Oscar Skagbreg is the star of the Netflix tv series Zero chill and is of Swedish nationality. He is famously known as Anton Hammarström for his performance in Zero chill.

Born and raised in Sweden, he has made a name for himself in Hollywood for his remarkable performance in limited movies and tv series he has played.

Early life And Education

Skagerbergar was born in Sweden on 24 April 1981, he had ad recent childhood growing up in Sweden. Much of his early life remains under media due to his private remaining nature.

Oscar Skagerberg in his makeup on the sets of The last kingdom.
Oscar Skagerberg in the sets of the last kingdom, source: instagram@

Regarding education, the Netflix Zero chill star is a highly educated person. He studied all his life in Sweden where he completed his education up to a Master’s degree. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Stockholm University and completed his master’s degree in Fine arts with a specialization in acting from one of the popular Swedish universities the Lulea University of Technology from 2005-to 2009.


After his master’s degree, our Zero chill Anton started his acting career officially. He was first featured in small roles or as a side gig in most of his early movies. He debuted in movies with the Swedish war movie The Border in 2011 where he got just a small cameo. From there he went on to do some other movies and shows where he didn’t get much fame or success due to getting limited roles.

People began noticing him when he started doing a cameo in the popular Tv series Hamilton and Netflix last kingdom. People along with critics started noticing his performance and after constant struggle and dedication, oscar got his big breakthrough when he was given the role of  Anton Hammarström in the Netflix Tv series Zero chill.

Along with doing movies and Tv series, he has been involved in narrating audiobooks and storytelling back home in Sweden. He has got a pretty decent voice which is soothing and relaxing for anyone to hear. He has also done theater and short movies in his career.

Physical Appearance

Oscar has a well-maintained dashing and attractive body. He has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches with a well-maintained body weight. He has charismatic black eyes with brown hair which is highlighted golden in some sections.

Oscar Skagerberg in a blue T-shirt and redshirt posing for a photoshoot.
Oscar Skagerberg posing for a photoshoot, source:instagram@

He has an excellent physique which suits his personality and his overall personality is a caring, loving Gentleman type.


Oscar has been nominated for numerous awards in his career back home in Sweden. However, Anton of Zero Chill hasn’t won any awards till now.

He has been nominated as the best storyteller and audiobook reader in Sweden at various different awards.

Relationship Status Of Skagerberg – Dating or Married

Oscar Skagbreg has been a private person when it comes to his relationship with the media as there aren’t much of media outlets with information about his relationship status.

Oscar is on left with his mysterious girlfriend enjoying surfing and sunset.
Oscar enjoying the sunset with his mysterious girlfriend, source:instagram@oscar_skagerberg

However, on his personal Instagram handle, oscar has posted pictures with a mysterious girl wishing him valentines day and other lovable moments. from this, we can say that he is in an active relationship currently. But not there isn’t information available on who the girl is and for how long are they dating.

What is Oscar Skagerberg Net worth?

According to a Net worth post, the famous actor of Zero chill Oscar Skagbreg has got a staggering $8million.

His acting career is considered to be his primary source of income as he has done cameos and good roles in various movies and Tv series.

What kind of lifestyle does Oscar live?

The last kingdom and Zero chill star have been living a lavish life. With his Networth being around $8million, he lives his life to the full.

He has been more of a party-loving and vacationing type of guy when he is free from his work. His Instagram handle has pretty much covered his luxurious life and traveling.

Where does the Zero chill star Anton reside?

Born and raised in Sweden, our boy Oscar although after getting fame and popularity currently still resides in his home country Sweden.

According to the latest data he is currently living in the capital of Sweden Stockholm.

What are the passions of Zero chill’s Anton Hammarström?

Like many people, Oscar Skagerberg has a passion that he has followed in his life. It is reported that acting had always been his passion and he is following that to the fullest but there are other things he is passionate about.

Skagerberg loves to read books and travel to various locations. On his Instagram, he has posted pictures of traveling to beaches, some mountains, and other beautiful destinations. He is also an enthusiastic bike lover with a very keen interest in sports bikes.

He is also a huge sports lover and likes to play sports in his spare time. Also during his college and high school life, he has been involved in sports too. He is interested in playing sports like ice hockey he is also a coach in reel life in Zero chill for this. freeskiing and surfing are other sports in which the Zero chill star has a huge interest along with Mixed Martial Arts MTB Downhill, Rock Climbing, and Yoga.

Oscar Skagerberg is left with his friend enjoying vacation.
Oscar Skagerberg is left with his friend enjoying vacation.source:instagram@

Are There Any Rumors Or Controversies About Mr. Skagerberg?

Skagerberg has been a decent and well-behaved man throughout his career. The zero chill star has till now not been engaged in any unnecessary controversies in his career.

As oscar likes to keep his personal life private and away from media attention there hasn’t been any kind of rumors regarding oscar in the media until now.

Social Media

Anton from Zero chill is active on only one social media i.e. Instagram where he posts pictures and content related to him. He has an Instagram handle that is yet to be verified with total followers of 5.5k as of April 2022.

Oscar Skagerberg enjoys wall climbing and flexing his muscle.
Oscar enjoying wall climbing, source: instagram@

His Instagram handle is full of his pictures regarding work, personal life, and traveling along with some quotes and memes.

Here is a sneak peek image of Skagerberg from his Instagram.

Some Facts About The Last Kingdom Bjorgulf 

  • Oscar although have been acting since the late 2000s doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page.
  • Zero chill Anton has never been in any kind of rumors or controversies since coming to the acting industry.
  • Mr. Skagerberg has never revealed any identities about his parents, or siblings till now.

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