Mark Polley is a famous actor who has played a role in huge movies and is also known as the best lawyer. He played his first movie Louisiana in 1984, which was directed by Philippe de Broca, Etienne Perier, and Jacques Demy. Mark is also known as the best lawyer and he is also known as a fellow of the International Academy of Trial lawyers.

He specializes in complex commercial litigation. Mark is a Managing partner of Polley faith and foundation. He played a role in movies with his friends starting from 1985 which have been famous in a short period of time.

Education and Qualification

As further information about mark qualification and education, he is known for best lawyer and actor. He hasn’t mentioned his qualification publicly yet but he is a lawyer so we can ensure that he is well educated.

Photo of Mark Polley where he is wearing a white shirt and black coat.
Portrait photo of Mark Polley. Source: Twitter

He has good qualifications from a good university where he graduated as a lawyer. He has been focusing on his career where he hasn’t mentioned his information about education and qualification.


Mark has an amazing childhood with his parents and siblings. As he has mentioned his father and mother. His father Michael Polley is an active actor who was born in 1933 in England united kingdom. He had played a role in a movie where his source of income is from the movie.

As further his mother Diane Elizabeth MacMillan was born in Toronto, Canada in 1935. She has been playing movie which has been very famous in a short period of time. The movie played by Diane is Blindness which was released on 17 Feb 1965 in Canada and StoriesWe Tell.

What did Mark Polley’s Father do?

Micheal Polley is a famous actor who played a role in the movie Johann’s Gift to Christmas which was directed by Rene Bonnier. Micheal Polley is best known for his connection to the actress-director  Sarah Polley who is also connected in actress production. One of Micheal’s friends compared the professional life of acting to bricklaying.

After some days, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto where he started practicing his craft on the stage. He got married to Diane Elizabeth MacMillan who is an actress and casting director and they had four children including mark Polley. Mark has been supporting his family with the help of an insurance agent.

Fortunately, only birth gives us happiness and hope but death gives us the end of life where he died on March 30, 2018, due to a natural cause.

Who is Diane Elizabeth MacMillan?

Although Mark mentioned his mother too who is a casting director and professional actress name Diane Elizabeth MacMillan. She was born on 1936, August 31 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After married her name changed to Diane Polley who is also known by this name in the actress line. She made her name, frame by herself as a casting director.

She has been known for movies such as Philip Marlowe which was produced by Raymond Chandler, Private Eye in 1983 where The Ray Bradbury Theatre was released in 1985, and encounter in 1952. A casting director was married to Michael Polley and George Deans-Buchan. George Deans-Buchan and Diane Polley had a daughter named Sarah Polley.

She died on 1990 January 10, in Toronto due to cancer. She had cancer on the week of Sarah’s 11th birthday.


A Managing Partner Polley Faith, Mark Polley was raised with his siblings who had mentioned his Sibling’s name on social media platforms. The name of his sibling is Susy Buchan, Joanna Polley, John Buchan, and Sarah Polley.

Susy Buchan is famous for the stories We Tell which were released in 2012. Joanna Polley is a casting director who has been focusing on her career. She is also famous for the role played in the movie which was released in 2012.

Furthermore, John Buchan is a casting director as well as an actor who played his first movie Jumper in 2008. He had played the role of casting director in many movies like Away From Her, Stories We Tell, and many more.

Sarah Polley is a Canadian actress whose full name is Sarah Ellen Polley. She also played the role of writer, director, producer, and political activist. An artist Polley first plays a role in the movie as a child actress as a Ramona Quimby on the television series Ramona, based on Beverly clearly’s books.

Married status

As the best lawyer and actor in the United States of America, Mark hasn’t revealed his personal life on social media. Mark didn’t provide any information regarding his married life and early life on his social media site. Even, He shows he hasn’t interested in social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Does Mark Polley have social media?

A Storyteller of Story We Tell Mark, is active on social media platforms on Twitter where he did not shows any interest in Instagram and Facebook. He hasn’t published more information on his social media. He has not shared anything about his Education and qualification even though he is not active on the public platforms.

He is focusing on his career where he shows he is not interested in the social side. He might be focusing on his dream and career. He is active on Twitter which he Joined in January 2014. For more updates and information about Mark, You can follow him on Twitter at Mark Polley.

Which movie did Mark Polley play?

First talking about his carrier, He is admired for his contribution to movies and Tv-series like Something special, Hockey Night, etc. Mark started his carrier as an actor at the beginning. Mark plays a lot of movies in begging of his carrier. The first movie played by famous actor mark Polley is Louisiana which was the initial release in 1984 and was shouted in franco, Italian, and south-central states. . The Canadian film is directed by Philippe de Broca. He had played in a movie which has been popular Something special which has been released in 1976.

Moreover, He played in the next movie Hockey Night in 1984 which was directed by Paul Shapiro. Next movie The Abduction which was played in 1996, a Television/Drama which was directed by Larry Peerce. The Virgin Suicides was released in 1999 and Stories We Tell was initially released on August 29, 2012, where Sarah Polley played a role as a director of the movie. In this movie, music is played by Jonathan Goldsmith Production company.

How is Mark Lawyer’s professional going?

A Founding and Managing Partner of Polley Faith, Mark where has been handling many cases. Mark was recognized as a Litigation Star in 2020 by Benchmark Litigation Canada. He has been active in this professional form for 10 years in 2022 and many more to go. As a Trial lawyer, he had acted in many cases involving a wide area including corporate commercial, securities, Competition, libel, administrative and white-collar crime.

As a lawyer’s professional he is active on his Twitter. He is too active in his professional life where he previously practiced for 6 years to get involved in the litigation group of McCarthy Tetrault Law company. Furthermore, He has been an Assistant Crown Attorney with the criminal law division and conducted hundreds of trials including murder cases, etc. Mark is very active in this profession where he has to handle every case carefully.

Net Worth

Mark Polley is very active in his profession which is active since January 2014. He has handled many cases day by day which helps to increase his net worth.

In 2022, His source of income is from his professional Lawyer but he hasn’t mentioned his salary in public till now. As we estimated his salary, he earned $1.6 Million by his professional.

He hasn’t spoken anything in the media regarding his salary. But, At the beginning of his career, his primary source of income was acting.

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