Annette Rypien is the wife of Mark Rypien (Mark Robert Rypien ). She was born in 1965 A.D. She goes for Christianity. She is famous as the wife of a departed professional football player.

He is a Canadian-born American Former Football Player and was drafted by the Washington Redskins of the National Football league in the 6th round of the 1986 NFL Draft. She is famous as a celebrity wife, moreover, she is also a homemaker. She grew up in the beautiful city of Washington, U.S.A.

Annette Rypien Age and Birthday

Rypien was born in 1965 A.D. She is 57 years as of 2022 A.D. Information regarding Annette’s birth is not found yet.

Photo's of Annette Rypien Shitting beside the river.
Annette Rypien’s photo (source: [email protected])

As her personal information is not revealed so far, it looks like she admires keeping her topic away from public attention. Info regarding her birthday will be updated when it’s available.

Relationship Status and Children

Annette Rypien did a love marriage with her ex-husband (Mark). They got a chance to meet each other at an event via a mutual friend. They were attracted to each other as time passed and soon the friendship turned into love. Ultimately, they decided to take their relationship further so she and the former soccer player got engaged in a private ceremony where only a few numbers of their friends and family were invited. It seems like they wanted their engagement to be simple and private since many were not invited. They got married in the 1980 s.

Family photo of Annette Rypien with her husband Mark Rypien and her children.
Photo of Annette with her husband and her children. (source: [email protected])

The couple shared their three children. They have two daughters, one son, and daughters named Angela and Ambre Rypien, and a son named “Andrew Rypien” who passed away due to an inoperable brain tumor. He passed his life before his third birthday. Angela is an American quarterback in the Legends Football League.

In 2000, Annette and Mark Ended their relationship and divorced each other. As we already discussed above, Rypien is quite sensitive about her stuff so she hasn’t disclosed the reasons for her divorce. Subsequently, the footballer married his second wifey named Danielle.

Rypien’s Heights, Weight, and Physical Structure

Annette has a voluptuous and eye-appealing body. Her weight is 55 kg and 128 lbs in pounds. She seems quite tall as her height is “5” feet and “6” inches (168 cm). She has sharp blue eyes which seem pretty on her face ideally in tribute to her blonde curly hair.

She has a slim body with 35 inches breast, 27 inches waist, and 36 inches hips. Her Bra size is 34B although her dress size is 4 and shoe size is 6.

Career Highlights

Untimely, Annette played for the team like Baltimore charm, Seattle Mist, etc. In 1992, She was determined with a severe disease which is Cervical Cancer.

Since she was suffering from cervical cancer, had to undergo surgery to cure her cancer. Not only this, but in March 2018, she also unclosed that her Ex-Husband was suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Net Worth

Annette Rypien has been able to assemble a large sum of money. Her net worth is $2 million. At the moment, she is not doing any other jobs as she is a housewife looking after her children and family. The information regarding her source of income is undisclosed.

Education Information

The Ex-spouse of Mark Robert Rypien is quite educated. Annette pulls off her Graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

She has finished her early education at a well-known college. Still, She has not revealed information related to her higher education.

Annette Rypien Parents

Annette is famous as Mark’s Ex-wife, Homemaker. We can guess that she had a happy life with her parents. According to the source, there is no information regarding her parents or her siblings.


According to the sources, Annette has not been caught in any rumors and controversies. She prefers easygoing life cause she doesn’t want any other problems in her entire life. She is a rumor untied person.

Social Media Sites

Annette Rypien has only one social media profile. Instagram (annettepare) is her social media profile. She is active on social media and enjoys posting her daily activities. The homemaker lady has been quite famous on her social media as her Instagram profile has over 330 followers, as she keeps updating on social media, her posts are more than 1k, and she is following 254 people on Instagram.

About Rypien’s Husband

The Ex-husband of Annette is a well-known Athlete. He was born on Oct 02, 1962, in Calgary, Alberta. He is 59 years old as of 2021 and two years older than his ex-wife. His height is 1.93 meters. He also believes in Christianity. His Net worth is $10 million. Mark became the first Canadian-born Quarterback to undertake in the NFL and also played for the teams such as St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, and Cleveland Browns. In his entire life, Mark has won the Super Bowl MVP Award, Pro Bowl (1989 and 1991), and Super Bowl Champion (XXII, XXVI).

Mark Rypien skiing at Mountain.
Photo of Annette Rypien’s husband (Mark Rypien)
(source: [email protected])

On June 30, 2019, Mark got arrested on chary of domestic violence, and later he was charged with fourth-degree Assault. . Anyhow, on July 01, 2019, he requested not culpable for fourth-degree assault and domestic violence charges in Spokane, Washington.

In addition, this contention was made by Mark’s second wife, Danielle and they solved their antagonism with the legal process.

Mark’s Social Media

Mark Rypien is not so much into social media profiles. His Instagram (rypienmark) and Twitter (@mark_rypien) accounts have an average of 1.7k and1.6k followers respectively. He appears to love his professional life more than his social media life.

How much does Rypien’s Husband earn?

Mark is a departed football player. He seems to have good earnings from his profession as a football player. He lives a luxurious life as he has a total net worth of $10 million as of the year 2022. At the moment, he is working as a Canadian expatriate American football player.

As he is working as a Canadian expatriate American Football player he earns $4,00,000 per year. While he has collected a large sum of money to buy his own house for a luxurious life. At this moment he is living happily with his present spouse.

Annette Rypien’s Daughter

Angela Rypien was born in Reston, Virginia, on October 22, 1990. She came of age in the United States. She was habituated to watching her father playing football when she was a child. Angela loves American Football as long as she is the daughter of an acclaimed Super Blow Player. Her obsession with American Football gives on to joining her in the LFL. She take up residence with her sister, Ambre, in 2011.

Photo of Angela Rypien in a room working on her laptop.
Photo of Annette Rypien’s daughter (Angela Rypien)
(source: [email protected]_rypien)

She did not start her professional career with American football. She was a model and advocate for Under Armour, EyeBlack, and Therapearl in the past. She started her career as a quarterback for the Seattle Mist. In 2012, She signed an agreement with Baltimore Charm. The Legends Football League (LFL) has been renamed the Lingerie Football League.

Angela’s Net Worth

Angela’s net worth is approximate in the middle of $1 million to $5 million, as per 2020 data. However, By 2022 it may rise to $8 million. Even though there is no exact information regarding her net worth.

Instagram Of Angela

Angela Rypien has particular social media profiles. Instagram (angela_rypien) and Twitter (@Angela_Rypien) are her social media profile. She is active on social media and likes to post and tweet. Her Instagram profile has more than 19k followers, meanwhile, her Twitter feed has 10.4k followers.

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