetnikov, the Muscovite became well-known. Maryana and Anton are a beautiful couple. So, let’s know about their relationship timeline.

Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov’s Love Life

Maryana Spivak is Anton Kuznetsov’s partner. They met while preparing the play The Seagull at the Satyricon Theater. Kuznetsov appeared as a hero seeking the heroine Spivak’s favor. The play’s ending is tragic, but the performers’ romance turned out to be joyful in real life, although they were both married at the time of their acquaintance: Anton is married to a classmate, and Maryana is also married to a classmate.

Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov is living a happy life.
Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov are a married couple.
Photo Source: Instagram

The first marriage of Kuznetsov ended in divorce. Maryana’s relationship with her first husband did not work out. They decided to live together after filing for divorce, but without a stamp on their passports. Formalities, according to Mariana Spivak, do not keep love alive.

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The partner has the same viewpoint. They don’t compete but rather help each other because they are two creative people living in the same house. They are living a happy life. As we can see their photo on Maryana’s Instagram, she posted a photo of them with their child.

Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov’s Children

Anton Kuznetsov became a father in 2016 when his wife Maryana gave birth to a son, Grigory. Dad was present at the birth and witnessed the first child’s appearance. They named the infant after the main character of Kuznetsov‘s TV show “Quiet Don,” which he was filming at the time.

Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov are parent's of two.
Maryana Spivak and Anton Kuznetsov with their son.
Photo Source: Famous Fix

The actress appeared in the series Companions, and Anton has a supporting role as Grusha, a photographer. The series was filmed in Yaroslavl, and it proved to be a significant challenge for the couple, as work on the project began shortly after their son was born. While his mother worked on the film, which had a minor role, nursed four-month-old Grisha. The couple decided not to hire a nanny.

According to Maryana, Anton is the best father in the world, attentive and responsible. The couple hopes to start a family of at least three children. The couple wants to build a small restaurant with signature cuisine and vegetarian meals in the future: Kuznetsov has been a vegetarian for a long time, and Maryana enjoys cooking.

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